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Lubricants (5)

For couples and couples who want to make their sex life more harmonious, it is recommended to use lubricating fluid. Lubricant is not just a lubricating effect, it can be used to eliminate the discomfort of first sex or long-distance sex, at the same time, it can also add some fun to the sex life.
Lubricant can relieve vaginal dryness

One of the most basic functions of lubricating fluid is to relieve vaginal dryness, relieve pain during sex, and make sex more convenient. During sex, apply a proper amount of lubricating fluid to the private parts of women, which can increase the lubrication during sex, reduce friction, make sex more smoothly, reduce the pain of both men and women, and make sex more comfortable.

In the life of ordinary couples, some women have insufficient vaginal lubrication. The cause of this situation is that women have insufficient sexual excitement and do not secrete glandular fluid. Men must respect women’s feelings. If women’s vaginal fluid is secreted and dry, the man should not force it. This is a respect for women and a manifestation of women’s protection.

The sex life of elderly women is often resisted because of pain. This is because the incidence of senile vaginitis can account for 30% to 50% of elderly women, and it mainly occurs in postmenopausal women. In elderly patients with vaginitis, the vaginal mucosa is thin, and the elastic tissue in the vagina is reduced. If you are not careful during sex, you may damage the vaginal mucosa and blood vessels, allowing bacteria to invade.

In addition, the sexual function of menopausal women may be affected, such as decreased estrogen levels and hypogonadism, which may cause degeneration of reproductive organs, especially female vulvar atrophy, poor vaginal elasticity and lubrication, and reduced and delayed secretions. At these stages, if you want to have sex, it is recommended to go with lubricating fluid.

Lubricant adds fun to sex life

If you or your partner’s vagina is dry, using lubricating fluid can make sexual intercourse smoother. However, the role of some lubricating fluids does not stop there. Using some lubricating fluids with special functions during sex can not only reduce the friction between the vagina and the penis, but also help to add interest.

For example, a lubricating fluid with a fruity scent. The fragrant fruit scent is more in line with women's natural scent-like character. Adding scent to sex can stimulate the sense of smell of both parties.

There are also lubricating fluids that have the effect of heat, cooling and even numbness, which can help sex bring new exciting experiences and instantly ignite passion.
Sometimes sex is a test of the sex scene for us, let alone the first sex. For the first sex, men generally show excitement, desire, curiosity and a little nervousness, while most girls may be in a complex psychological state of nervousness, fear, shyness and doubt, and may even have secretions due to tension. Insufficient, the vagina is dry and can not be inserted.

If the man only focuses on his own sexual satisfaction, does not pay attention to the methods and methods, and acts rashly and recklessly, it will not only give the woman mentally unhealthy stimulation, but also cause undue physical damage, which will make him fear and hate sexual intercourse. , And even lead to psychological sexual dysfunction. Some tips to help everyone face the first love.
Don't rush for success

The sexual process cannot be very urgent from beginning to end, but few people can notice this. Enjoy the tactile enjoyment brought by foreplay, add some steps to the daily routine, extend the groping time, and do not force it into the vagina when the opponent is tense and dry. Take your time and enjoy the process slowly.

Use kisses as a confession

Kissing is an important act of expressing love, so we must attach great importance to the importance of kissing between lovers. Pay attention to her light gasp, look into her eyes with affectionate eyes, let her know how you value her, let her know how important you are. A moderate kiss can stimulate the secretion of the woman's love fluid and relieve the problem of vaginal dryness. When the secretion is insufficient, some lubricating fluid can be used as a tonic for human secretions.

If you experience vaginal dryness and discomfort

In the process of sex, many people, especially men, like to go straight to the subject, without even a bit of foreplay. In fact, this is not right, at least kissing is necessary.

The first entry will inevitably be difficult. It is recommended to use a mild water-soluble lubricating fluid. A professional body lubricant from the United States, Durex K-Y Body Lubricant is a transparent and colorless water-soluble lubricant. It is moisturizing, non-greasy, and does not contain ingredients that cause habitual use. It is developed based on the research results of women. For couples who have sex for the first time, they often lack secretion due to tension and cannot enter vaginal dryness. It is recommended to use mild lubricating fluid. K-Y lubricating fluid can help relieve the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness and help men enter more gently. Moisturizing and refreshing, adding more beautiful feelings to the first night.

Can't ignore contraception when passionate

In the process of sex, it is generally necessary to have contraceptive measures. Unless there is a birth plan, contraceptive protection measures are very important. K-Y body lubricant can be used in conjunction with condoms, which can effectively alleviate the problem of vaginal dryness.


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