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Anal Sex Toys (950)

Anal Sex Toys
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      Anal sex refers to the behavior of inserting an erect penis into the anus of a sexual partner in human sexual behavior, also known as anal sex. Sometimes it also refers to other sexual behaviors involving the anus, including inserting a fake penis, fingers or other objects into the anus, or sexually stimulating the anus with other organs to obtain pleasure.

 Inserted party
        The male’s unique prostate is attached to the pubic symphysis on the front, and the back is on the rectum. Strong stimulation of the anal sphincter and rectum will cause the prostate to congestion, stimulate the ejaculation center, and produce different degrees of pleasure (varies from person to person), but there are also many men who are completely unpleasant. Only pain.
Women do not have a prostate, so anal sex does not bring women physical pleasure. Studies have shown that women who love anal sex more want to obtain a kind of pleasure and curiosity called "fullness", and even tend to be abused. These feelings are especially important for female anal sex lovers who can't get the pleasure of prostate, because most women don't like this painful sensation similar to holding stool.
The insertion of anal sex can get the pleasure of ordinary penis stimulation. Due to the sphincter muscles, the anus will be tighter than the vagina, and the insertion party may get a stronger sense of pleasure than ordinary intercourse in a short period of time.
However, the stretchability of the vaginal mucosa is several times better than that of the anus, and the elasticity of the anus is not as good as that of the vagina, so it will be tight at first. However, as time goes on or the frequency increases, the anus becomes much looser than the vagina, and even the internal structure becomes clear, as well as farting and incontinence.
The elasticity and recovery ability of the vagina is very strong, and it has a repair function itself, so it will generally relax slowly after middle age. When you are young, as long as the frequency of sex is not particularly exaggerated, it will not be slack, and even if the frequency of sex is many, it will not be as slack as the anus.
And, the most important point is that whether it is due to age, exaggerated sex frequency, production and other reasons that cause vaginal relaxation, there are also many remedies. This is different from long-term anal sex that causes unrecoverable relaxation of the anus.

Anal sex hazards
Infectious disease
          Professor Judy Kurianski, a sexologist at Columbia University in the United States, said: “Young people have many shocking misunderstandings about anal sex. They think it’s not (vaginal) sex, so they won’t get sick.”
In fact, the risk of anal sex is many times higher than that of vaginal sex. The biggest problem is that it is susceptible to infection. The main reason is that the rectum can easily absorb fluids and it is easy to cause wounds to the structure of the anus during anal sex. If one party has a venereal disease, such as HIV, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, syphilis, amoeba (ameba), chlamydia, condyloma acuminatum, etc., it is easy to be infected through anal sex without protective measures. Even if a condom is worn, it is easy to rupture, fall off, or spill the liquid in the condom during anal sex, causing danger.
Anal injury
         The vagina is composed of epithelial tissue, and the anus is much more fragile. Forcible insertion of the penis during anal sex can easily cause damage to the anorectal mucosa. Liu Shaojie introduced that the anus has two kinds of epithelial tissues in anatomical characteristics: below the dentate line where the skin of the anal canal and the rectal mucosa are connected is multilayer squamous epithelium, which has good wear resistance and stretchability of the skin. It is innervated by somatic nerves, which is more sensitive to pain; above the dentate line is a single layer of columnar epithelium, which is easily damaged by friction. This part is innervated by visceral nerves and is insensitive to pain. It is not necessarily known after injury.
Anal rectal ulcers are very common among homosexuals. Ulcers mostly occur on the back wall of the rectum 5 cm to 7 cm from the anus. The ulcers are deep and often cause bleeding. Ulcers formed after rectal mucosal injury persist and sometimes harden, making it easy to be mistaken for rectal cancer. The treatment method is mainly to terminate anal sex, and if there is a co-infection, antimicrobial treatment is also required.
The anus and rectal tissues do not secrete fluids like the vagina, and play a lubricating effect. Therefore, if no lubricant is used, anal sex can easily tear the anal sphincter. In order to reduce the sensitivity of the anus, some people apply alcohol and other drugs locally, as a result, injuries are more likely to occur.
Anal sex can aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by hypertrophy and hyperemia of the anal fibrous connective tissue. In severe cases, hemorrhage may occur during anal sex. Anal sex can also easily lead to loss of bowel control and fecal incontinence, and a small number of people may also experience repeated anal injuries.
In addition, anal sex is particularly susceptible to human papillomavirus (HPV), and studies have found that this virus is related to anal cancer. A study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the United States found that the incidence of anal canal cancer in people who repeatedly engage in anal sex increased by 7 times. In addition, because anal sex often stimulates the anus, people who frequently engage in anal sex are more likely to develop anal cancer than other people. Anal cancer is even considered to be the next crisis for homosexuality and bisexuality after HIV. [1]
Fecal contamination
There are stools in the anus and rectum, which contain a large number of infectious microorganisms. Even if an enema is performed before anal sex, it is often not clean.
In addition to causing infections in wounds caused by anal sex, these microorganisms can also lead to "intestinal syndrome": after anal sex, the fingers and sexual organs are stained with feces to cause the spread of bacteria, and the bacteria enter the human digestive tract after contaminating food and utensils, and then pass through 6~ After the 72-hour incubation period, the patient develops severe salmonella infections, and may suddenly experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and fever. Some people also have headaches, muscle pains, and back pains. If the treatment is not timely and incomplete, it will be very serious. Easily become chronic. In addition, the genitals of the active party are also easily contaminated and infected. If there is no cleaning after anal sex and vaginal sex is performed immediately, it can also bring bacteria from the anus into the vagina and cause the woman's genital infection.
Other risks
Because there is a sphincter in the anus, its contraction ability is relatively strong, and it cannot be inserted forcibly, otherwise it is easy to cause anal fissure. Unsafe anal sex, like other unsafe sex, has the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV. According to the opinions of people who advocate safe sex, condoms should be used throughout any sex, including anal sex, but this is still not considered absolutely safe, and there is still a risk of infection if you wear a condom. [1] Avoid having sexual intercourse with people who are known to be infected with STDs or those with unknown conditions, pay attention to your health, increase communication with your partner, understand your physical condition and discuss the details of activities to further reduce the risk.
It is worth noting that even if anal sex is performed on the premise that both parties are free of sexually transmitted diseases, it will bring some health risks. Since the vagina secretes lubricating fluid to assist in sexual intercourse, but the anus and rectum themselves do not secrete lubricating fluid, generally you can use human lubricants, use safe props or use condoms to reduce discomfort. However, the epithelial mucosal tissue lining the rectum is easily damaged by friction during foreign body insertion and sexual intercourse, even with skilled operation and correct and proper use of auxiliary tools such as lubricants and condoms, regardless of whether there is any damage. The feeling of comfort and even pain will still cause many small wounds that are invisible to the naked eye, and this can be detected by the test indicators commonly used in forensic medicine or criminal investigations. Since the normal physiological function of the rectal wall is mainly the passage of feces, a large number of intestinal bacteria does cause the risk of infection. Too frequent anal sex may cause relaxation of the anal sphincter, congestion of the anal mucosa, redness or anal fissure, and even fecal incontinence and rectal prolapse. It is necessary to avoid serious damage to local organs or serious psychological harm caused by long-term improper anal sex. Forced anal sex can also cause damage to the glans of the penis. However, pre-cleaning, avoiding the use of unclean or sharp tools, and adequate lubrication can minimize the risk.
Pay attention to the above points when using condoms during anal sex. Use a thicker condom and adequate lubrication to prevent damage to the condom. Special attention should also be paid to lubricants and condoms, because many lubricant components may have the function of organic solvents to dissolve rubber components.

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