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Adult Games (412)

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One or two hands tied first

The most elementary method of tying hands and wrists is simple and fast, without pain, and mildly restrained. Bring the inner sides of Nu Li's hands and wrists together, wrap the rope around the two wrists about four times, and then tighten the rope loop between the two wrists. This kind of wrist binding is easy to do, and it doesn't feel too violent. It is the first choice for the first attempt at bondage. The materials used for binding are not limited to hemp rope, such as silk scarves, ties, underwear, etc., which can be used at hand. Therefore, no matter when and where, you can quickly bind your wrists. The entanglement on the wrist does not need to be tied tightly, it can basically restrain the hands, don't forget to tighten it in the middle. Of course, you can also let Nu Li control the bounds by himself. In this way, if Nu Li struggles hard, he can break free quickly. If he can't break free, he is willing to be tied up by you. The owner can also add regulations to punish Nu Li who breaks free on his own. These all help to imply that Nu Li gave up the emotion of inner resistance. Experienced rope masters often use this kind of wrist binding when hanging. Lifting the tied hands high, you can train Nu Li's upper body without hindrance. And because of gravity, the rope loop is not easy to break free. If you tie your hands in this way, you should control the time appropriately, or put a soft towel on the wrist blood vessels and meridians.

Two, the back of the two hands tied

The method of tying the hands behind the head is moderately difficult, slightly painful, and moderately restrained. Different from "wrist binding", the steps of "back hands binding" are: stretch Nu Li's hands behind his head, elbows bend upwards, and wrists are cross-shaped and tied tightly. Then tie the forearm near the wrist and the upper arm with a rope so that the arm cannot be straightened. Finally, draw the rope from the place where the wrist is tied, pull the wrist down from the back, and fix the arms behind the head. If you only tie your hands and pull your arms upwards, you will be tied with your hands on your head. Using the double-arm binding method behind the head, although the binding is more troublesome, it still requires the patient cooperation of Nu Li. But the head-behind binding can be used to train Nu Li's upper body without hanging facilities. Nu Li's arms and hands are tied behind his head, which not only stretches his chest, but also cannot avoid attacks on breasts and underarms. Therefore, binding the hands behind the head is one of the best postures for upper body training.

Three, post-master small hand binding

The classic upper body binding method is simple and easy to learn, without pain, and a moderate sense of restraint. The binding procedure is as follows: Put Nu Li's hands behind his back, hold his elbows with both hands, and press his forearms tightly. Wrap the rope around the wrist about four times and tie the arm back. Don't wrap it too tightly. After binding, there is about a finger gap left on the inside of the rope loop. Continue to use the rope behind the tying arm to pull upward about an inch, then wrap the shoulder and upper arm horizontally, and hang the rope of both hands. The height of the rope on the chest is exactly on the upper edge of the breast. Knotted at the back after winding several times. In addition, draw a rope from the big knot on the back, and continue to wrap the shoulders and upper arms. The rope passes from the lower edge of the breast to the chest. After winding several times, it is knotted at the back. The remaining rope is passed out under the armpit and wrapped around the upper body rope bundle. Tight, so that it can tie out the shape of the breast, and it can also prevent the arm from sliding and breaking free. It is perfect to tighten the ropes on the breast when it is properly tied. This is a method that is emphasized in almost all primary binding textbooks. It is a typical Japanese binding. Because it conforms to the structural characteristics of the human body, the binding feels more comfortable, so the application frequency is very high. It is suitable for binding various female surnames. Moreover, there are many variants of joining slings and chest ropes based on the binding of the little hands of the back masters. A compulsory bondage method.

Four, ghost armor binding

Very beautiful whole body binding method, the basic type is simple and easy to learn, there is no pain, and a moderate sense of restraint. The rope folds in half from the middle, puts it around the neck, and hangs down from the chest on both sides. Tie knots on the corresponding clavicle, cleavage, xiphoid process, and pubic bone in turn. Then he strangled from the hips, from the back up the spine, until the rope loop at the back of the neck was knotted at a certain distance. After passing through the rope loop at the back of the neck, separate the two strands of rope from left to right, turn around from under the armpits to the front of the body, and pass through the rope loops in front of and behind the body, from top to bottom, while arranging the positions of the rope loops. Tighten the loop on one side. Finally, arrange the strands of the lower body and make them fall into the middle of the shady household or separate them on both sides of the shady household. Of course, you can also tie the knots at the place corresponding to the yam house and the chrysanthemum in advance, but this is beyond the scope of pure ghost armor binding. Ghost armor binding is generally used as a tight bond for the body, and does not bind the limbs. So it is necessary to combine other methods to bind hands and feet. Because the pattern produced by the rope binding the whole body resembles the shape of a ghost shell, it is called a ghost armor binding. If tied neatly, it can highlight the graceful figure of the female surname, which is very beautiful. Moreover, any struggle of Nu Li will first tighten the rope in the shame, which is a way of binding that is easy to produce "feeling".

Five, peach bound

The method of body tightness requires rich experience and advanced skills to produce a complete sense of restraint. This binding method has many names, such as Hu sitting binding, Hai Lao binding, Tao binding, etc., all of which are mentioned in this posture. Generally, back hands are used to tie Nu Li's upper body first, and then help Nu Li to curl his legs into a sitting position. Depending on Nu Li's flexible surname, he will use lotus sitting, single plate or the most beautiful double plate. Tie it at the crotch of the two ankles, and then draw a rope to tie the thigh and calf of the left leg together, and the remaining rope is tightened at the bend of the leg. Do the same binding on the right leg. Then draw two strands of rope from the place where the hands are tied behind the back, cross the shoulders and tie them in front of you into one strand, and then tie them tightly around the big knot at the ankle. That's it. Crossing the shoulders and connecting the ropes in front of and behind the body is very important in the peach bondage. By twisting this rope, Nu Li's upper body and bottom plate can be continuously drawn closer, and finally tied tightly into a ball, like a peach, Nu Li can't resist at all during the tightening process. When Nu Li was bound by Tao, he was forced to curl up all over his body, and his back was stressed, which made him more painful. Therefore, Taotie is a famous torture binding method in history. The strict peach tie also tightened Nu Li's braid and cross-legged with a rope. In this way, even the neck cannot move freely, which is very painful. Female surnames who like to be tight can try it occasionally. Do not tighten the rope all the time within the range of love bondage. You can loosen it in time according to the physical strength and endurance of Nu Li, or just tighten it as a symbol of the surname. If Nu Li is not used to sitting cross-legged, prolonged peach binding may cause ischemia, soreness and numbness in her legs, and even a long-term inability to move when loosened. The owner must pay attention to it when she is in a double pan. Taobin's characteristics determine that the training combined with Taobin can quickly consume Nu Li's physical strength, making her give up the will to resist. Because Nu Li's legs cannot be clamped, it is also suitable for imposing shame and punishment. In addition, if you push Taotie's Nu Li forward and become a kneeling position with your upper body prone and cross-legged, you can play various chrysanthemum games.

Six, stand up a binding

The primary method of binding the whole body is painless and moderately restrained. The whole body is upright like a binding method of binding a mat. Even if you are a novice, you can get a general idea by looking at the picture. The upright tie does not tie the joints, so it is allowed to tie tightly, which is suitable for long-term binding training or placement training. Pay attention to whether the rope loops all over the body are neat and beautiful, and the vertical and horizontal directions are enough. If combined with the binding of both hands and wrists, Nu Li can be lifted neatly. So it is also suitable for whipping and reprimanding occasions.

Seven, M-shaped open foot binding

The most commonly used binding method for lower body training is painless and moderately restrained. The M-shaped open-leg binding is usually carried out with the help of a chair, a sofa as a backrest, or let Nu Li half-lying on the bed or the floor. As the name suggests, Nu Li's feet bent knees open into an M shape, and the thigh and calf are twisted together with multiple rope loops to make it impossible to straighten them. The remaining ropes are tightened at the bends of the legs as needed. In order to maintain the open thigh posture, another rope can be used to tie the rope loops of the left and right legs separately and tighten it behind the back. It is best to use a fixed object such as a bed frame to pull the rope loops of the left and right legs to open the legs. The M-shaped open-foot binding can completely expose Nu Li's private parts. At the same time, the effect of being restrained and unable to conceal or evade will produce a strong sense of shame. With this posture, Nu Li's lower body can be clearly observed, so the appearance rate in shame training games is almost 100%. The patient is also required to adopt this posture during gynecological examinations in the hospital, but it is the leg rests and belts that replace the rope. Therefore, the M-shaped open foot binding is also very suitable for games that simulate the medical situation of patients.

Eight, chrysanthemum drying

The binding method evolved from the M-shaped opening foot is slightly painful and moderately restrained, and has a strong humiliating effect. This kind of binding is usually done at the head of the bed. Nu Li naturally lies on his back. His hands can be tied separately on the head of the bed or tied together on his chest. As he needs to lie on his back, try not to use the back hand binding. Then he curled Nu Li's legs to his chest, pulled his feet over his head, and tied them to the head of the bed on both sides. The middle of the thigh was tied with a rope loop, pulled to the sides to fix it, and the buttocks were cushioned with a pillow. As a result of this binding, Nu Li's hips were raised high, and his thighs were forced to open. As the lower body is folded and compressed, the shade will naturally bulge outward, and the outline of the outer shade can be clearly seen even on the side. Although there is no full body tightness, Nu Li has a certain freedom of movement, but after his upper body is pressed by his legs, Nu Li can't get rid of this shameful posture. The raised hips can clearly see the changes in Nu Li's lower body during the entire training process, so it will produce a very strong sense of shame. This posture is very suitable for shaving, enema, insertion and other lower body training.

Nine, sling

The one-leg sling and the whole body sling are not discussed here. The sling only bears part of the weight and helps Nu Li to maintain the center of gravity, so there is no pain, but there is a strong sense of restraint. Sling is a general term. There are multiple combinations of specific bundling methods, and it is impossible to list them all. Commonly used are sitting or kneeling slings with two wrists tied together, slings in a kneeling posture with hands tied back, large-shaped slings between two columns, and slings with feet tied upright and so on. The common point of these slings is that part of the weight is borne by the ropes. By changing the position of the slings on the body, Nu Li's posture is also changed. Since the burden of the whole body is not heavy, it can be used as a safe way of training and binding for a long time.

Ten, a piece of foot hanging

It is usually used as a continuous slinging method after the post-master’s small hands are tied. It is less painful, but has a stronger sense of restraint and shame. After the upper body is tied with the small hands of the back master, draw the sling from the big knot on the back and hang the upper body. Control the length of the sling so that Nu Li just needs to lift his feet. Take another short rope and wrap the two ends around the middle of the thigh and the calf near the ankle. Leave about one meter between the two rope loops as a tether. Pull the tether until Nu Li's single leg is fully lifted. After the chest height is fixed, only one leg is left and Nu Li barely stands on the ground. Nu Li, who is slinged on one leg, can just stand, but it is difficult to maintain his own center of gravity, and he feels that he will fall if he is not careful, so he often has to reluctantly adjust his center of gravity. Regardless of the binding of the upper body, Nu Li's lower body is fully opened after one leg of Nu Li is hoisted high, so the single-leg sling is suitable for the whole body, and it is very practical for various training for a long time.

11. Two-legged hanging

Refers to the sling method in which the rope completely suspends the whole body. Since the sling bears all the weight, it has a strong sense of restraint. Depending on the location of the binding, it can be very painful. There are many ways to bind the whole body sling, such as: the binding of the whole body with the hands hanging vertically; the binding of the legs hanging upside down; the two legs hanging of the other leg after the one-leg hanging; the old binding against the sea, the pig binding , Slings separated by limbs and so on. Because the rope bears all the body weight, it has a strong sense of restraint, and the technical requirements for binding are very high. In order to alleviate the pain of Nu Li, a large number of slings should be used to bear the weight of the body in multiple places, or a chair as a support, etc., can avoid the situation of poor blood flow after binding. The owner is obliged to check Nu Li's skin color and blood flow regularly to avoid physical damage.

12. Hair tie

Method of binding hair. You don’t need to look at those with short hair. Don't let the owner of the girl comb her hair step aside. There are two main ways to tie the hair. You can weave the separate hair stream and the rope together to form a mixed braid, or you can braid the braid first, and then tie the rope tightly around multiple times. Both methods must have the most preliminary basis for combing, otherwise the tied hairless hair will not be said. If the braid is not evenly stressed and the hair is pulled when it is tightened, most Nu Li will be very disgusted. If you are not sure, you can ask Nu Li to tie his hair into a braid with a rope in advance, leaving the rope at the end. Hair tie is generally used to control Nu Li's head or sight. In the process of ordinary training, you can make Nu Li watch or prevent Nu Li from watching the process of being trained. When the whole body is hoisted horizontally, the additional hair restraints can reduce the stress on the cervical spine. But it's absolutely impossible to use a braid as a rein.

Thirteen, back together with palms

The method of binding the upper body and hands is more complicated, and the flexible surname of Nu Li's arms is required, otherwise it is not easy to bind and uncomfortable. The binding method is generally similar to the small hand binding of the back master, but at the beginning, the palms of both hands are joined behind the back. The rope is first wrapped around one wrist, and then led to the other wrist. The same is wrapped, and the wrist is connected in one place. Yu Sheng was slightly wrapped around the palms of both hands and the tiger's mouth, and tied the palms of both hands on the back. Then use new ropes to fix the left and right forearms and forearms in proper positions on the upper body. The back binding of the palms is an advanced rope binding technique. If Nu Li's pliable surname is good, the binding is very artistic.

 14, raccoon tie

Simple and easy way of hand and foot binding, moderate restraint, no pain. The binding method in the name of animals originally originated from the method of binding different animals. The typical ones are raccoon tie and pig tie. Tanuki tie is to tie Nu Li's left hand and left foot, right hand and right foot, either simply tie the wrist and ankle, or use multiple rope loops to tie the upper arm and lower leg. If the limbs are tied directly in front of the body, it is called a pig tie. If you use a rope to force your left and right feet to pull apart in a raccoon tie, you can feel very ashamed. The raccoon binding makes Nu Li body curled up, which is a commonly used posture for enema and insertion training. Because the hands and feet of the pig-bound Nu Li are tied together, it is not convenient for the upper body to be adjusted. Therefore, the whole body of Nu Li is usually lifted with pig-ties for lower body training.

15. Breast binding

Generally refers to the method of binding the breasts and breasts, generally based on the binding of the upper body, and there is no fixed step. The purpose of breast binding is to help shape the ideal breast shape. For example, the back master's small hands and cleavage are tied with a chest cord, which is a common method of tying the breast. Particularly suitable for Nu Li who has slightly less plump breasts. Because the ropes are snugly around the breasts, the effect similar to a bra makes the breasts stand up naturally. For larger or slightly sagging breasts, special breast binding methods can be adopted. For example, after completing the ghost armor binding, use a string to make a cross-shaped binding on the breast, which can help the breast position. As for the binding of the breast root or the strapping of the breast, since it is very likely to damage the breast tissue and cause irreparable injury, even if you try, you must pay attention to the reaction of the breast and the congestion of the breast. Once it is unwell, you must relax. This extreme breast binding is used to increase the experience of abuse, which can bring strong experience of abuse and visual stimulation to the deep sm. In addition, it is also very interesting to let Nu Li hug his hands together in front of his chest, keep his palms against his elbows, and hold his arms to hold his breasts tightly. The hands are on the chest, but they can't cover up the resistance, it will have a unique feeling like a trap.

Sixteen, against the sea

The binding of the whole body is strong and painful. The old bondage against the sea is similar to the four-horse back-to-back bondage in China, and it is also the bondage method used in punishment or torture in ancient Japan. The real old bondage against the sea requires two wrists tied side by side behind the body, and two ankles tied side by side, and thenIn the prone position, tie your wrists and ankles back together with ropes and suspend them completely. Because this method of binding is very painful, the actual binding is not strictly tied to the wrist and ankle, depending on the flexibility of Nu Li and the strength of the muscles. Just leave the bed with your knees and breasts when lifting. The posture against the sea makes Nu Li completely lose the ability to resist and avoid the chest training, and can be used for upper body training or service exercises such as acupuncture or dripping. Nihai old bondage puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and bones of the waist, so the lower body insertion or enema training is generally not performed.

17. Strand rope binding

Pan refers to the method of binding the shade and buttocks, and different props can produce different effects. The strands are not tied to the joints, and it does not matter if they are tied tightly. The commonly used strand rope binding methods are divided into simple thongs and complex strands. The binding steps of thongs are as follows. Fold the rope in half and use a double-strand rope to form a rope loop around the waist. The rope is drawn from the belly button down through the shade and upwards. The rope over the back waist returns to the front, merges with the rope at the belly button, and fastens. That's it. The strands near the shade house can be knotted in the proper position. The strands should be trapped in the center of the shade house, or strangled on both sides of the shade house, to create a sense of beauty. The thong string can be used in conjunction with the vibrating egg, but it cannot be used to fix the electric JJ alone. If Nu Li shaved off the shady hair first, a multi-stranded thong can replace shame. The binding method of the stranded diamond rope is similar to that of the diamond rope. Although it is not easy to tie it, the biggest advantage of the stranded diamond rope is that it can tie a perfect buttocks curve, and can firmly tie the electric JJ to prevent slipping out. These are more than The more superior place of the chaste grass belt. The stranded rope is especially suitable for the crawling training and placement training of Nu Li. In the absence of pain and restraint, it can produce a strong experience of silver abuse.

Eighteen, diamond rope binding

The simplified version of Ghost Armor is mainly used as a non-binding type of binding. Ling rope binding is a higher-level binding method. Derived from ghost armor, it can be divided into chest diamond rope and strand diamond rope in specific applications. It is named after the rope net is in a diamond shape after binding. The position of the ling rope tied in the high-level sm binding is the same as the position of the post-master hand tied in the primary sm. As a non-binding type of binding, the diamond rope is very effective for shaping Nu Li's body shape. The basic idea of the diamond rope tie is similar to that of the ghost armor tie. The look and tightness of the diamond rope is controlled according to the density of the middle rope knot. All parts of the body can be used as objects tied by the diamond rope. Therefore, after mastering the skills of the diamond rope binding, almost infinite variants can be produced.

19. Crab bound

Crab bondage is a binding method between peach bondage and raccoon bondage, which produces a moderate sense of restraint and no pain. The lower body of the crab tie is similar to the peach tie, the difference is that the feet are not tied up crossed, but the soles of the feet are tied back, and the thighs and calves are also tied together and cannot be stretched. The folded and flat posture of the legs resembles the shape of a crab. If you tie your hands and upper arms to the inside of your calves and curl your whole body up, the effect will be even better. The advantage of crab binding over peach binding and raccoon binding is that the binding of the legs is looser from the lower body, which is suitable for sitting lower body training.

Twenty, ape bridle

The binding method of the head is moderately restrained and slightly painful. Ape bridles generally have special restraints, including oral ball or chewing, nose hook, eye mask, halter and so on. Used to limit the sensory functions of Nu Li's face, including vision and language. If a rope is used to realize the ape bridle, attention should be paid to the endurance of Nu Li, and the binding should not be too tight, so as not to leave facial rope marks. The large-sized hard ball will make Nu Li unable to complete the swallowing action. If it takes a little longer, the saliva will flow out of the hole of the ball. In addition, the ball can be removed at any time, but the rope is not.

Twenty-one, iron cannon bound

A kind of hands tied back, moderately restrained and slightly painful. Tie Nu Li's hands and wrists with ropes, and then connect one hand from the shoulders and the other from the side of the body to the back. The hands are as close as possible to the back. According to Nu Li's tolerance, the two ropes are connected and tightened. Serve. Because it looks like an iron cannon is carried behind its back, it is called iron cannon binding. In order to prevent the back arms from sliding, the upper and lower arms are usually tied together with a rope near the elbow. In addition, ropes are used to bind the shoulders and underarms in diamond-shaped limbs to fix the upper and lower wrists. The binding process of the iron cannon binding is simple, and after binding, the whole chest posture is stretched, and the effect of matching with the chest rope is very good.

Twenty-two, long rod fixed binding

The use of long rods or other auxiliary equipment to bind the body is painless but has a special sense of restraint. Tie your hands or feet to the ends of the long rod to restrict the free movement of Nu Li's limbs. Suitable for the training of standing posture. Without the tightness of the whole body, Nu Li has a certain amount of space for movement, but due to the limitation of the long stick, he cannot clamp his legs to resist training, and Nu Li will also have a peculiar feeling of abuse. In addition, lifting the whole body indirectly with a long stick is gentler than slinging with both hands directly.

Twenty-three, backhand binding and hanging

Intermediate method of sling, moderate restraint, moderate pain. First of all, Nu Li is required to put his hands together behind his back, and if he wants to tie his arms straight, Nu Li is required to have both palms facing outward. Bind the wrist and upper arm with a rope, with the remaining rope tightened in the middle. Another rope is placed side by side around the elbow and wrapped around the arms, the remaining rope is tightened in the middle, and then tightened with the rope loop on the upper arm and wrist. The shoulders and upper body are tied up with ropes, and the remaining ropes are connected to the ropes with the arms tied back to tighten. Pull out the sling rope from the knot on the back of the rope loop on the elbow and upper body to hang Nu Li's arms upside down. Bind the sling with the back hand, and make sure that the weight of Nu Li's whole body is borne by the upper body and the elbow rope loop. The ropes of the forearms and wrists only act as restraints. This posture is suitable for whipping and serving training.

Twenty-four, hand and foot binding

The binding with auxiliary fixing devices is painless but has a special sense of restraint. The big character binding or X-shaped binding is also called hand and foot binding. Tie a rope loop on the wrists and ankles, and then pull the hands and feet to tie them to the fixed facilities. Because the whole body is stretched, it is suitable for long-term placement, imprisonment, and various punishments. The specific method of binding depends on the props and the environment. Columns, stair rails, bed supports, water pipes, etc., are more interesting in unexpected places.

Twenty-five, chest rope binding

It generally refers to the method of binding the chest, which is basically a variety of upper body binding or subsequent binding methods. Although there are various ways of binding, the owner should consider the situation of Nu Li's chest and choose the most suitable chest rope binding. There is no specific technique, so refer to the legend. If the MM's chest condition is normal, it is best to wear a coat and tie it up for good results.

Twenty-six. Full Body

With other methods of body restraint, all parts of the body must be tightly bound, so it is very time-consuming. Since it is a tight bondage, Nu Li still adopts the most relaxed posture, do not tie the joints. The tightness does not necessarily require Nu Li to be immobile. The key is to give Nu Li a full body of muscles with complete pressure and restraint. And through tight binding to construct Nu Li's perfect curve shape. After the master gave Nu Li a beautiful bondage with his own hands, Nu Li will definitely be very moved.

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