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Straightening Irons (20)

Straightening Irons
The hair straightener, Gu Ming thinks, straightens the hair, heats the hair through the heating element, softens it, and then cools it to achieve the purpose of hair straightening. The current hair straighteners can both straighten and roll. In the past, hair straighteners were mainly used by professional hair salon barbers. The European and American regions have entered the personal home market in the 1970s. You can make a SPA for your hair at home. In 2010, hair straighteners entered the Chinese home market and developed into a must-have product for personal care, which is as popular as a comb.

Hair straightener classification:
1) Hair straighteners can be divided into ceramic heating elements, PTC heating elements and MCH heating elements according to the different heating elements.
Hair spray straightener:
The advantages of ceramic heating elements are environmental protection and fast heating speed. Generally, the surface temperature of the splint can reach 200 degrees in 30 to 45 seconds. However, since the ceramic heating element is sintered at a high temperature above 1000 degrees, its temperature will quickly exceed 300 degrees after the circuit is out of control, which will burn out the plastic material that fixes the heating plate, causing the heating plate to fall off, and it may be contacted. User, and burns the skin.
PTC is the abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient, which translates to positive temperature coefficient, referred to as PTC thermistor. PTC is also sintered at high temperature, but the maximum temperature of its surface can be controlled during sintering. According to the manufacturer's requirements, the surface can be sintered to below 280, or any temperature desired by the manufacturer, generally sintered to 230 degrees. 280 degrees. But its disadvantage is that the temperature rises to 200 degrees slowly, generally about one and a half minutes or two minutes. In addition, in use, it cannot be continuously maintained at a relatively high temperature like a ceramic heating element.
Hair straightener heating panel:
High temperature. The effect of straightening hair is slightly worse.
2) According to the different materials of the heating plate, the hair straightener can be divided into: pure ceramic heating plate, aluminum plate with ceramic glaze sprayed on the surface, and glass-ceramic plate. The advantages of ceramic heating plate are environmental protection, good insulation performance, and good safety. The disadvantage is that the processing cycle is long, the processing steps are many, and because the edges are difficult to handle and are very smooth, the hair will be slightly pulled in the process of straightening the hair.
The advantage of spraying ceramic glaze on the aluminum plate is that it is easy to produce. In addition, due to the mechanical molding, the edges are smooth and will not pull the hair. Because the surface is sprayed pottery
Hair straightener temperature adjustment:
Porcelain glaze, hair extension effect is also very good. The disadvantage is that because it is metal, it is not insulated, and the internal heating element must be insulated to avoid potential safety hazards caused by leakage.
The application of glass-ceramic plate is less, mainly because the smoothness of its surface is not as good as that of ceramic glaze, and it is not easy to form and fix, so the product structure must be redesigned.
3) Hair straighteners are distinguished from the structure, generally divided into two types: V-type and X-type. The X-type is more popular in the early days, but the V-type is more popular recently. Because the V-shaped hair straightener can not only straighten hair, but also can be used for curling hair. More and more hairdressers use hair straighteners to curl hair.
4) According to different power sources, hair straighteners are divided into wired hair straighteners and wireless rechargeable hair straighteners. Wired hair straighteners are hair straighteners that work by connecting to the mains power supply. Wireless rechargeable hair straighteners use a charger. Charge the rechargeable battery and use the battery as a power source.
Straightener turning tail:
The advantage of the wired hair straightener is that it can work continuously, but the disadvantage is that if the control is not reasonable during the design and production of the hair straightener, there will be safety risks. In addition, it is inconvenient to have a power cord in use, and it is inconvenient to go out and carry. The advantage of a wireless hair straightener is safety, because it is powered by a tributary, and it is convenient to carry when traveling. But the disadvantage of the wireless hair straightener is that it can only work for 30 minutes to 1 hour after each charge.
5) Hair straighteners can be divided into wide plate, medium plate, narrow plate and mini type according to the size.
The length of the hair straightener of the wide-board hair straightener is generally 90MM and the width is 42MM. The length of the medium-board hair straightener is generally 90MM and the width is 24MM. The length of the narrow-board hair straightener is generally 80-90MM and the width is 13-14MM, the length of the mini hair straightener is generally 60MM, and the width is 13-14MM.
6) Hair straighteners are classified according to the type of hair extension, which can be divided into ordinary type and wet and dry type. Ordinary hair straighteners must be blow-dried when pulling the hair to start pulling, and the wet and dry type can pull wet hair. The hair straightener of the wet and dry hair straightener should have 8-10 pores, so that the water can become steam and emerge from the pores.

7) Voltage and export country classification, plugs include China plug, European plug, American plug (U.S. leakage protection plug), Australian plug, Japanese plug, German electric plug, South Africa plug, British plug and other plugs. Voltage: 110V-240V universal voltage is also available, just for a certain country, specific voltage or current.

Many girls want to have a smooth and silky hair, to create a lady style, hair straighteners are indispensable. As the name suggests, the hair straightener is a hairdressing tool used to straighten hair, but what you MM needs to get is that the hair straightener can not only straighten curly hair, but also create cute curly hairstyles. How about it, are you now deeply fascinated by hair straighteners? Let's take a look at the magic of hair straighteners!
How to maintain the hair straightener

Facing the residual dirt in the hair straightener panel, many MMs are extremely troubled. Therefore, it is really necessary to clean up these dirty things regularly! So, how should the hair straightener be maintained?

1. Disconnect the hair straightener from the power supply;   

2. Confirm that the temperature of the hair straightener is at room temperature;   

3. Prepare a small piece of clean soft cloth or glasses cloth;   

4. Dilute the neutral detergent with a small amount of water, soak the soft cloth and wring it out;

5. Open the hair straightener splint and wipe the heating plate of the hair straightener with a wrung soft cloth to remove the dirt on it;

6. Wipe clean the shell of the hair straightener with a soft cloth;   

7. Check whether the circuit part of the hair straightener is intact. If it is intact, turn on the power supply, warm up the hair straightener for a few minutes and then cut off the power;

8. After letting the hair straightener cool naturally, it is ok to store it.
How to make air bangs with a hair straightener

Many MMs have already gone to the barber shop to do their own hair, so they don’t need a straightener to create their own hair. But they will still get hair straighteners, because they really love cute air bangs too much! So, how does a hair straightener make air bangs?

Similar to the principle of the curling iron, the hair straightener mainly uses the temperature of the heating plate to make the bangs curled. After you have combed your bangs, you can use a hair straightener to clamp the bangs, and then pull the bangs inward with a slightly curved angle on the deck, and use high temperature to curl and pull them several times. After the bangs rolling work is completed, you can use a hair dryer and a reel comb to comb the bangs. After a while, you will find that the adorable temperament air bangs have been created! Is it convenient?
How to curl hair with straightener

Anyone who knows how to do it knows that hair straighteners can not only make the effect of ion perm, but also easily create curly hairstyles. The effect is not lost to curling irons. So, how does a hair straightener curl your hair?

Straight hair + slightly curly hair styles are now popular among many MMs. Some MMs also want to follow the trend, but they don't know how to create it. Actually, a hair straightener can help you easily. You can use a hair straightener to straighten the upper hair first, and when you reach the middle and end areas, you can use the straightener to make the hair inwardly curved. Finally, spray the styling spray or nutrient water to go out happy La!
Which brand of hair straightener is good

There are many brands of hair straighteners. There are big brands with good reputation and miscellaneous brands. When you choose a hair straightener, the brand is something you need to consider. So, which brand of hair straightener is better?

1. Philips

The hair straightener produced by Philips is recognized as easy to use. The material used for the splint is ceramic material. Ceramic material generally has the characteristics of smoothness and durability. It is an ideal material for making splint. The splint made of ceramic material can instantly make your hair smooth and shiny.

2. Flying Branch

Flyco Hair Straightener can make your hair look more beautiful and shiny in one go. The splint is delicate and smooth, which can effectively prevent the splint from pulling the hair during the hair clipping process and prevent the occurrence of hair loss.

3. Pentium

In the Pentium hair straightener, when you use the heating plate, you can float the heating plate up and down to prevent hair loss.
Does the straightener hurt your hair?

Before starting the hair straightener, many girls have many small questions in their hearts. Among them, the question about whether the hair straightener hurts the hair should be very popular! Next, Mawangbaike will help you answer your questions!

of course! It should be said that hairdressing products such as hair straighteners that require heating will cause certain damage to the hair. The surface temperature of the splint of a hair straightener is generally around 200°C, and the hair is straightened by heat. The main component of hair is keratin. After frequent high temperature and stretching stimulation, keratin will be lost, which will eventually cause the cortical fibers to break, making the hair dry, easy to fall off, and lack of elasticity. Therefore, if you MM must use a hair straightener, then you must take care of your hair!
How to use hair straightener

Many girls are novices in the hairdressing industry, and they don't really know how to use hair straighteners. So, how should a hair straightener be used? Come on Mark!

1. Plug in the hair straightener to preheat;

2. Straighten the hair on the top of the head with a hair straightener to spread it evenly;

3. If you want to make full straight hair, you can straighten it down along the hair;

4. If you want to create temperament curly hair, you can use a hair straightener to make the ends of the hair in an inward curve;

5. Finally, spray a styling spray or nutrient water to get a concave shape!

Straightening Irons

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