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Sex Dolls (6)

Sex doll is a life-size, human-shaped masturbation device that allows users to get pleasure in having sex with them.

In the past, sex dolls mostly used inflatable designs, so they are also called inflatable dolls. Stepping into the 21st century, sex dolls are made of gel or resin with shape memory. They feel the same as real human skin and muscles, and have spherical joints that can make different movements.

Inflatable doll, a simulated adult sex toy, replaces real people to meet sexual needs. It can be divided into male and female dolls, which are generally available in adult goods stores.
This toy is different from children's dolls. It imitates the human body and is made of silicone or plastic. The volume after inflation is close to the size of an adult. After inflation, it is soft and elastic. It can be reused after being cleaned after deflation.
Modern inflatable dolls first appeared in Germany and Japan in the late 1930s. At first they were mainly used for military purposes. Japan was used in naval submarines. The inflatable dolls at that time appeared in an environment where only men were able to liberate people sexually. In the 1950s, inflatable dolls were sold on the German market as sex toys, and their design even inspired Ruth Handler to create girls’ childhood playmates-Barbie dolls. In the 1970s, typical inflatable dolls first appeared in Japan; in the 1990s, the texture of inflatable dolls was closer to real human skin, but they were still tied up to the touch. During the same period, some manufacturers tried to make dolls with bones, but the effect of the products was not satisfactory. In the 2000s, the dolls produced in Japan were fake and real, and the touch was close to real human skin.
As a revolution in the history of sex products, the invention of inflatable dolls brought new life to sex products. Inflatable dolls were invented during the war. During World War II, in order to prevent German soldiers from having fun with women of "non-Aryan descent" in the 5th district and prevent the spread of venereal diseases in the Nazi army, the Nazi head of state Hitler personally appointed the commander of the SS Himmler to secretly develop a kind of Inflatable dolls with similar female physiological structure, in order to relieve the urgent needs of the German army. Hitler also put forward very specific requirements for this inflatable doll at the time, "She must have all the sexy looks that a young girl has, specifically, fair skin, golden hair, blue eyes, and a height of 1.76 meters. , Plump lips and plump breasts."
However, due to the Allied bombing of Dresden, where the inflatable doll processing factory is located, the plan, which is regarded as the top secret, died. After that, the United States copied this plan during the Vietnam War and provided a large number of inflatable dolls for front-line American soldiers, which won praise from the soldiers.

Generally, the price of inflatable sex dolls ranges from a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan.
The price of physical simulation inflatable dolls is generally in the range of several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands yuan.
The role of "inflatable dolls" Although on the surface it seems to reduce the transmission of sexual diseases, if multiple people use the same inflatable doll and the disinfection is not strict, it will also be contagious. Therefore, it is recommended that you use "inflatable dolls" as your own exclusive use.
When choosing an inflatable doll for inflatable use, do not fill it up to feel good-looking and comfortable. In this case, if the force is too large, it will easily cause the inflatable doll to burst. It is recommended to charge it to 80%.
After using the inflatable doll, in order to keep the body without hollowness, it is recommended to use an inflatable tube to suck out the gas in the body and let it be compressed into a thin layer for the next use.Sex DollsSex Dolls

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