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Massage Candles (20)

Using low-temperature candles for dripping wax has become a way of flirting between couples. Do you know how to play with low-temperature candles? This article is a guide for everyone to focus on the usage of popular science low temperature candles! Today, I will offer one of SM’s wax dripping technique, and I must eat her, wax to death you~

Wax dripping is a penalty for irritation to the skin by the high temperature of melting wax. Because the wax is safe for the human body, the implementation is simple and hygienic. (Fruits all have fruit wax~ Of course it is not for you to eat wax, is that safe?) After use, there are no traces left, which makes dripping wax a very common practice.

The dripping wax uses professional application candles, not ordinary candles used in the family. Don’t just pick up the candle and light it up and play with it. This kind of professional candle burns at a low temperature and drips on the human body. Will not cause harm, you can safely perform SM tuning.

If you have a small pot friend who likes the feeling of burning, you can try it.

Come, start to enslave him|her~
A guide to the usage of low-temperature candle dripping
1. Candle selection

Red, in order to be effective, how can we choose red.

Think about it is to choose black, green, white, yellow...

Looks like a bug or a soaring Dongdong, that also affects desire too much~

2. Principle

When I was young, everyone liked to play with candles, and so did the editor. Pick up the dripping wax oil, with a burning sensation, twist it into a different shape ball again. I didn’t expect people to have a certain interest in this when they were young and ignorant~ Haha, so everyone understands the principle~

1: The closer the candle is to the human body, the higher the temperature of the wax oil dropped.

2: The greater the angle of the candle's inclination, the faster the wax oil will drop.

Don't tell the editor that you don't understand, you can go to rest.

In order to prevent slaves from struggling, binding was usually done when dropping wax. The binding method is not limited, just make sure that the wax dripping part is upward. However, don't drop the candle on the slave as soon as you light it. You can take the candle and slowly walk around the slave to tease, so that the slave will wait in the middle of the fear and excitement.
3. Use part

This depends on your own taste. The editor will briefly introduce the different flavors of wax dripping parts, what level of flavors can be accepted, adjust it by yourself, add a bit of mustard with a strong flavor, and sometimes there will be fires out of the nose. Spicy pleasure.

Slightly spicy: back, buttocks, chest, abdomen,

Compared with these slightly spicy parts, there are still different reactions to the sensitivity of dripping wax.

The temperature of the back and buttocks is relatively high compared to other parts, which can be understood with the buttocks~

The chest and abdomen are the second place, which is the same as we usually knead different parts.

Moderately spicy: both sides of breasts, both sides of thighs, soles of feet, face, neck

Breasts, inner thighs, and the soles of the feet will be more sensitive. You can figure this out with your toes.

Therefore, the temperature to withstand the wax oil will be lower, so~

The effect in these parts will be better than the previous parts~

Spicy: Chrysanthemum, Cousin (yd), Maomao (ym), Mimi head

(It can only be so implicit here, think of it myself)

See if these parts are very irritating and have a heavy taste。Massage Candles

But someone should scold the editor for a deadly pervert, forget it, I will bear it~

For these parts, you can seal them with spicy. The tight and hot feeling can not be experienced everywhere. It suddenly occurred to me that if at this time, I suddenly wanted to fart, it would be really fun. Okay, I won't make you anymore.

In addition to heavy spicy and abnormal spicy, of course only a small number of people are interested in this major. In order to satisfy those people, the editor also fights. Can you imagine what kind of abnormal spicy exists?

Abnormal spicy: inside the nostrils, on the tongue, urethra, inside the chrysanthemum

I can't bear to knock down, but it's all here, this is a curse.

At this time, the nostrils are no longer just for the fingers, but the dexterity of the tongue will also be frozen, slowing down the pace of activity. As for the latter two, favorite pot friends can try it on their own. I believe that not many people can feel that way. experienced.
4. Matters needing attention

The owner should test the temperature with the back of his hand before dripping wax on a certain part.

During the dripping, the temperature, height and angle of the candle should be adjusted according to the slave's reaction.

1: The slave is struggling to swing his body, or crying in a low voice, then the temperature of the wax oil is appropriate.

2: The slave's reaction gradually calms down, so the amount or temperature of the hot wax should be increased.

3: As the slave drips wax, the body produces violent reflexes. At this time, pay attention to whether the temperature of the wax oil is too high.

5. How to clean

I don’t need to say anything about this. When I was young, I was dripped with wax oil. When the wax oil dries, it will fall off naturally. This is also applicable in the wax dripping game. You only need to apply cold to the skin and do a little activity. After shrinking, the wax block will fall off naturally.

Speaking of this, is someone starting to be unable to hold back? Here is a little news from the editor. From a medical point of view, the dripping wax still has a certain medical effect, which can cause local tissues to heat up, blood vessels to dilate, and to accelerate circulation. Increased cell permeability, due to the longer duration of heat energy, is beneficial to the dissipation of deep tissue edema, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Therefore, clinically, it is often used to treat pain caused by wind, cold, and dampness. It is similar to winter disease and summer treatment. It can be applied to asthma, chronic bronchitis, cervical spondylosis, insomnia and other diseases.

Well, today’s SM game is introduced here, and friends are moving~

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