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Penis Rings (344)

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    The penis ring is a sex toy that surrounds the male penis. It is usually placed on the root of the penis. It is mainly used to slow down the blood flow out of the penis tissue after erection, thereby increasing the erection time. The penis ring can be worn directly on the penis, the penis and the scrotum can be inserted into the ring or just on the scrotum (although this is generally referred to as "testicular lock"). The penis ring can be made of many different materials, the most common being leather, rubber, silicone or metal. In the past, the penis ring was mostly made by cutting off the eye rims and upper and lower eyelashes of goats, drying and disinfecting them, called sheep eye rims. Although there are very few penis rings made of goat eye sockets, penis rings made of other materials are sometimes called goat eye sockets.

     Men usually wear a penis ring because they have difficulty getting an erection. Or maybe he likes to wear it for the special feeling of tightness and increase penis congestion. It is placed on the sulcus of the glans or the root of the penis during intercourse. It can prevent the blood from returning to the penis and make the erection stronger.
Some styles will include protruding metal beads to stimulate the nucleus, vulva, or anus during intercourse. The eye rims of the sheep rely on the eyelashes of the sheep to stimulate the sensitive parts of the other party and increase the pleasure. There are also additional vibrators to stimulate the testicles or vulva of oneself or a sexual partner. There is also an inflatable type, which can control the amount of inflation of the penis ring.
      The three-part penis ring has an extra ring to enclose the testicles. During orgasm, the testicles usually contract toward the body during ejaculation. The three-segment penile ring forces the testicles to stay in the original position and do not contract toward the body, thereby changing and strengthening the feeling of orgasm.
Wearing the penis ring too tightly or for too long can be dangerous and cause persistent penile erection. If not treated in time, it can cause serious and permanent damage, including penile necrosis. In order to reduce the risk of wearing a penis ring, some penis rings have a "swift" design to facilitate the quick removal of the penis ring when the erection continues. In addition, when using a penis ring with metal beads or other protrusions, pay attention to sufficient lubrication of the vagina or anus. At the same time, because it is too irritating, the other party's receptivity must be considered.
Sometimes, the penis ring is also used in combination with the penis pump.Penis Rings

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