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Bondage Gear (196)

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In a survey of more than 2,000 readers around the world, we found that women are waiting for us to teach them how to be crazy: More than 90% of women show strong desires, among them the most popular "weird idea in bed" ": Bondage, order, obedience, abuse.
    Don’t be surprised that this word is abbreviated from the initials of several words. B, D, S, and M stand for binding, command, obedience, and abuse. Now let's take a look at the letters B and D, which are bundles and commands, which may be more fashionable than you think. "When she is restrained, that kind of strong sexual desire will make them excited, and many women are very interested in this practice," said Carroll, MD. She is a sexologist, and at the same time opened a sex toy store by herself, and it runs very well. "Their defiant psychology will make them feel an impulse. When they are tied and restrained, a good show is about to be staged."

First of all: when you are frolicking, use your hands to cover her from her head so that she can't move. If she likes this, then you should consider how to further control her. Grabbing a tie, her long silk scarf, or a pair of stockings, gently tied her up. Then tie it up, don’t stop, and be careful to move slowly.
Shouting loudly can make you play more vigorously. "As for whether to spend a lot of effort to shout, it is entirely up to you," said Emma Taylor, one of the co-authors of the book "Nerve Guide to Sexual Life". "Being too conservative may miss the opportunity and you should learn to be'rude'. Son." This is your sex additive. If she laughs, you laugh with her. Let her groan continuously.

And then: Let’s listen to Alder, a sex researcher’s advice, “BDSM can be dangerous for those who have no experience in this area or who are too enthusiastic about BDSM. Learn about this knowledge, so as not to hurt the other party." Before you start, you should instill a word "safety" in your head so that you can take good time and measure when you play.

"'Rejection' can be an important part of sexual fantasies and can inspire unimaginable enthusiasm, so you should instill the word'safe' throughout the process," says sex educator Wexman. If you have not tried all these dangerous games, then you should be careful.
Her story: "For us, everything is natural. My husband and I did not go out to buy a pair of handcuffs. However, during a sex session he said to me,'Come on, baby, don't use your hands. ', really, I found that we all have superb performance. Then, we will take turns like this: he will grab the headboard, I will continue to do what I should do, and then we will switch over. I can feel By the time he was completely immersed in it, and I couldn't stop him at all. This is the completely fascinating sex life we have always wanted." --Carrie, 26 years old, social worker.

Don't hope too much. In our survey, only 15% of women would videotape their activities in the bedroom, probably because they were afraid that others would see it. "They are very curious about what they look like when they are passionate, and that is the most true nature of her in life," said Candida, the author of "How to Tell the Naked Him How to Do It". You can try to see if she can accept sex video, but there is no guarantee of success. If she is nervous but very cooperative, you should give her the tape as soon as you finish it, or destroy it once the excitement between you has passed. If you definitely want to save it, then lock it up and don't let it be copied.
Her story: "My husband and I bought a digital camera for our South America trip. He spent the night playing with it in the restaurant, and when I finished showering, I wrung the towel while I was doing all kinds of silly, but very sexy movements there. After we put it for a while, I felt a very pleasant surprise: it was so beautiful, and to be honest, I felt hot all over. So we came For inspiration, we all used it one night to take pictures of our sex. This camera looks great, because it takes pictures from a distance, which avoids the pornography and makes us see how sex is like this. Beautiful. When we had to delete them all in order to leave more room for the camera to take pictures of the Inca temples in the next few days, I felt so distressed." --Susan, 27 years old, engineer.

Two people can change various role relationships, such as boss and secretary, teacher and student, cleaner and householder, but all of these must have a theme, such as one person is weak, and the other person has to treat him or her. Show unlimited tolerance and compassion. This is a powerful motivation and can even improve your health and interesting sexual relationships between you.
Her story: "When we met at the bar for the first time, we treated each other as fools and laughed haha. But we suddenly remembered the plot of our well-designed game, which may become a huge driving force for our sexual relationship. When we were motivated, we immediately prepared for the most memorable sex scene in our life. A long time ago, I liked to imagine myself as the kind of watery woman standing on the side of the road and beckoning to the guests. Unfortunately, I was very young. I met my husband when I was born. This role-playing showed me another side of me, and now, we play like this once a month."-Juliet, 24 years old, graduate student

Sex toys, pay attention, when you are not with her, she may have used something like an oscillator. This is a sex toy. "Men may be most worried about whether they will be replaced from now on, or whether women are addicted to it, and later, even if they want women to orgasm, they can't do it," said Johnson, an experienced sex therapist.

Her story: "My boyfriend is really great in bed, but what I worry about the most is that we can’t have orgasms at the same time. I really hope that we can feel the excitement of orgasms at the same time. When my boyfriend looks that When the vibrator like a lipstick was brought to me, I was really surprised at the time, but we finally found the feeling we wanted through it. I think it’s all I have."-Melissa, 32 years old, accountant

"The tremor after being noticed by passers-by is definitely related to the focusing of so many eyes," Kun said. "For women, it's a feeling that puts them in the center, feeling that they are infinitely attractive and sexy, even though they look really different from ordinary people."

Her story: "This is the hottest thing that reminds people. That guy asked me to drink with him on the roof of his apartment. The next thing happened, after a while, my legs He wrapped his body tightly. I was a very shy person, but my exposed body made me almost give up struggling. In the end, I was still a law-abiding citizen. At that time, he was so vague and unclear. The tone of intimidation is really exciting." -Rachel, 29 years old, pathologist。Bondage Gear

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