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Medical Themed Toys (175)

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For couples who have been married for a long time or have been together for a long time, ordinary sex is no longer enough. Some people choose the backyard for stimulation, because the backyard can be used for men and women, and there are many types of anal plugs. There are a variety of choices in use to try different sexual stimulations and add a touch of color to the ordinary sex life. Give users an unprecedented stimulating experience.

Anal plug is a kind of adult sex product that creates fun between men and women. It mainly provides a sense of excitement and excitement for couples and couples during sex.

The use of the anal plug is very simple, just plug it into the back court, it will not go in and out but just plugged there like a plug, freeing the hands, and the sphincter of the chrysanthemum and the anal canal will feel very strong A sense of expansion, as if there is air in the back court that is pressing the intestinal wall back and forth, the chrysanthemum is used to retrieve and clamp the anal plug. After getting used to it, you will experience the pleasure brought by the fullness of the back court, and then you can feel the moment the anal plug is pulled out To the satisfaction of a strong release.

Anal plugs come in a variety of materials, including harder and cold metal materials, and softer rubber materials with a softer temperature. In addition, there are also plush tails added to the end of the anal plugs to match the animal headgear to make a sexy and cute kitten. Dogs definitely arouse male lust, absolutely fun.

Sexual anal plugs will be very uncomfortable for people who try for the first time. Generally, there will be a feeling of shame on the first try, and there will be a feeling of bulging in the anus. If you apply lubricant to use it will alleviate this discomfort, but It should not be worn for a long time. For people who often use anal plugs, these feelings are not so obvious. Instead, it is a pleasant experience.

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