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Dildos (1025)

Dildos-False penis as a sex aid
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     The source of fake penises has been around for a long time, and large stone penises used for phallic worship existed everywhere in ancient times. [1] After entering modern civilization, fake penis artifacts similar to or larger than the real male penis appeared and were actually used for sex or masturbation. Some scholars even believe that the truncheon used in modern times is actually the product of the extension of the fake penis.

        The literature records of Chinese fake penis appeared in the 14th century. The "Mr. Jiao" or "Renshi" described in Ming and Qing pornNowadays, the fake penis is mostly made of soft polymer rubber material, which feels similar to human muscle tissue, and most of them are powered by batteries. In appearance, the appearance of fake penis is usually made similar to that of male penis, and there are various skin tones or other colors.
Before the 1990s, the function of the false penis was mostly "vibration". This is because the vibration produced by the glans of the false penis can provide about 80 Hz vibration stimulation to stimulate the nipple of the breast or the clitoris above the vagina or other sexual organs to achieve sex. climax.
Nowadays, the fake penis has more functions such as extension, rotation and peristalsis, and even a small oscillating fork can be extended to stimulate the clitoris while stimulating the vagina, and the vibration can be adjusted slowly and in multiple stages. In the case of insufficient vaginal secretion, add some lubricating fluid or put on a condom. [3] Another one is double headed and can be used by 2 people.
       Dildos  A fake penis is usually used for masturbation, and can also be used as one of the sex toys for sexual intercourse. The fake penis is one of the main products for sex aids (called comforters in mainland China, and sex toys in Taiwan), and its relative or related product is a fake vagina.ographic novels is the object. At this stage, the material of fake penis is mostly ceramic or wood.

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