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The main function of the urethral dilator is to dilate the urethral stricture. It uses a blunt dilation method to improve the symptoms of urethral dilatation. There are many models of urethral dilators, from F3-F10. When using urethral dilators, it is recommended to start using the middle-model urethral dilators. Lift up the penis, insert the urethral dilator into the urethra and slowly enter the urethra. When it enters the urethral membrane, then slowly bend the urethral dilator down so that the urethral dilator enters the inside of the bladder. It must be done during the operation. Gentle movements, no violence, it is recommended to stay for 2-3 minutes after inserting the urethral dilator.
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Urethral dilator is a common medical device used in urology to treat urethral stricture. The head end is curved upwards and is made of metal. Operation method: Firstly, iodophor disinfects the external urethra and surrounding skin of the patient, and injects oxybucaine gel into the urethra. After waiting for 2-3 minutes, choose f4-f7.5 urethral dilators of different thickness according to the degree of stenosis of the patient. No. to perform urethral dilation. For male patients, the penis is first lifted vertically, the urethral dilator is placed in the urethra, and after reaching the bulbous urethra, the dilator is pushed down slowly, and the resistance suddenly decreases and the sensation of inhalation indicates that the urethral dilator has entered the bladder. The process of urethral dilation should not be violently operated, and the difficult operation should be performed under anesthesia.

Urethral stricture is a common disease, which mainly leads to dysuria. Urethral dilator is a commonly used tool to solve urethral stricture. Then we will take everyone to take a look at the diagram of the use of urethral dilator, so that everyone can understand a little bit. .

1. Hello, urethral dilator is mainly suitable for cicatricial urethral stricture. After dilation, the urethra can eliminate urine. Generally, surgery is performed in a lying position, the patient's pressure is minimal when lying down, and the patient can maintain a natural state.

2. Everyone should know that urethral dilatation is an outpatient operation of urology. It is not possible to do it at home. You must go through a special hospital before you can perform this operation. The help of improvement is good.

3. Urethral dilatation needs to be done in the outpatient department of the hospital. You can't do this when you are at home. If you do urethral dilation at home, it will be very easy to cause damage to the urethra. So pay attention to go to the hospital to see the best.

The above is the diagram of the use of urethral dilator, because you cannot do it yourself, so there is no specific use diagram. Note that urethral dilation can only be done by a specialized doctor.

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