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Clitoris Stimulation (176)

Clitoris Stimulation
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The clitoris is a tissue part of the female genitalia, because it resembles a mung bean when it is congested and erect, so it is called a "pea". In sexual intercourse, the clitoris is a major orgasm zone for women, why do women like to touch the clitoris? This knowledge about the clitoris must be known.

Why do women like to touch the clitoris?

   Generally speaking, stimulating the clitoris body is better than directly stimulating the clitoris head. In addition, the clitoris often needs long-term continuous strong stimulation. After all, it is separated by a layer of foreskin, so it is well tolerated, especially when it is near orgasm, it needs to be stimulated more vigorously and greatly.

The process of stimulating the clitoris is not only a time to mobilize women’s subjective initiative and sexual desire, but also a time to make the woman quickly transition from the excitement period to the plateau period. The woman must actively participate, be a good guide and command, and clearly indicate to the man her most sensitive parts Favorite stimulus method, fully communicate at any time to correct the deviation or insufficiency of the man’s stimulation technique.

We know that the clitoris is rich in sensitive nerve endings, and its density is 6-10 times higher than the surrounding tissues or the glans of the penis. The innervation of the clitoris is the dorsal clitoris nerve, which is a very small branch of the pudendal nerve that terminates in the nerve ending plexus of the head and body of the clitoris.

   The larger nerve bundles of the dorsal clitoral nerve are irregularly distributed with ring corpuscles related to proprioceptive stimuli. They play an important role in transmitting afferent impulses caused by somatic stimuli.

The ring-shaped corpuscles play a role in deep sense and proprioception, and their quantity and quality vary greatly. Therefore, it can explain the difference in the stimulation techniques and intensity required by women during masturbation.

The clitoris is also rich in free nerve endings that are very sensitive to the sense of touch. This shows why the clitoris is so sensitive to the sense of touch. If the clitoris is subtly stimulated, it is often easy to stimulate women's sexual desire, and it can often make women without sexual intercourse. Achieve orgasm.

Little-known physiological knowledge about the clitoris

   1. The clitoris is only partially exposed to the naked eye. Its actual depth is 4 inches. Three quarters of it are hidden inside the female body. It is a buried treasure. How much pleasure would it be if it were fully excavated? Will you try to develop it?

  2. The clitoris grows throughout a woman's life, and the clitoris after desperation is 2.5 times larger than that in adolescence.

  3. Different women have different clitoris shapes and sizes. Some will hide deeper, some will protrude. Some only need to be touched to touch, some need heavy pressure to stimulate it to expand and bulge. Every woman's clitoris needs time to understand and get familiar with it. Don't think that all you know are all.

       The sexual excitement of humans is similar to that of other mammals. They use foreplay (voice, text, pictures, eyes, smell, shape, limbs, etc.) to tease, touch, caress, kiss and other foreplay, showing the body's excitement physiological reaction, which is before sexual intercourse. A kind of physical and psychological preparation process is the inevitable process of the opening of a game of chess.

This pleasant prior sexual stimulation will lead to vaginal dilation, moisturization and erection of the penis, making sexual intercourse successful. The way of caressing and the method adopted by each couple are also different. Therefore, a newlywed couple should choose the way of caressing they like, or design their own special method according to personal hobbies and physiological state, but to erase the "trauma". The traces left by "learning" establish a behavioral pattern of "normal learning".

Female performance:
Love fluid increased
The most obvious manifestation of female sexual excitement is the increase in the secretion of the vestibular glands, and the secretion of the vagina will also increase, which can be touched by hand. Usually, the stronger the sexual desire, the greater the secretion. If there is no secretion of love fluid, it means that she has not yet entered sexual excitement.
Clitoral erection
The erection of the penis is the primary manifestation of male sexual excitement, but when women enter sexual excitement, the clitoris will also become congested and erect.
Red tide
Sexual red tide refers to the dilation and congestion of blood vessels caused by sexual excitement. It is manifested as the redness of the skin on the face, neck, and chest of women, and sometimes the skin of the whole body will also be congested and red.
Increased heart rate
When women enter into sexual excitement, they will experience shortness of breath, groans, and restlessness. Their breathing during orgasm can reach 40 beats/min, and their heart rate can reach 120 beats/min. Some women can even have a heart rate of 150 to 160 beats/min.
Breast changes
When women enter the period of sexual excitement, their breasts will quickly become congested, their surface will become red, hot, and swollen, and their nipples will become hard.
Regular muscle contraction
Mainly manifested as hand and foot cramps and facial distortion.

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