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The negative pressure penis stretcher is to massage sensitive areas, regulate endocrine, improve erectile function and prolong the erection time of the penis, and improve the quality of sexual life.

By massaging sensitive areas, regulating endocrine, improving erectile function and prolonging the erection time of the penis, the purpose of improving the quality of sexual life. At the same time, through strong pressure, the blood circulation of the penis is increased, and regular use can achieve the effect of increasing the penis.
[Specifications] One-piece product specifications. Contains one sleeve, manual pressure valve ball, plastic sleeve, and soft rubber sleeve. The total length of the device is 19.5cm, the diameter is 7cm, the negative pressure airbag is manually controlled, and a small bottle of external coating liquid is also provided.
[Ingredients] Imported soft rubber material
[Precautions] This appliance is for personal use only, and it should be clean and hygienic before and after use.
Detailed description
This product is a manual design. It uses an inflatable airbag to vacuum to make the penis congested and erect. Press the airbag to change the tightness of the appliance. There are buttons on the airbag to decompress at any time, allowing you to freely choose its size according to your preferences. Can enjoy the pleasure brought by its expansion.
Specifications: 19CM in length.


The first step, according to your own size, try the size of the inner apron, and choose a suitable one to put on the root of the penis (to ensure that it does not leak)
The second step is to put on the plexiglass sleeve and bridge it with the rubber band to form a sealed space
The third step is to connect the suction tube, pull the suction pump, and the sealed tube will naturally form a vacuum. The degree of suction is suitable for your penis to feel swelling and not painful.
The fourth step, this is the state where the penis will be erected naturally. Keep this state for about 5 minutes (if you don’t feel uncomfortable). If the vacuum drops, you can pull the air pump to properly inhale.
The fifth step, press the air release valve to let air in, relax and let the penis soften naturally
The sixth step, remove the plexiglass tube, remove the rubber band, the end
Adhere to 1-2 times a day, a course of treatment for 3 months, the liquid plays a lubricating effect.

In the process of male growth and sexual maturity, due to various reasons such as genetics and illness, male penis may not reach the length of ordinary people. At this time, some men who pay too much attention to this aspect may choose to use external force to help their penis To become a little longer, the current main methods of external force to promote penis lengthening are diet therapy, penis lengthening drugs and penis lengthening surgery. Diet therapy to help men lengthen the penis mainly by helping men to invigorate the kidney qi to achieve the effect of yang qi and aphrodisiac; penis lengthening drugs mainly refer to the use of some pure natural essence plants to activate the body's cavernous body to achieve intercourse. The effect of penis lengthening.
After the male penis develops during puberty [1], its size is basically stereotyped, and many adult men’s penis is less than 10 cm after erection, and in a weak state, it looks like a child’s penis. This is the so-called symptom of short penis. But male patients can be treated with penis extension surgery. Penis extension refers to the use of regular surgical methods to extend the short penis to a normal length due to dysplasia or other reasons.
The length of the penis in a weak state is 4-12 cm. Because the penis changes greatly in a weak state, such as tension, fatigue, and cold, the penis will be relatively shortened, and the size will be relatively constant after a full erection, so the best time to measure the penis is when the penis is fully erect. After erection, the length of the penis is generally 8-18 cm (a few people will be longer, which is normal), and the average is about 13 cm. Use your thumb and index finger to clamp the coronal sulcus of the penis head, use a ruler to hold the pubic symphysis at the base of the penis slightly, and measure the length from the head of the penis (outer urethral opening) to the root. The result is the length of the penis.
The circumference of the penis is generally 10-14 cm, the circumference divided by the pi (3.14) is the diameter of the penis, the average diameter is 3.3 cm, which is the diameter of a general condom, so we often see this Size condom.
If it is very thick but does not have the ability to erect, it may be an elephantiasis, and it should be diagnosed in time.

Short penis symptoms
1. When the penis is weak, the length from the pubic bone to the head of the penis is less than 6.5cm. Some small penises are less than 3cm in length. 
2. The testicles are very small, some are only the size of peanuts or thumbs, and have a soft texture, and some have no testicles in the scrotum, which is called cryptorchidism. 
3. The second sex disorder is dysplasia, without beard, armpit hair and pubic hair, and also shows the characteristics of women with delicate skin, sharp tone, and no Adam's apple to varying degrees. 
4. Body shape changes: obesity, breast development, enlarged buttocks, short stature, etc. 
5. Low sexual function or loss of sexual function. If you are married, you will not be able to complete your sex life. 
6. There are often no sperm in semen, but spermatogenic cells can sometimes be seen.
Causes of short penis
(1) The influence of genetic genes is the most fundamental; improper administration of drugs during pregnancy affects the secretion of male hormones and is congenital deficiency; lack of nutrients and elements for robust sexual function, resulting in congenital dysplasia;
(2) During the development of adolescents, the intake of zinc element, male hormone, vitamin E and related protein is insufficient, lack of acquired energy supplement, and cannot play the role of strengthening the sexual organs;
(3) The body is cold, afraid of cold, and lack of yang in the body, causing the penis to not fully bulge out, and part of it shrinks in the abdomen; excessive sex life, physical weakness or frequent masturbation during adolescent development, making the kidneys develop There is no energy to strengthen the developmental sex organs and form a short penis;
(4) Suffer from orchitis, cryptorchidism, testicular hypoplasia, endocrine imbalance, and male hormone deficiency.

The key to enlarge the penis is to stretch the erectile tissue, which is the cavernous body of the penis. Stretching can be performed with appropriate tools when the penis is loose, semi-erected or erect. It is effective for anyone. Taking advantage of the adaptability of human tissues, stretching will force erectile tissues to grow. Even if progress is slow at times, persevering to the end is victory.
It takes about a day for the penis to recover (now there are two ways of saying that one is that new cells will divide, and the other is that no new cells will appear, but the cells will grow larger). Although the penis is slowly getting bigger, the human eye cannot observe significant changes in a short period of time. You must be patient, and it can take several weeks to go from quantitative to qualitative.
When you join the penis enlargement exercise for the first time, the loose length of the penis will quickly increase by about 2 inches, while the erection length will increase by about 1 inch. This is the average of our statistics. Therefore, ordinary people do not need to perform penis extension surgery. This surgery is a last resort after all. It is suitable for those who have physical damage or severely short penis. As long as ordinary people have an erection longer than 8cm, congratulations, you can completely stimulate your wife’s G excitement. . Ordinary people can do exercises for the lower penis if they are still too short, because the penis is composed of three cavernous cavities. When blood flows into the penis, the cavernous body becomes congested and an erection occurs. Choosing appropriate exercises can slowly increase the three cavernous cavities, which can hold more blood. The penis has also increased! 
Precautions before practice
1. The first choice is to measure the length of the penis when it is loose, when it is erect, and its girth when it is erect. When measuring length, you should try to press the ruler against the pubic bone to compress fat. It is best to remember the position of the ruler at the first measurement and keep this position in subsequent measurements to reduce errors. Measure the circumference of the erect penis with a thin line.
2. Trimming the pubic hair can make the penis appear bigger, and it will also be helpful for future practice. You don't want to suffer skin pain by accidentally plucking out your pubic hair when doing stretching and "milking" exercises, right?
3. Develop healthy dietary habits and supplement vitamins, which can speed up the growth of the penis. Adequate intake of minerals, amino acids and vitamins can indeed produce positive effects. At the same time, drink plenty of water.
4. Maintaining a good attitude is essential for the growth of the penis. Belief is spirit, because if you think that penis enlargement is an "impossible task", then your subconscious will hinder its growth. Therefore, you must be positive.
5. You must be fully involved in these exercises. You must make sure to practice 5 days a week. But when you feel discomfort or pain, you should rest for a few days. After all, what you have to do is to enlarge the penis, not to hurt it.
When doing exercises, the penis should be properly stimulated to get proper growth. Don't over-practice, otherwise it will not only damage the penis, but also may not get any growth at all. We repeat again: Don't over practice.
If you practice properly according to the plan, you will soon find that it is getting bigger. Usually within a few weeks, the penis will appear thicker and longer.
6. Selection of lubricant
Lubricant should be used when doing "milking" exercises and spread it evenly and fully on the surface of the penis. Never use soap or shampoo, otherwise it will irritate the skin and cause the skin to dry out and peel off. In addition, if it flows into the mouth of the urethra, it will cause tingling. Vaseline can be used, but it is too oily, easy to stain, and very thick, which will hinder the rapid movement of the hands.Pumps & EnlargersPumps & EnlargersPumps & Enlargers

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