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Breast Sex Toy (501)

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Best Nipple Toys, Because They Deserve Space In Your Nightstand, Too

They'll change your sex game for good.

It turns out your nipples are an underrated (a.k.a. waaay underutilized) erogenous zone. Part of the problem is that nipples often need more exciting stimulation: the element of surprise, courtesy of a partner's unpredictable touch, a hint of tolerable pain, than other areas of the body. Because despite being sensitive, they're not designed for orgasm (like, say, your clit).

Full of up to 2,000 nerve endings each (!), these buds are very receptive to sensation, says longtime sex educator Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed, a pleasure-product company in Chicago. For some, a little nipple action can go a long way, sending an electrical wave of pleasure down to their genitals. Heck, for some people, nipple stimulation can lead to a very unique but powerful orgasm of its own, explains Holly Richmond, PhD, a somatic psychologist and certified sex therapist.

Even if you don't spend enough time on your top-half to nipple-gasm, showing your nips TLC is a seriously effective arousal tool. “We view nipples as an erotic, sexual part of the body, so even just emotionally, having them played with can feel sexy and arousing,” says Deysach.

So why are these hotspots so often ignored? You might not be bringing in the proper backup to help. That’s where this list of nipple toys comes in. While, a tongue, a finger, and a set of **mindful** teeth might do the trick, the below 16 best nipple toys—from BDSM-inspired nipple clamps and suckers to vibrators and ticklers—are sure to take you and your nips all the way.

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