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Masturbation Soft Stick (58)

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Masturbation is to rely on one's own ability to solve sexual fullness, vent sexual energy, meet one's own sexual requirements, and obtain pleasure and comfort from the sexual aspect. Therefore, masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon, and the phenomenon of human masturbation is widespread. Commonly known as masturbation, handguns, and planes are also used from time to time, and are mostly used to describe men. The term "masturbation" is widely circulated, but because "kinky" is a derogatory term in Chinese, it is improperly used to refer to a sexual behavior, so the term "masturbation" should be eliminated, and the scientific term should be masturbation.
Causes of masturbation
Men and women of all ages can have masturbation behaviors, and the causes are different. Masturbation in childhood is mostly due to unconsciously playing with the genitals occasionally, or because of the stimulation of the genitals when wearing tights or straddling and causing pleasure. Generally, there is no orgasm. Regardless of men and women, after puberty, due to the physiological changes in the body and the resulting sexual impulses and desires, they are full of longing, curiosity and fantasies about sex. Normal sexual desire is the basic requirement for human maturation and reproduction, and it is a normal physiological phenomenon. However, from sexual maturity to being able to legally vent sexual energy and satisfy sexual requirements (registration of marriage), it generally takes several years or more to wait. During this period, the sexual demand is often the highest, and it is always necessary to look for opportunities to vent full sexual desire. Both men and women may inadvertently stimulate the reproductive organs and reach an orgasm occasionally, so that they become irresistible and develop the habit of masturbation. Others have learned to masturbate with the guidance or assistance of others, and they are too late to deal with.
Performance of masturbation
Masturbation behaviors mainly focus on the direct or indirect stimulation of the sexual organs in various ways, and the process of reaching orgasm (ejaculation), which mainly includes masturbation (masturbation) that is directly operated by hands, or the use of equipment to help "sex." Regardless of male or female, the way of masturbation is to achieve orgasm and sexual satisfaction through direct stimulation of the reproductive organs.
Men's masturbation behavior is often relatively simple, almost all around the penis, for example, some people rely on two thighs to clamp, press, and rub the penis to complete masturbation; some people rely on the prone position of the penis and the friction to ejaculate. However, the most common and most direct way of masturbation is to hold one's penis and give it a certain intensity of friction, or twitch up and down to achieve ejaculation and obtain self-satisfying sexual pleasure, which is commonly referred to as masturbation. Women's masturbation methods are more complicated. In addition to masturbation around vaginal stimulation, it also includes stimulation of the vulva (large and small labia, clitoris), breasts and other parts.
All kinds of masturbation methods are summed up by people's continuous exploration in practice. As long as it does not hinder others, you can find and explore various masturbation methods, but you must assume that you will not be harmed. Some methods of assisting masturbation are safe and effective, while some methods have potential hidden dangers, which may cause damage to the reproductive organs and easily induce infection, and should be banned.
Look at masturbation objectively
Masturbation is definitely not a sinful behavior. The view that masturbation is harmful in the past has been gradually faded. However, the prejudice of mainstream culture still believes that masturbation is only a supplement to sexual intercourse. The actual situation is that masturbation has the value of independent sexual behavior and can obtain the same physiological response as sexual intercourse. Moderate masturbation will not cause any harm to the body, and making good use of it can also make up for people's shortcomings that they cannot have sex life, such as unmarried young people, separated husbands and wives, divorced widows, STD patients, disabled persons, and spouses who are sick and cannot have sex. This is conducive to radiating greater work enthusiasm and energy. Masturbation can also be used to collect semen samples for clinical examination, and healthy men can also donate their own semen through masturbation. Masturbation will not infect any sexually transmitted diseases, will not involve others, or be involved in infidelity in sexual behavior and emotional entanglement, and will not lead to sexual assault or even sexual crimes, and avoids moral and social problems caused by sexual problems. . Therefore, masturbation itself is harmless. Do not have psychological pressure to avoid feelings of guilt and self-blame afterwards, and it is easy to have many "imagined" diseases due to the fear caused by misunderstanding of masturbation, or to force your own diseases and masturbation Linked together in a meeting place. Frequent masturbation may lead to lack of concentration, fatigue, and memory loss. Actively cultivate hobbies and shift attention from masturbation to healthy daily life and social activities.
Masturbation can occasionally bring people some small troubles, mainly including the difficulty of a very small number of men to successfully complete the transition from masturbation to husband and wife sexual intercourse, difficulty in controlling their yearning for masturbation, fear that masturbation will cause illness and harm health, and after masturbation behavior is exposed Embarrassment.
Prevention and treatment of masturbation

It is not advisable to criticize those who have masturbation, let alone use exaggeration and intimidation, otherwise it will increase their ideological burden. Only when masturbation is too frequent and disrupts normal work and study, and when self-correction is difficult to achieve the desired effect, you should receive necessary medical consultation and adjuvant treatment, including medication. The key is to treat masturbation in a scientific way, focusing on prevention, especially when the mental state of adolescents in the sexual development period is unstable, psychological counseling and sex education should be the focus, to avoid premature love and obsession with sex, and to cultivate a wide range of hobbies and Interest, reduce undesirable sexual stimulation to control masturbation ideas, shift attention from masturbation to healthy daily life and social activities, pay attention to life adjustment, avoid wearing tights, sleep on time, not too full for dinner, and no bedding during sleep If you are too warm or too heavy, you should not sleep on your back or prone. Avoid stimulating food (such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, spicy food, etc.) for dinner. Develop good hygienic habits, wash frequently and keep the vulva clean, and remove the bad irritation of the scale deposits in the foreskin. For those with inflammation of the reproductive system, such as foreskin penile head, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and other symptomatic treatments can eliminate the local discomfort of the patient and help reduce the urge to masturbate induced by bad stimuli.

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