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Hair Care & Styling (135)

Hair Care & Styling
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In daily life, many people are troubled by bad hair quality. Hair is generally divided into three layers: epidermis, cortex, and medulla, which protect the hair. So how do you care for your hair? What are the benefits of caring for your hair? Let's take a look at the methods for caring for hair.

How to care for hair

1. Know when to wash your hair. People often mistakenly think that they need to wash their hair every day, but washing hair frequently can dry out the hair or reduce the quality of the hair. For most people, washing at least 3 to 4 times a week is sufficient.
The longer, thicker, and more curly your hair is, the more time it takes to take care of your hair, so you can wash your hair longer.

If your hair gets oily easily and you have to wash it every day, use a lightweight or "daily" shampoo, because these shampoos are milder than others.

2. Use conditioner. Always use a good conditioner after washing your hair. The conditioner will provide moisture to your hair, making it softer and easier to comb. It will also cause less damage to your hair after the shower. Just apply conditioner to the middle or end of your hair, otherwise it will look more greasy.

Use leave-in conditioner at least once a week. The leave-in conditioner can penetrate deep into the stratum corneum of Ziyang and repair damaged hair more completely. Try spraying leave-in conditioner after you shower. The spray will make your hair softer and smoother. Try to do a deep care from time to time. You can use intensive care such as olive oil, argan oil, avocado oil and coconut oil.

3. Use a comb. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage than dry hair because it is more elastic and more easily damaged. Because hair is most fragile when it is wet, you should not use a comb to comb it directly after washing. Instead, you should spray some hair smoothing lotion and then use a wide-toothed comb to remove knots and reduce breakage.
Remember to start from the tips of your hair, not from the roots. Once your hair is dry, be sure to avoid unnecessary grooming, grooming or grooming.

4. Buy shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type. Choose a shampoo and conditioner combination for smooth, greasy, dry or dyed hair, and stick to it! No matter what type of hair you have, there will always be a product that is especially suitable for you.

5. Do not dry your hair. Hair is more fragile when wet, and drying it with a towel can cause damage. Wiping the hair with a towel may damage the cuticle (the outer layer of hair), causing more damage, causing the hair to be frizzy or fluffy.

Try to wash away excess moisture from your hair with a towel instead of rubbing it. Buy a super absorbent towel to wrap your hair after washing.

6. Use less hair dryers. Frequent use of a hair dryer can dry your hair, but it can cause hair breakage and split ends. Try not to use a hair dryer as much as possible, and let your hair dry naturally as much as possible. If you use a hair dryer, don't let it get too close to your hair, as this may cause your hair to burn.

Try to spray an exothermic spray or lotion before blowing your hair. Try to install a cooler on the blower to reduce losses. Buy an ion hair dryer. The ionized hair dryer emits charged particles that can cut the time to dry hair in half (reducing heat exposure), so that the cuticle can be as smooth as possible.
What are the benefits of hair care

1. Wash your hair once every two days. This is for friends with oily hair. If your hair is dry, don't wash it often, as it will make your hair more dull.

2. The use of conditioner, if it is troublesome to use conditioner, use conditioner every other time.

3. Use the hair mask once a week. Before using the hair mask, wash and wipe your hair clean, and then wipe the hair mask. Let the hair mask stay on your head for 15 minutes. At this time, you can gently massage and then rinse off .

4. Choose a good hair dryer. Hair needs a good hair dryer. Of course, the best wind is natural wind, but sometimes when you rush to sleep, you can only dry it with a hair dryer. Choosing a constant temperature hair dryer is good for your hair.

5. Comb your hair more. Combing your hair is like doing a full-body massage to your hair, which will make your hair extremely smooth.

6. Apply olive oil to your hair. Olive oil is also a sacred beauty product, but it should be applied to the right amount, usually on the end of the hair, not on the entire head, otherwise it will make the entire head look oily.
7. The use of nutrient water. Nutrient water is for female friends with dry hair. If the hair is always frizzy, nutrient water is a good choice, especially in the summer when the hair is easy to dry. A bottle of nutrient water that you can carry with you is simply a savior. Not afraid of frizzy hair.

Conclusion: In life, many people have bad hair quality. Why is that? The reason why I don’t take good care of it in time. In fact, there is no need to spend money to take care of your hair. You can have good hair at home. The above is how to take care of your hair.

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