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sm (sadomasochism) comes from abuse and masochism, especially in terms of sexuality. It collectively refers to the consciousness and behavior related to sadism and masochism. It is translated as sadomasochism in Chinese, where S stands for Sadism, refers to the sexual abuser, and M stands for Masochism. , Refers to the sexually abused person.
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The English word for “sadomasochism” is “sadomasochism”, which is a combination of both sadism and masochism, so sadism is more commonly informally called “SM”.
Although the unofficial name for "sadoma" is SM. However, since common sadomasochism activities in a broad sense may also involve bondage, whipping or other forms of training (Bondage & Discipline), the general official name BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism) means A mixture of acronyms and acronyms is used in general terms. Some people have also directly expanded their use, using the "bodily sadomasochistic" activity as a synonym for the "BDSM" activity.
  Sexual masochism includes two categories: sadism and masochism. Inflicting pain on others can lead to sexual pleasure, sexual excitement, or pure pleasure, which belongs to the former, and if accepting pain can lead to self-satisfaction, it belongs to the latter. The pain includes both physical pain (such as the pain caused by whipping) and mental pain (such as the pain caused by humiliation and dominance).
The emergence of sadomasochism can be traced back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Michel Foucault believes that the end of the 18th century was the exact time when the phenomenon of sadomasochism appeared. In the following hundreds of years, the sadomasochistic subculture has developed greatly. It is no longer just some people’s personal behavior, nor is it even a purely private activity outside of social life. It has gradually become an increasingly compelling social and cultural phenomenon.
M is an informal abbreviation for masochism: a 19th-century Austrian novelist named Masoch, himself a passive abuser, described many of these perverted sexual activities in his works. Therefore, passive abuse is named Masochism, or masochism.
Sadomasochism has been regarded as a mental illness by the mainstream society for a long time. According to the World Health Organization's "International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (Tenth Edition)", sadomasochism is defined as a sexual inversion. In 1994, the "Manual of Diagnosis and Statistics of Mental Disorders (Fourth Edition)" issued by the American Psychiatric Association changed the expression of inverted sexual desire.
Sadomasochistic activities involve whipping, binding and other activities, and the legal risks are high. Sadomasochistic behaviors that cause death or serious injury to participants, involuntary enforcement, and abuse of minors are serious crimes in some areas, while in countries and regions where obscenity is controlled and prostitution is prohibited, sadomasochistic activities are possible Will violate relevant laws. In Mainland China, others who engage in sadomasochistic activities with the spouses of active military personnel may commit the crime of sabotaging military marriages. There are sadomasochistic communities that have issued guidelines to guide sadomasochists to avoid legal risks.

There are reports in the media that abusers have been arrested or imprisoned for providing paid services. There are also abusers who have been convicted of negligence and death because they missed their hands and caused the death or serious injury of their partners. There have been cases of abusers who killed people because of their dissatisfaction with the paid services. In addition, there are cases of sadomasochistic activities involving extortion, fraud, coercion and other crimes that have been reported by the media.

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