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In my opinion, sm's training is mutual cooperation, mutual satisfaction and pleasure from each other, mutual expression of eyes, expressions, speech, actions and actions and conquering and being conquered, controlling and being controlled, and compelling each other. Semi-forced and forced, humiliated and humiliated, deprived and deprived of will, tied up and tied up, abused and abused, command and obedience, punishment and surrender are the processes that enable each other to obtain their own physical and mental satisfaction and pleasure. It is not a process in which a single party serves the other party.

The key to playing SM is to find the right person! Find the same [similar] in your SM thoughts, psychological positioning, and gameplay items. Basically, you can achieve a unified player, so that both parties can enter the state more easily when they are trained, and it is easier to get that. This kind of joy of training makes it easier to get that kind of incisive physical and mental pleasure and satisfaction from the other party. Even if s and m are not the same type, even if they are trained together, they cannot achieve the unity of the gameplay, let alone get the incisive physical and mental pleasure from the other party.

Here are several types of training processes: the master-slave training process, the master-slave training process: S's thought is entirely the master's thought, and the woman kneeling in front of her is her own slave, toy, and authority over herself as the master. Sex and Nuer have higher requirements for their own obedience. In S's eyes, Nuer's hands and feet are used for binding, and the body is used for fun. As for how to bind the slave's hands and feet, how to play with the slave's body, S is completely in charge, and Nuer cannot be opposed. It is just that some S will have a love and love in their hearts, and some S have no emotion or care for M, and just treat M as a beast to play torture.

And M's thought is entirely the mind of slavery. To be a slave, he needs the master's strong mind and will to rule his own mind and will, and he needs a kind of spiritual support under certain conditions. In obedience, he is conquered, humiliated, and bound. Abuse to achieve the release of one's soul and physical pleasure and satisfaction. Those who like to be slaves [slaves] voluntarily give up their dignity, freedom and rights, and call their own minds and bodies to their masters. Everything about themselves is completely controlled by the master. In worshiping and trusting the master , Obedience and patience, enjoy the fun and pleasure of being a slave.

From the beginning to the end, S is completely in control of the situation. M enjoys the pain and pleasure given by the master in obedience and patience. It is the slave's greatest wish to serve the master and make the master feel happy and happy. Therefore, M Will endure the pain to the greatest extent, as long as I see the owner happy and happy, it is painful, and the slave will do his best to endure it, because for M, the most painful abuse does not come from the body but from the spirit. In the training, because of your own reasons, making the master feel unhappy or unhappy, that is the most painful for yourself, and the master is not happy because of this, and if you ignore yourself or step on it, it is the most painful for yourself. Anger, in comparison, what is the short-term physical pain? [M with this slave's thought can generally convert physical pain into pleasure, and the body's endurance will gradually increase] Because of this Middle M is not based on whether you get pleasure and satisfaction, but based on whether the owner is happy and satisfied.

A true master knows that he shoulders the responsibility of training slaves, and knows how to develop M's servility and make it serve him better. Of course, he must follow a gradual principle, because he is the spiritual support of a slave. Therefore, I must enter the slave's mind as much as possible, and try my best to satisfy the slave's physical and mental requirements. Make the slave completely surrender to herself. Instead of finding a M to play whatever you want! Let yourself play as much as you want Abusive. Responsible masters will pay great attention to the growth of slaves in the spiritual training of M. In the training of the body, they understand each method of training, master the limits of M's body can withstand, and can accurately grasp the scale, and The love slave who won't really hurt her, of course, the spiritual training and the physical training are formed and carried out. .

Game training process: The SM of the game class requires high levels of coordination between the two parties' gameplay. In S's thinking, M is a woman who likes to bind herself to abuse, but in a specific time and space, each other satisfies each other's giving and receiving The desire to abuse is in an unequal position. M is not necessarily servile, and S is not highly authoritative in training. Both parties mainly seek mental stimulation and physical satisfaction. Those who do S will respect M's choice very much. , M does not like and does not accept the project, S will not force M to do it in the training. Even if M likes the project, S will do it with a little bit of trial and error. When M can't bear it, Say a safety word or send a safety signal, S will stop. Because in the game, there are two points that S is more afraid of, the first is that he accidentally causes real damage to M's limbs, and the second is that he is afraid of being adjusted after the training. , M resents herself, S’s mood in this regard is very complicated, and may be concerned about morality, conscience, self-esteem, face, etc. Some S is very gentle with M in training, and the start is not ruthless, maybe there is a certain aspect Worries!

M's thoughts, the M girl who has never done real training, just depends on the imagination in her heart to determine what she likes, accept those, and have a choice in the training projects in the communication with S, only in the real training, she In order to truly determine her preferences, some M women only have a vague sense of masochism, and she herself cannot be sure that she likes those and accepts them. This requires the guidance and help of S. A person, no matter what she does. Everything has a process of knowing, adapting, and accepting. From dislike to liking, from dislike, not accepting to accepting this process, it depends on how S guides M. This kind of guidance and help is the essence of training. The significance of training is that S uses certain specific methods to make M's vague masochistic consciousness clear and turn it into a real physical and mental feeling. Under the control of S's powerful will, M's humiliated, tightly bound body, In the interweaving of pain and pleasure, in the act of being forced to obey orders, the mind can be released and the soul can be liberated. If M says in the communication with S that he likes those and accepts those, but in reality training, but this is not good, and that can't stand it, it proves that M has psychological barriers and cannot completely abandon dignity, freedom and rights, or based on righteousness. It is caused by incomplete trust in S and improper method used by S, which prevents M from entering the state. When S encounters such M, he cannot enjoy himself in his training, and his own training desire cannot be completely satisfied. S has to bear the desire. Inability to suffer completely, this is a kind of sorrow for S!

From the beginning to the end of the training, both parties respect each other psychologically. S can only exercise the right to be the master within the scope allowed by M. Both parties must achieve unity in the gameplay, such as: S prefers binding, M prefers Humiliation, in the process of training, S did too much binding and less humiliated M. After the training, M will feel that playing is not full of fun, but it is addictive and boring. This S will not play and other thoughts, so he said, SMs with large differences in gameplay cannot be played together. Even if they are trained together, they cannot really satisfy each other. If there is, whether the training is successful or not, whether both parties are satisfied, it also depends on the degree of cooperation between the two parties, and the cooperation is good. , Both parties can feel happy, and if the cooperation is not good, there will always be regrets. During the whole process of training, M rarely speaks, or may not speak, but only tolerates silently, because M speaks during the training It is easy to destroy the atmosphere of training. Under normal circumstances, M hints to the other party through eyes, expressions, and behaviors. Whether M can be completely satisfied is to test S's IQ to experience.

Some female M, especially the novice M, always like to find an experienced male S to train themselves. Making such a choice may have the following considerations!

1 Experienced S is calm in his training, and will not get upset for a while, and will make excessive behaviors when his head is hot, and will not really hurt himself.

2Experienced S has many methods and techniques to better satisfy his masochistic desire.

3 Experienced S will have a sense of security for himself, will not be too selfish, only care about his own satisfaction, will take into account his own feelings in the training, so that he will be completely satisfied. When he can't bear it, S will Stop, don’t force yourself to be trained

4 I only have a vague consciousness of masochism. The experienced S knows what methods to use to make his masochistic consciousness clear and turn it into a real physical and mental feeling. Therefore, he needs the guidance and help of an experienced S. To better fulfill one's desires, etc., no matter if M is in that kind of thought, I think it is right to find an experienced S. Especially novice female M is to find an experienced S to do it. A novice S There are many cases of failure in training with a novice M, because both parties have no experience, so I think it is not appropriate for the novice S and the novice M to do the training together [unless it is originally a lover relationship]

A novice S should talk to some experienced male S or experienced female M. It is best to find a female M who has training experience to do the training. During or after the training, please ask the female M to give more pointers. This will make progress faster. It is very helpful for S to let the female M say more about the feeling of being trained. For example, binding blindfolded and gagged for training, binding and gagging for training, and binding without blindfolded and not gagged for training The feeling and effect on M are completely different.

Bounded, blindfolded and gagged, female M is tightly bound, unable to see or speak, she has no room for mental preparation or resistance. What does the master do with her body? I don’t know when to do it, only waiting and expecting. With a little fear and expectation, waiting for the master's adjustment, because there is no mental preparation and choice, M can quickly enter the state, and there will be no fear of a certain adjustment. When a certain adjustment comes, it will be pleasant. It follows that because there is no way to escape, begging for mercy, and struggles will not help, you can only silently accept the training given by the master, and when you feel very painful, you will hope that a certain training will end soon. At this time, Ms. The pleasure produced is the strongest, and the deepest impression left on M, especially to some female M who wants and fears a certain training, and regrets it in real training, such as binding her blindfold and gagging. Forcibly training, the effect is the best.

Bundle gag training, because M can see what kind of training the owner wants to do, so in a short time there will be a psychological preparation. M may have a sense of fear for a certain training, and it will be suppressed due to the generation of fear When S is training, M will feel very painful and can't enjoy the pleasure he deserves.

Bound and do not gag, do not blindfolded training, usually the old M who has training experience, are very obedient in training, and have a strong tolerance, so they don’t gag and blindfold.

Whether to blindfold or gag M depends on each person's preference. Some S likes to see M's painful eyes and expressions during training, and likes to listen to M's painful cry, so they don't gag or blindfold. Eyes, some S likes the moaning sound of M being gagged, like watching M's eyes, etc... Some M likes to be blindfolded and gagged, so that he can enter the state faster and get the pleasure It is relatively strong, and the average M can accept oral ball, but there are a few M who don’t like blindfolding. There are many reasons, but the main reason is that M is afraid of being blindfolded and can’t see anything, and lacks one in his heart. Kind of safe translation.

In the training of games, some SMs are more selfish, and some S are in the training, as long as they like the training, just do it blindly, as long as they are happy and satisfied, and they don’t care about what the M girl has. The physical and mental feelings of some S are as good as they are tied or abused. I don’t know how to cooperate with the M girl. Anyway, I played and got it. As for whether I was satisfied, did M get it from my own training. Satisfaction is ignorance at all.

Some M will find her own master to train herself only when she wants to be trained. When the master wants to train her, if she doesn't want to, she will find various reasons to shirk her refusal. Some M fantasizes too much. In the host's communication, he always advises the host how to train himself, and when he arrives in the actual training, he regrets it, and always destroys the agreed training plan between the two in the actual training, destroys the atmosphere of the training, and makes the training become boring. If SMs are so selfish and don't care about each other's feelings and only care about their own satisfaction, then this relationship can only be temporary and short-lived, and it will not last at all.

The training process of sadomasochism: The SM of sadomasochism has a deep attachment to abuse. Many people are born with a sadomasochistic or masochistic tendency. Once this tendency is stimulated and becomes a reality, they will be This produces a deep attachment, and the investment is so deep that I can't get rid of it in my life.

Sadomasochistic SM has a preference for training. Some people like humiliation, some like bondage, some people like torture, etc. The main pursuit in training is their favorite method, complete satisfaction in method projects, and other types of Training is not interested at all, and there is even a feeling of disgust. Except for humiliation, which is enjoying spiritual satisfaction, the others are enjoying physical pleasure and satisfaction. Doing S pays more attention to gameplay skills to make yourself happier. More fun, the way of doing M to S, the method and skill requirements are higher. During the training, it depends on whether this S can make himself cool. If S can't make M cool, and M can't make M feel very satisfied. , Under normal circumstances, M will not play with this S for the second time. If every S can make M feel very happy and satisfied, then the two people may maintain a long-term relationship.

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