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Home Decor

With the rapid development of urbanization, every city is striving to build itself into a modern metropolis with a booming economy, a virtuous cycle of ecology, people living and working in peace and contentment, and beautiful mountains and rivers. This is the reflection of the progress of social spiritual civilization, is the inevitable pursuit of the improvement of human material and cultural life.
People's pursuit of happiness, health and beauty requires a comfortable and elegant ecological environment. Therefore, people have put forward a series of goals for urban construction, including sanitary city, garden city, garden city, ecological city and so on. Since the construction of modern cities directly affects the improvement of people's living concept, it is not only required to live in a good urban ecological environment, but also the pursuit of updating the indoor environment of the home. Because the life of the bedroom and everyone is closely linked up, people major time is spent in indoor, rise ceaselessly to material and spiritual requirement as people so, also put forward higher requirement to aesthetic consciousness and quality of living ecological environment. Therefore, how to carry out artistic treatment, design, decoration and create a comfortable and elegant ecological environment according to everyone's wishes and favorite ID style, which puts forward higher requirements for our Zhai Pin Hui home custom designers, so it also needs us to summarize, innovate and develop continuously.
Performance style
Aiming at the moment and the concept of home decoration trend, according to the character of the residents, age, occupation, cultural level, interests, hobbies, etc, is characterized by a variety of household adornment decorates the cultural connotation and style of the form, its style basically has the following kinds: Chinese traditional style: Chinese traditional advocate is grave and elegant. Draw Chinese traditional wooden frame to build indoor caisson ceiling, screen, partition fan and other decoration. Used more
Home decoration
Home decoration
Symmetrical spatial composition, pen color solemn and concise, the atmosphere of the space is quiet and elegant and simple. Local style: it is mainly embodied in respecting folk traditional habits and customs, maintaining folk characteristics, and paying attention to the use of local building materials or local legends and stories as the theme of decoration. In the indoor environment, strive to express the leisure, comfortable rural life interest, to create a natural, plain, elegant space atmosphere. Natural style: advocate return Pu Guizhen, return to nature, abandon the products of manmade material, the natural material such as rattan of lumber, brick, grass, cotton cloth applies in interior design. These practices, especially suitable in the villa building, is loved by people. Style restore ancient ways: when people gets satisfy ceaselessly to contemporary life requirement, germination gives a kind of yearning again tradition, miss old act the role of article, cherish the traditional furniture display that has artistic value, match the adornment fabric such as cover of curtain of curtain of wallpaper, shade, carpet, furniture with same style again, added dignified, elegant aristocratic atmosphere indoors. Western classical style: this is a kind of pursuit of luxuriant, elegant classical style. Bedroom colour advocate tone is white. The furniture is of classical bent leg type, and the furniture, doors and Windows are painted white. Making good use of all kinds of flowers, rich changes in wood lines and rich curtains are the fixed patterns of western traditional interior decoration. The space environment shows a colorful, rich and romantic atmosphere. Western modern style: it is main characteristic with concise and lively, take the use efficiency of interior space seriously, emphasize interior decorate the principle that distinguishes by function to undertake, furniture decorate and space closely cooperate, advocate discard redundant, trivial additional adornment, make qualitative and verve. In addition, decorative colors and shapes follow popular fashion. Day type style: spatial modelling is very concise, furniture display is the center with tea table. Mixed style (combination of Chinese and western style) : in the spatial structure of both emphasis on modern and practical, and absorb the characteristics of traditional, in the decoration and display of Chinese and western integration. Be like traditional screen, tea table, the wall picture of contemporary style and door window are decorated, new-style sofa, make the person feels not eclectic.
To prepare
1. Prepare tools, work to be good at its thing, must first benefit its device, a pen and a book: remember to record the price of the building materials market for online shopping in the future or go out to buy the price comparison, a calculator, hand holding the calculator is not afraid of profiteers in the total price above the trap. A tape measure, measure your home before you buy anything, and measure it in the building materials market when you buy it. A pair of comfortable flat shoes: Decorating should be prepared for a long battle.
2. Collect data, determine the decorates a style, decorate learning knowledge, can go to decorate figure more full pictures, determine your decorate a style, you can look for the same style of netizens decorate diary study experiences and lessons from the netizens to decorate a n experienced person to consult, friends, colleagues, relatives, classmates ever decorate, do not miss the opportunity to consult, Here you can obtain the most direct and the truest decoration experience knowledge can look at home to send books and magazines additionally, go to the scene to see more between model, generally speaking picture and actual still have a gap.
3. Make a good budget, decoration is a bottomless pit, before decoration must make a budget, decoration process must be strictly in accordance with the budget.
Four elements:
1. Spatial elements
On bedroom adornment design, the use of the space wants reasonable. The reasonable distribution of namely bedroom space and bedroom space expand complement. The distribution of interior space is divided into rest area, activity area, living area generally by living habits 3 major parts. Rest area is sleep and rest area, should be relatively quiet, concealed, air smooth; Activity area includes study, work, hospitality, entertainment area, the requirement is relatively spacious, neat and beautiful; Living area is dining, cleaning and other areas, the room requirements ventilated, safe, clean.
2. Color elements
Design interior color, including the choice of wall color, furniture color, fabric color, etc. Indoor color produces an effect to the vision outside, still affect the person's mood and psychology directly. Scientific use of color is beneficial to people's physical and mental health, which can not only meet the functional requirements but also obtain beautiful results. In the meantime, use colorific a variety of change, depth, fancy type to wait, still can obtain cold, warm, quiet, lively wait for the effect. The processing that whole room is tonal, want to determine a mass to move above all, mass to move the coordination that considers again with other colorific after affirming. After the center of bedroom colour points to furniture tonal commonly to determine, be about to consider the colour of wall, ground, door window and fabric and it is harmonious.
2. Light elements
Light effect is used in interior space, it is one of the characteristics of modern interior design. Sunlight is an important element of nature, so make use of it when designing. When night falls, the lighting inside the house plays a key role in the atmosphere and mood. And the lamps and lanterns of different design form a complete set and indoor environment are united in wedlock rise, can form the indoor emotional appeal of all sorts of different styles, and the environmental atmosphere of different styles. Optic effect should also be considered when choosing lamps and lanterns, for example, the ceiling lamp is used, roof interface has the feeling of upward; Ceiling light, roof interface has a downward feeling; The space with stronger light gives a person the feeling with enlarge.
4. Decorative elements
The bedroom is decorated basically the material that points to indoor metope, ground, ceiling is qualitative, design and color, design, grain and way. The function of interior metope decoration is to protect wall, meet the requirement of indoor use function, and provide beautiful, neat living environment at the same time. The distance between the interior wall and the person is close, so the decorative material used can not have smell, the person can not pollute the clothing after contact, the texture is soft and delicate. The decoration inside the bedroom had better have certain breathability. The ground or ceiling adornment still has the action such as compartment, moistureproof besides beautiful, the choice of material should use the need of the function according to, coordinate with the whole of interior decoration.

Protection structure and safety principle
The safety that must consider family living environment above all in the design.
One, the protection structure, to the load-bearing wall, the half wall of the balcony, the beam or column of the room, no matter how its position, absolutely prohibit dismantling, change.
Two, in the decoration design of the selection of materials shall not exceed the load capacity of the housing.
Three, pay attention to the protection of the waterproof layer, in the process of decoration design, if the construction endangers or destroys the waterproof layer, it is necessary to repair or redo the waterproof layer.
Four, pay attention to fire safety, wood, fabric and other flammable materials used in the design and decoration should be flame retardant treatment; According to the place of electric appliance, the capacity of electricity meter and the thickness of wire should be re-designed to avoid accidents when using.
Individuation principle
First, respect the autonomy of parallel users.
Next, want to choose abrupt according to individual hobby
Home decoration
Home decoration
Out of the characteristics of their rooms.
1, in the design of the performance of personality is mainly through the bedroom space in the modeling, landscape, color application and material selection to reflect.
2, the correct way to show the personality of the decoration, any family in the decoration have to use a certain reference, many people regardless of the needs of the family life, choose hotels and restaurants as a sample of family decoration, it is impossible to reflect the characteristics of the family.
3, outstanding personality should pay attention to harmony with the whole, to the long-term, development of the guiding ideology of family decoration design.
Economic principle
Set out from oneself condition, combine the structural characteristic of the bedroom, elaborate design, the material of different class undertakes clever combination, give full play to the superiority of its different simple sense, color, performance, can achieve already economy practical beautification principle. Do not advocate overdraw decorate, do not advocate luxury decorate, the family decorates the need that should consider daily life, should have the effect that goes to the convenience of the life, decorate the result must be practical.
Practicality principle
Practical is to show the bedroom can satisfy to use a function maximally. One is to provide a space environment for residents; Second, it is to provide the need of goods storage to the maximum extent. The function that serves for life is placed in the important position, must leave the convenient, comfortable feeling to the user in the life.
Principle of Aesthetics
Aesthetic transformation means that the decoration of the room should have artistic quality, especially to reflect the individual's unique aesthetic taste.
Habitual principle: family decoration should be the pursuit of artistic beauty, but must respect the owner's living habits as the premise, artistic orientation should be consistent with the value of life orientation, and living habits in harmony.
Principle of environmental protection
Engage in decoration also want to establish environmental protection consciousness. In the selection of materials should be the first choice of environmental protection materials, pay attention to energy saving, consumption reduction, no pollution, especially in lighting, ventilation, deodorization, oil prevention and other aspects of efforts.
Five keys to
1. Don't blindly pursue expensive materials
If use expensive natural marble to decorate the ground of the bedroom, so "functional price than" may not be ideal. Because the natural marble is hard, especially in the cold season in the north of China, the hard and shiny ground makes people feel cold and muscle contraction. For the elderly and frail and children, when walking on the ground easy to slip, in the psychological sense of security. Be like again, the furniture of the room and interior adornment should wait for a lot of respect as far as possible harmony in class, tonal, line. The decoration of each part of the interior plays its proper role in the whole decoration, and the improper treatment of a certain part may be very inconsistent with the whole, or even antipathetic, resulting in a disproportionate result of its aesthetic effect and expensive investment. Some interior decoration, the aesthetic effect and functional effect respect of adornment material just discover after adornment is completed have side effect. If choose natural marble wall, because of the decoration process itself is not only the construction and creation is a remainder, must be considered in the process of cutting and Mosaic of natural marble texture, when handling well by the good art effect, but such as low level of Mosaic might get messy, not only with no artistic charm, but appear vulgar and even make people off.
2. Understand material contamination and damage
High polymer decoration materials in the market. Some of these new-style adornment materials bring pollution to indoor air, some plastic wallpaper sends out odour to make a person disgusting continuously from field practice. Someone gets volatile matter allergy to certain high polymer material even, down to affect mood and appetite, or skin is unwell, still have, although certain adornment material has novelty, wait like fluorescent material, but contain radioactive element, also have harm effect to human body. In fact, hydrogen sulfide, sulfurous acid and their decorative paint in the dilution of air pollution. In the application of adornment coating and its corresponding adornment construction, often need to mix diluent in the adornment coating of series of solvent synthetic resin to adjust viscosity, these diluents contain mixed xylene, ketone, ester, alcohol and the mixed solvent of these materials. These solvents not only have stink and flammable, in the second special emphasis points out, a lot of decorative coating all contain some kind of highly toxic component or dangerous component. The hardener in some epoxy putty also tends to corrode the skin when it comes into contact with the human body. Some of the straw decoration materials without high temperature pest control and defat and sugar, there will be insect pests (termites, cockroaches and other microorganisms) and rodents.
3, we should pay attention to fire safety
At present, there is a lack of necessary standards for the flammability of decorative materials sold in the market in China. You should be especially careful when choosing decorative materials. Interior decoration is the secondary processing of the inner surface of the wall, especially the suspended ceiling material is easier to ignore the hidden danger of fire. If the materials used are not flame retardant, in the event of a fire, interior decoration materials will be the first to ignite fire, so the kitchen roof and interior walls should be as far as possible to choose inorganic finishing materials.
4, avoid contradictory effects or offset each other decorative effect
If the inner wall plastering mortar, its decoration effect is in the function of absorbing moisture (when the indoor humidity is high) and releasing moisture (when the indoor humidity is low and dry atmosphere), usually called this function as the "breathing moisture function". This "respiration" is very useful for regulating indoor humidity and air quality. If stick up plastic wallpaper on the surface of this interior wall, the effect of natural respiration can be greatly reduced after adding a layer of glue wallpaper. This kind of practice is to sacrifice the beneficial function of the original wall interior and change the decorative beauty of the surface. Wooden decorative materials have natural and beautiful texture, but if the surface is coated with alkaline paint it is more likely to cause lignin discoloration. Therefore, this kind of coating is required to have a certain acidity with a pH value less than 7. The plywood that makes with Thai teak and Philippine pine, after besmear acts the role of white coating, make original color becomes deep yellow, simple sense grade all is reduced. Be like again, the lamplight configuration respect inside the room also should give consideration to the rationality of property of light source and furniture, interior veneers to reflect performance. Excessive brightness and strong reflections of various finishes may result in "white pollution". If the light stimulation exceeds the physiological tolerance limit, it will damage the cornea and iris, cause vision loss, and increase the incidence of cataracts. Such "artificial daylight" can disrupt a person's normal circadian rhythm. The dazzling visual environment may also induce neurasthenia, insomnia and poor self-control. The above situation is "noise light" to people's psychological and physiological health pollution. Indoor light should be soft and moderate, in the conscious control of "noise light" pollution at the same time, but also should pay attention to the indoor light structure is too dark, otherwise easy to make people dull, melancholy, and is not conducive to the protection of vision. Reasonable lighting environment should give people a visual image containing emotion, which is the most ideal.
5, pay attention to the special requirements of decoration parts
Conductive decorative materials should be avoided near the power supply. Electrostatic accumulation may be too much suit dust, even may lead to discharge caused by fire, director of the activities of too frequent parts of the friction opportunities, these parts as far as possible to choose not to accumulate electrostatic inorganic ceramic decorative materials. In particular, the various parts of the kitchen decoration materials, in the case of ensuring easy cleaning should also consider whether there is a fire hazard; Old people and children activity much place, the ground should not be too slippery, unfavorable in the sitting room adornment overmuch mirror surface, should consider some people do not like
Owners decorate houses, refers to the house owner to own the ownership of the house to decorate or repair. When carrying out such activities, owners must abide by the "Regulations on the Administration of Building Decoration and Decoration", "Trial Measures for the Administration of Family Room Decoration" and other provisions. Specifically reflected in the following aspects:
The owner should sign the decoration contract with the property management unit when he moves in. The applicant for house decoration and decoration shall, on the strength of the letter of approval, go through the formalities for application to the competent department of urban planning and obtain the construction permit.
1, interior decoration should not change the main bearing structure of the house. No holes are allowed in the load-bearing walls, no static load is allowed to be added to the floor, no walls are built or overloaded ceiling is installed, and large lamps and ceiling fans are installed.
2. Where the main structure of demolition and modification is involved and the load is obviously increased, the owner must make an application to the real estate administrative department where the house is located, and the safety appraisal unit of the house shall examine and approve the use safety of the decoration scheme;
3. Do not move the location of sewage or sewer pipe without authorization. The waterproof layer on the ground of the kitchen and toilet and the supporting facilities of water, heating, electricity and gas shall not be damaged or altered.
4. No illegal construction. Must not demolish the wall body that joins balcony door window, enlarge original door window dimension or build door window addibly.
5, does not affect the overall cleanliness and beauty of the external wall.
6, shall not use a large number of flammable decorative materials.
7. The owner shall decorate the house either by himself or on behalf of others to reduce or avoid the impact on the normal life of the neighboring residents.
8, all kinds of waste formed by the decoration of the house, should be stacked and cleared in accordance with the position, way and time formulated by the relevant departments. Prohibited from upstairs to the ground or by the garbage, sewer abandoned because of decoration decoration of the bedroom and the waste and other articles. [2]
9, due to the decoration caused by the adjacent residents of the housing pipe blockage, water leakage, power failure, goods damage, etc., shall be the family room decoration client responsible for repair and compensation; If it is the responsibility of the principal, the principal shall find the principal to be responsible for the repair and compensation.

The seven note
1. Pay attention to the base treatment of jerry-building
Situation: before the latex paint is brushed, if the wall base is not clean, leaving dust, greasy and other things, it will cause the latex paint off, discoloration, ceramic tile paste is not firm and other problems. If the wet wall is not used in advance with varnish "back cover", will also lead to water vapor seepage. Watermark appeared in the lacquer and fell off
Remind, base treatment is the first step of construction, but also directly affect the key steps of the following links. Before painting on the wall, should first check the wall there is no big hole need to fill flat, and then to remove the original wall skin clean, wall repair application sandpaper grinding, to ensure that the repair of the same and large area of the same, and clean up the floating ash, to ensure that the coating layer and the combination of the base is firm.
2. Pay attention to jerry-building in floor construction
Situation: a lot of consumers can have warped phenomenon to the floor edge place in meeting discovery in the home, especially be close to the corner place of the edge of the wall more obvious, its main reason is because a few workers before laying are not careful enough or intentionally shod, some use yellow sand to pave even.
Remind: before the pavement is installed floor, want to measure the flatness of the ground above all, if the flatness of the ground is bad more, the proposal is leveled with cement mortar, the ground after waste leveling is knocked should do not have empty feeling, the ground does not have sand phenomenon. After leveling the ground with cement mortar, it is necessary to wait for the ground to dry out and determine the flatness of the whole ground with a special level ruler before installing the floor.
3. Pay attention to slotting in the wall
Status: To bury exposed lines, construction teams must make grooves in the walls and ground. But some workers in the operation of brutal construction, it is not clear whether the load-bearing wall is free to slot, destroy the load-bearing structure of the building, reduce the seismic capacity of the house.
Remind: first go to the property or developer to understand the position of the load-bearing wall, do not move the load-bearing wall, and then determine the direction and position of all pipelines, so that the groove can be accurately positioned. Before the wall is grooved, all sewer openings should be blocked to prevent cement blocks from entering the sewer and causing blockage. In addition, the depth of the slot is essentially 1. 1 more than the diameter of the pipeline, including the wall thickness. About 5 cm, the outer side of the pipeline is 1 from the wall. A distance of 5 cm to ensure that the wall does not crack after sealing cement, brick or paint.
4. Watch for skimping on wall paint
Situation: brush paint is the most easy to jerry-built link. Originally, the inner wall should be brushed 3 times wall paint by the regulation, but construction team member brushed only, do not look to have any distinction on the surface, but can appear actually minute chromatic aberration. Some construction teams even replace the paint with impurities, resulting in uneven surface coating, which seriously affects the decoration effect.
Remind: Before painting V, it is necessary to know the painting area to estimate how much paint is needed to avoid unnecessary waste. In addition, the allocated paint, especially the paint of the same color, should be used up at a time. If there is local repair in the process of the project, the repair place should be re-primed after the wall is dry, and the topcoat can not be brushed directly in the position of the missing primer. At the same time, but also timely check whether the coating is smooth, if not smooth can be polished by fine sandpaper, and then brush a topcoat.
5. Pay attention to jerry-building in tile laying
Situation: the frequency of use of ceramic tiles is very high. If the workers jerry-cut, it is easy to appear the hollow drum of ceramic tiles and the problems such as uneven seams. In addition, paving ceramic tile with cement and adhesive also pay attention to, if the ratio is not reasonable will also fall off and other problems.
Remind: to the metope tile must first pull hair, especially the original place with waterproof putty, to shovel the putty completely, otherwise stick. Glazed brick should soak water two hours of above commonly when the shop sticks, below natural condition next shade dry shop sticks, cause brick cracking possibly because of cement action otherwise. And vitreous Mosaic need not soak water commonly, soak water can form Mosaic grain to fall off, stick up instead trouble. Additional, ceramic tile shop sticks after 12 hours should knock brick face to check, if discover empty drum to answer afresh laid.
6. Pay attention to jerry-building in sewer pipes
Status: If the water pipe and fittings are sealed properly, it is easy to leak. Decorate the toilet that finishes, face basin often can move the position that with next water mouth photograph stagger, the conduit that buys face basin to be taken often is used directly hard. Installation workers in order to save trouble, generally do not do S bend, resulting in basin and sewer pipe straight, odor will come up from the sewer pipe.
Reminder: after the waterway construction is completed, check whether the water is unobstructed. First use a basin to hold water, and then to each sewer water, 100 sets of basin water, bathtub water, toilet water, kitchen and bathroom and balcony floor drain, etc., each outlet should be filled with about 2 POTS of water, hear the purr, and no water surface is normal. During construction, workers must be supervised to install S-bend and odorless floor drain.
7. Pay attention to jerry-building in circuit modification
Situation: some construction teams of electricians do not wire according to the construction requirements, a variety of different lines to take a line pipe, such as the TV antenna, telephone line and distribution wire into the same sleeve, so that the TV, telephone reception by interference. Or the insulation and moisture-proof treatment of the joint is not good, short circuit, circuit breaking phenomenon. Even lines that do not have casing to reduce costs can result in leakage of electricity to the safety of the house and the life of the owner.
In addition to the above seven tips, many families in southern China also pay great attention to the combination of decoration and feng shui.

The expert reminds
The consumer in construction must supervise electrician to undertake construction strictly according to operating rules, avoid side construction side to modify. Before the construction must ask for a circuit modification diagram, mark the direction and specific position of the wire, especially the joint of the pipeline should be marked. If any changes are made during the construction, the owner should also communicate with the designer to draw a modification map on 2 before the construction begins, so that the owner can easily find the location of the line if there is a fault in the future.
Five places where home decoration should not save money
Not calculate to the life rich 80 hind character, decorate a huge project, home outfit quality just is "heavy among priorities". Experiences of decoration, the most can understand the decoration of the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, through a period of experience and summary, they can also know where the decoration in the end where the province is not the province, today we will say for the 80, in the home decoration should pay attention to a few must not save money.
1. Buy good switch sockets
Socket fake goods on the market is the most, the average person simply can not distinguish true or false, so it is suggested that socket switch as far as possible in the well-known brand socket store to buy, quality can be guaranteed. Switch socket is the cause of the fire, especially when the Chinese New Year, relatives and friends dinner party, electricity consumption must increase. The family is crowded, easy to cause safety accidents. This should be particularly careful, switch sockets are electricity, and often touch with your hand, for children in the home, but also should pay special attention to the leakage device.
2. Cement also has a shelf life
Want to stick ceramic tile only, can use cement, and the quality of cement is directly related to the paste intensity of ceramic tile, most of the ceramic tile empty drum is because of the cement shop stick the problem when, if do not want ceramic tile to have a drum, fall off, experts suggest when buying cement, carefully check the production date, carefully choose high quality famous brand cement. Let these small details as far as possible do not affect the quality that decorate finally and the effect.
3. Big core panels are expensive
Every decoration, will be more or less used big core board, its quality is directly related to indoor formaldehyde content, so in the purchase of big core board to be careful, as far as possible to buy high quality, high environmental protection coefficient of the board, in this above also can not save money.
4. Brand name sanitary ware saves more water
On buying clean to provide, absolutely cannot for covet the difference price of a few hundred dollars, and buy cheap clean to provide. Cheap products in the consumption of water, noise, water sealing function and other properties, and brand-name products have a great difference. Clean is provided belong to the building materials that is used for a long time and frequently, wear and tear sex to go up so bigger also than other building materials, on the building materials such as clean is provided so, should choose more the brand clean that has public praise is provided. It will also save more water in the long run.
5. Anti-rust paint can not be less
Is your carpentry covered with fire retardant paint? Have all the nail holes been covered with anti-rust paint? If not, the workers must have cut corners. Fire prevention, rust prevention and other processes are the necessary protection of home safety, owners in the acceptance, must pay special attention to these small details.
Matters needing attention
1. Decoration analysis
Customers in the home decoration to the residential living conditions have a specific requirements, such as living personnel structure, the need for several people to live and personal interests, the layout of the living room, the arrangement of furniture, air conditioning demand electricity and distribution, the overall style of positioning and customers on the decoration of the key requirements, design scheme positioning. 2 to 3 designers from the decoration consultant company will listen to the comprehensive opinions of the owner, and carry out the design free of charge. They will complete a set of design scheme of no less than 30 pages, including effect drawing, layout drawing, node drawing and production drawing, etc., which will be signed and confirmed by the customer. Consultant company does not engage in professional construction, so to avoid stylist to sign a contract place the size conversion is not accurate phenomenon.
2. Cost and schedule control
Choose materials according to the consumer needs of the owners. Under the premise of not affecting the requirements of safety, durability, personalization, use function and environmental protection, the cost and time limit can be controlled. Customers can be expected to consume value and decorative effect to the designer. After the completion of the scheme must go to the decoration consultant company to verify the design scheme, material selection, quotation.
3. Green decoration index control and pre-evaluation
According to the materials required by the design scheme, the quantity of harmful gas released by each material is comprehensively calculated, effectively controlled and rationally matched to achieve the purpose of green decoration, so as to reduce the harm caused by decoration to human body. The environmental protection pre-evaluation is calculated according to the harmful gas released by the materials in 24 hours of the design scheme to see whether it reaches the environmental protection decoration standard.
4. Bidding situation selection of decoration company
With the design standards, process standards, environmental protection standards, time limit, quotation has a comparative. By adornment consultant company examine and approve 3 to 5 adornment company to offer price for the client, open bid by the client personally, after choosing adornment company, supervise company is responsible for adornment quality supervision, the client relieved the blindness that adornment consults.
5. Project supervision
The user can entrust the supervision company to assist in signing a home decoration contract, avoid the unknown truth and cheated, the supervision company to carry out the whole process of the project quality check.
6. Select material
Select decorative materials according to contract and environmental requirements; Can entrust consultant company to undertake choice to adornment material, buy high grade material, still can get preferential treatment.
7. Construction technology and acceptance
Supervision company according to the decoration contract, stage acceptance of home decoration project, construction team do not understand the local supervisor can be on-site guidance.

Style classification:
Modern Simple Style
1. Modern and simple style walks in the forefront of fashion
Modern style decoration features: by the curve and asymmetric lines, such as pedicels, flower buds, vines, insect wings and nature of all kinds of beautiful, wavy shape patterns, reflected on the wall, railings, window lattice and furniture and other decoration. Some lines are gentle and elegant, some are vigorous and full of rhythm, the whole three-dimensional form is integrated with the orderly, rhythmic curve. A large number of iron components, glass, ceramic tile and other new technology, as well as iron products, ceramic products and other comprehensive use in the interior. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, and try to introduce new ideas to the interior decoration art. [3]
The idyllic style
2. Quiet and idyllic style indulge in the afternoon flower shadow vine wind
Europe type pastoral style: focus on the expression to nature, but different pastoral has different nature, also derive a variety of furniture style then, of Chinese style, Europe type, still have the pastoral amorous feelings of south Asia even, each has each characteristic, each has each beauty.
It is mainly divided into two kinds of pastoral style, English and French.
New Chinese Style
3. New Chinese style decoration evokes nostalgic thoughts
Chinese style style is freer, adornment can be greenery, cloth art, adornment picture, and the lamps and lanterns of different style. These decorations can be in a variety of styles, but the space is dominated by traditional decorations such as Chinese paintings, palace lanterns and purple sand pottery. The number of these ornaments is not much, but in the space can play the role of the finishing point.
Classical European style
4. Noble and elegant atmosphere of European classical style is revealed everywhere
The European style mainly refers to the western classical style. This style emphasizes the decorative effect of luxuriant decoration, strong color and exquisite modeling.
Mediterranean style
Enjoy the freshness of the clear sea and blue sky in Mediterranean style
The Mediterranean style has its unique aesthetic characteristics. Generally choose natural soft colors, pay attention to space collocation in combination design, make full use of every inch of space, set decoration and application in one, avoid triviality in combination and collocation, appear generous, natural, and emit ancient and noble pastoral breath and cultural taste.
Southeast Asian Style
6. Southeast Asian style interpretation of the charming natural love
In the adornment of southeast Asia style, the material used indoors is taken directly from nature more. Rich plant resources due to the hot, humid climate; Wood, rattan, bamboo becomes the first choice of interior decoration.
Southeast Asia furniture mostly local materials.
American Country Style
7. American country style is quiet and romantic
American country style, is the American western country lifestyle evolved to today's a form, it has a little casual in the classical, abandoned too much tedious and luxurious, both classical beautiful shape and neoclassical function equipped, both concise and lively, warm and comfortable.
American country style attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, fully showing the simple flavor of the country.
Japanese style
8. Japanese style decoration to enjoy the leisure like sake
Modelling of space of day type style is very concise, furniture display is a center with tea table, woodiness component is used on metope make square geometric shape and echo of photograph of fine square wood sliding door, window, spatial atmosphere is simple, elegant soft. Generally do not add more tedious decoration, more attention to the actual function.
Fashionable mix and match style
9. The salaryman loves to mix and match fashion
Indoor layout also tends to be modern and practical, and absorb the characteristics of traditional, in the decoration and furnishings of ancient and modern Chinese and Western integration.
Classical style
10. Classical style (luxury and wealth)
In the era of the rise of decoration, decoration is mostly the pursuit of a more luxurious and affluent style. Especially in the 1980s and early 1990s, interior decoration was often a special form of showing off one's status. Owners will require a variety of symbols of luxury design embedded in the decoration, such as painted glass ceiling, fireplace, decorative panels, decorative wood corner lines and so on, and basically similar to the Baroque style combined with domestic materials as the main decorative way.
Simple style
11. Plain style (freewheeling)
In the 1990s, there was a home improvement craze in some areas. Because suffer technology and material place limit, still do not have the stylist on real sense to undertake home outfit guidance at that time, because this follow one's inclinations is the biggest portraiture at that time. Owners began to fake a clean and bright interior effect. Up to now, this kind of style still enters the first choice that the person that buy a house for the first time decorates most.
Delicate style
12. Delicate style (noble and solemn)
After nearly 10 years of exploration, with the improvement of domestic residents' living standards and the increase of opening to the outside world, people began to yearn for and pursue a high-quality life. From 20 centuries about mid time of 90 time begin, people begins to use delicate adornment material and furniture in decorating, be in especially this moment, domestic stylist enters the home to install a design procession, brought a kind of new adornment idea thereby.
Natural style
13. Natural Style (Artistic Leisure)
The adornment upsurge that 90 time begins 20 centuries, bring people numerous adornment idea. The adornment magazine of Taiwan, Hong Kong that appears in large numbers on market lets people broaden one's horizon, the adornment gimme such as stone of small garden, culture adornment wall and rain flower stone that everybody dare not imagine before appears in succession in the design of reality. Especially what everybody saw used to red beechu to use place in large quantities to cause "the whole country decorates a yellow" after adornment phenomenon, close nature, return uncut to return true also become, one of the goals that people place pursues.
A brisk style
14. Light style (generous and generous)
20 centuries 90 time metaphase begins, the design thought that lives in got very big liberation, people begins to pursue all sorts of design means, among them modernism, postmodernism, a series of relatively complete set training 'system living room 8 in the design people are talking about when decorating, these "doctrine" frequently appear in the mouth. This style basically uses cherry wood as the main woodworking fastening.
Soft style
15. Soft Style (Smooth and Independent)
At the end of last century and the beginning of this century, a kind of pursuit of a stable in the luxurious imitation club design began to appear in all kinds of real estate plate model rooms and office buildings, and then a large number of ordinary home decoration. This style is more emphasis - a relatively simple but R do not lose the content of the decorative form, gradually formed to black walnut as the main wood decoration panel style. In China, minimalism and minimalism began to surface
Elegant style
16. Elegant Style (Quiet and Gentle)
This is a design style that appeared at the end of last century and the beginning of this century. It is basically based on the woodworking practice of using wallpaper as the decorative surface material and combining oil mixing. This style emphasizes the harmony of proportion and color. People began to paint the top part of a wall the same color as the ceiling, while the walls used a kind of wallpaper with a light texture. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, without a trace of impetuous.
Urban style
17. Urban style (independent personality)
Entering the 21st century, the development of housing reform and the emergence of many young first-time home buyers have injected dynamic force into the generation of this style. Young people have just bought a house, many of them have little money, and the real estate market at this time is basically a rough house (a style without basic decoration), these young people are forced to carry out a renovation revolution. Suffers financial resources place limit, people begins to emphasize already through all sorts of forms "decorate" look and feel, among them use lively colour in large numbers is a kind of typical example. People use a wide variety of colors in their homes, sometimes even using three or more colors in the same space.
Pure and fresh style
18. Fresh style (light and freehand)
This is a kind of derivative that comes out below contracted creed influence contains "petty endowment" the interior that flavours sets a style. Especially as the appearance of numerous single nobles, this kind of small endowment style appears in large numbers in various apartments to decorate. Because a lot of time, their habitant does not have such as the member of old person and child and so on, need not consider numerous functional problem in decorating so. They tend to emphasize a kind of randomness and blandness. Light white gauze market with a soft fabric sofa, and then stacked with a bunch of various colors of pillow, the factory is full of a lazy atmosphere of the interior space.
Chinese style
19. Chinese style
With the emergence of numerous modernism, the country has emerged -? Wind restoring ancient ways, that is the revival of Chinese decorative style. Chinese painting, calligraphy and furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties constitute the most important elements of Chinese design. But the price of these reoccupied furniture is not cheap, becoming a major obstacle for lovers.

Household act the role of article is to point to decorate after finishing, use those easy change, the decorations of easy change position and furniture, if curtain, sofa cover, cushion for leaning on, craft tablecloth and adornment handicraft, adornment iron art to wait, to indoor 2 degrees display and decorate. There are cloth art, hanging pictures, plants and so on. Household act the role of article, decorate as movable, can reflect master's grade more, it is the pen that builds household atmosphere to dot the eyeball.
It broke the traditional decoration industry boundary, handicrafts, textiles, collections, lamps and lanterns, flowers, plants, etc. have a new combination, forming a new concept. Household act the role of article can according to the living habit of the size shape of bedroom space, host, interest interest and respective economic situation, from integral integrated plan adornment decorates a design plan, reflect the individual character grade that gives host.

Home Accessories:
A vase is a kind of vessel, mostly made of ceramic or glass, with a beautiful and smooth appearance. The rare are made of expensive materials such as crystal. It is used to hold beautiful flowers and branches of plants. The bottom of the vase is usually filled with water to keep the plants alive and beautiful.

The vase is characterized by beautiful appearance, smooth touch, and the more common traditional vase is slightly larger mouth, thin neck diameter, and then down is very plump very attractive radian, and finally the lower line to hold, full S type.
So whether it is from the graceful shape, colorful surface pattern or smooth touch, are very like a beautiful woman - the devil's figure, sultry body, beautiful face, smooth and delicate skin.
The connotation of the
Immediately rich cloud brocade ornaments:
Modern household adornment, practical only is not enough. More and more designer blends in clever idea, the functional application that will beautify household depends on ordinary household adornment.
Ceramic vase is fragile article, maintain pottery and porcelain, basically be to prevent outside destroy factor. The so-called external destruction factors, there are natural factors, human factors and accidental factors. Natural factor basically is to point to temperature, light, dust and so on, ceramic vase is not put in the place of high temperature strong light, especially thin embryo ceramic bottle. Dust has accumulated on the ceramic vase. Dab it with a soft cloth, as carefully as you would treat the tender skin of a baby. When placed properly, to prevent tipping. The hard object such as the ring on the hand should be taken off when appreciation, guard against scratch glaze or knock gap along. When holding objects, one hand holds the bottom and the other hand holds the body of the object. Do not only use one hand to grasp the mouth edge of the object and pick it up.
Pottery is different from porcelain in that it is made of clay. Porcelain is the porcelain stone into powder, mixing into slurry, poured into the mold made. Pottery and porcelain fired at the same temperature have stronger hardness.
After vase of decal pottery and porcelain is made, spray paint on the surface, decal next, spray varnish to protect flower finally, make its drop not easily. The product is used to make ceramic with dolomite, bright ceramic is burned white embryos, then glaze, spray paint, the whole process needs to bake twice. Of ceramic vase surface lacklustre is gush dumb smooth lacquer, have a plenty of gush half smooth lacquer.
Connotative Home Accessories:
Vase of high temperature ceramics is to use pottery to burn, temperature reaches 800 degrees above, have certain hardness, sound is clear and crisp. The designs on the high-temperature ceramic vases are hand-hooked before glazing, and the colors are filled in. Vase of high temperature ceramic and in, low temperature ceramic vase the most obvious distinction is bibulous rate, the bibulous rate of high temperature ceramic vase is under 0.2%, the product is easy to clean won't adsorb peculiar smell, won't produce the crack of glaze and local water leakage phenomenon. The bibulous rate of vase of ceramics of medium, low temperature is higher than this standard greatly.
Ceramic vase has low temperature, in temperate high temperature on market most is in temperature vase. Mainly because the price is much cheaper than the medium temperature vase, the price is relatively high. Medium temperature vases with a red, black, white or orange glaze were very popular when they first became popular. The process is more and more complex, with the surface of hand kneading flower, hollow out, glass sand, electroplating (full electroplating, isolation electroplating), paste shell, glass, diamond and so on, more and more complex.

Hand-painted porcelain:

, the painting is made on the rice paper, when the expression technique on the paper reaches a high level, the painting can also be displayed through what kind of artistic form? The answer is porcelain. The smooth, three-dimensional and more vivid expression carrier meets the skilled and superb skills of the painter, and the artistic porcelain, a new form of artistic expression, emerges at the right moment.
The simulation flower:
Simulation flower, usually refers to the use of silk,
Wrinkle paper, polyester, plastic, crystal and other made of fake flowers, as well as dried flowers baked with fresh flowers, the industry is generally known as artificial flowers. Artificial flower, as the name suggests, is to flowers as the blueprint, with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other raw materials to imitate. Today, simulation products get better and better,
It's almost true. In addition to a variety of flowers, there are simulated leaves, simulated branches, simulated weeds, simulated trees and so on.
Emulation flower for home decoration
Realistic Flowers for Home Accessories (10 pieces)
Art craftsmanship:
When it comes to porcelain, Jingdezhen is the first place many people think of it, but hand-painted porcelain is a world away from the traditional Jingdezhen porcelain. The so-called artistic porcelain, refers to the integration of the artist's creative ideas and aesthetic concepts, emphasizing the concept of personalized porcelain works, has a high collection value. In the past, the producer of porcelain was called a painter, who produced a large amount of mass production and mechanical labor. The acquaintance of porcelain was very high and the lack of artistry was just at the level of handicrafts. Jingdezhen porcelain, in addition to ancient, imitates the official kiln porcelain of high artistic quality, due to the environment, the painter's own factors, other porcelain is too lack of artistic quality.
Ice crystals:
Ice crystal painting, also known as glass ice crystal painting, its picture synthesis completely adopts the advanced glass image synthesis patent technology, using the physical imaging principle supplemented by chemical generation technology, instantly realize the perfect combination of image and glass, density plate and other materials. Ice crystal painting technology is simple, ice crystal painting production equipment investment is small, suitable for the early production of insufficient funds for friends to operate. Ice crystal painting equipment is mainly curing box, basically manual operation. Fast production, high efficiency. Because of its low cost, small investment, low production rate of defective products, the formation of the ice crystal production base.
Can meet the needs of service industry characteristics from various areas of decoration, so that every corner has creative, but the overall theme is distinct. In particular, the creation of some theme restaurant atmosphere, the creative display ability of ice crystal painting is more important.
Advantages of simulation flower:
Artificial flower raw materials mainly have: plastic products, silk products, polyester products, also useful resin clay mix made of materials, in addition to metal rods, glass tubes, blow paper, fiber, decorative paper, ribbon, these materials are no pollution or pollution is very small. Because of the elasticity of the material can be matched with a special height, shape of the model, and can maintain evergreen, break through the limitations of genuine products. The image is vivid and lively, and it can be compared with the plants and plants.

Home Accessories:
It is not easy to plant a good plant in the room, but artificial flowers can easily achieve this purpose. The color of artificial flowers and plants can be kept bright for a long time, like the four seasons, and will not be withered like the plants and plants planted.
Easy maintenance:
The branches and leaves of artificial flowers do not become moldy, do not decay, do not need watering, do not breed mosquitoes and flies; Artificial flowers and plants do not need artificial cultivation, can save watering, pruning, insects and other trouble; Artificial flowers do not have to photosynthesize, and there is no side effect of harmful food caused by children. It is very suitable for families with children, elderly people and husband and wife working.
Artificial flowers and plants:
Some are much lower than the true flowers and grass, convenient transportation, handling easily: in the need to change the design, recombination and collocation, can change different atmosphere. Suitable for the public home landscaping environment, and enduring.

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