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Curling Irons (15)

Curling Irons
The curling iron is composed of the international standard model: 19MM. 25MM. 32MM. 38MM. The mainstream hairstyle uses the 32MM model. Divided into heating element, handle, power cord, temperature control system and other components. The one that can adjust the temperature is better than the one that can't. Curling rods can create various curls such as: big wavy curls, drooping natural curls, shoulder curls, broken curls, hot wheat ears, inward curls, and outward curls.
Reva curling iron model features
Model: RB-233A, RB-633C, RB-633D, RB-779S, RB-807S, RB-907A
1. Ceramic tourmaline coating, exuding more negative ions to protect hair.
2.196 degree precise temperature control constant temperature.
3. Speeding heat. 5 seconds to rise to the ideal temperature, 10 seconds to rise to the highest temperature.
4. Mini design, exquisite small roll, more suitable for traveling and carrying.
5. The plastic parts of the body use imported LG injection-grade ABS.
6. Ceramic tourmaline body: The pure ceramic coating protects the hair to the maximum extent. The tourmaline emits negative ions to repair dry hair and make the hair more shiny. The coating imported from Korea does not damage the hair.
7. Double insurance design; current insurance (voltage instability will not be burned) temperature control insurance (sensitive overheat protection device) IC temperature control system, safe and non-radiation
The maturity of the big wave
Meiyu curling iron
Large waves can extend the face shape outwards. For women with thick hair, it is best not to curl the top of the head and the ends of the hair. If the front hair is short, it will only curl about halfway, forming natural waves. After a period of time when the waves are rolled up, loosen the rolls, comb them with a large comb or fingers, and then use hairspray to set the shape. [1]
Big wave
Big waves (4 photos)
The wildness of hot wheat ears
Wheat ear hot
The characteristic of this hairstyle is that it can best show the fullness of the hair. First, make sure to start curling from the inside and roots of the hair after the head is supinated. The key is not to curl a lot of hair at once.
Sagging natural curly hair
Use curling irons to make natural curls. Only when the hair is completely dry, the curls can be done well and the damage to the hair is small. Starting at a distance of 10cm from the root of the hair, curl outwards. Only when the hair is sparse and spread out in all directions, can natural and fresh curls be formed.

Cute curly hair hanging down to the shoulders

Suitable for long hair with down-shouldered hair. Use an electric curling iron to make all the hair into big flowers, roll the middle big curl inward, and then fix the front hair with a hairpin.
The first point of using a curling iron: If you just use an electric curling rod after washing your hair, first use the repair essence to evenly coat the hair. The amount can only be small but not too much, to supplement the nutrition of the hair, and then use no-rinse hair care Vegetarian, a small amount is evenly applied to the ends of the hair, can prevent heat damage and make the hair soft and not frizzy, and increase the shine of the hair.
Step 2: Allow the curling iron to warm up for 1 minute. At the same time, use a comb to straighten the hair and divide it into strands. Separate a strand of hair with one hand, and pull the handle of the curling iron with the other hand to clamp the end of the hair. The second point of using a curling iron: Hair division Many people don't know how to curl the back hair, and dividing the hair can help curl the back hair. First face the mirror and divide the front and back into two parts. The front part is to tie or clip the hair before the left and right ears. The second part of the hair is divided into upper and lower layers, and then divided into two, so that it is divided into six parts. For people with more hair or more layers, you can divide it into several layers up and down.
Step 3: Roll the hair up, and leave it still after curling, and wait for the hair to heat up for about 15 seconds (the time can be controlled by yourself, because everyone has different hair quality.)
The third point of using a curling iron: the key is to divide the hair tail into six zones and start curling from the bottom layer (either left or right). First, grab the hair tress and use the middle finger and index finger to flatten the hair tress, and use the electric curling rod. The clip is outward, and then clamp the hair bundle from the end of the hair. Note that the end of the hair must not be exposed from the electric roller. If the end of the hair is not completely rolled in, the shape will be very unnatural. And it will be messy. The clip outwards will start to curl the hair clockwise, and stop for about 20 seconds when it reaches the bottom of the hair. If you want a longer or longer curl, you can stop for a longer time. When half of the curl is reached, the hair strands are scattered from the electric roller. Roll, and then from bottom to top, one area and one area to complete.
Step 4: Then loosen the hair slightly, loosen the handle, and take out the curling iron. Be very careful here, otherwise the shape will be damaged. The fourth key point of using curling iron: the pursuit of natural effects. When tidying up the hair, the electric curling rod can be put down for better results. Organize your hair; after curling, the left and right sides are sometimes unbalanced, it doesn't matter, sometimes it's weird to be too symmetrical, and naturally looks better. If the curl in some areas is not obvious, it is because the hair has been layered, so when the hair in other areas is rolled and put down, it is actually not visible if a small part of the hair is not curled or the curl is not obvious, so don't care about it during the process. Of course, if you really care about it, you can also rewind it.
After the second half of the hair is rolled up, the hair on the left and right sides of the first half uses the electric roller in the same way, but holding the electric roller upright, you can curl up the light and elegant feeling of a star.

Step 5: Use the electric curling rod for the finished product. The fourth key point: After the final styling and finishing are all rolled up, put your hand into the hair and fiddle a little to present a natural and fluffy feeling. Use brightening liquid to make hair less frizzy and increase shine, or use wax to strengthen the flu. If you want to last a little longer, you can spray the styling hair mist, but the overall shape will be a little stiffer. The bangs are slightly rolled or straightened according to personal needs.

Romantic shards:
Sexy straight-through: perm your hair into small curls, grab the back of the head and fix it with a small clip, and finally leave a few strands of hair tips to add a sense of romance.
1. Use a small curling iron to create a messy effect for the hair;
2. In the middle, use your fingers to lift the hair directly behind the head without using a comb, and fix it in a suitable position;
3. Divide the hair into pieces and fix them, hiding and staggering each other to produce a natural sense of movement;
4. At the end, leave a few strands of slightly longer hair, which will naturally hang on the back of the neck, adding a soft and vivid effect.
1. When curly hair becomes flat and flat
Preparing a household electric hair curler is the best way to deal with flat hair. There is no need to spray wet hair, just use an electric hair curler to curl the outermost hair directly, then use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to fluffy the hair, and then spray some styling mousse.
There is also a good way to do it once and for all-to highlight the hair, let the hair add some natural layering, it will not look flat and flat.
2. When curly hair is "sleeping" into strange shapes
Use a sprayer or a watering can to moisten the curls that have been sleeping in a "weird shape". First use a hair dryer to blow the hair to 80% dryness. Then use your fingers to dip a little styling gel. Apply evenly from the root to the end of the hair, and turn the hair around your fingers into a curl shape, and then adjust it to the original curl.
3. When curly hair becomes frizzy
In order to smooth the frizzy hair that is easy to catch up and prevent the trouble of hairiness caused by the air humidity and the sun's ultraviolet rays, apply some moisturizing ingredients and products that can form a protective film for the hair on the damp hair. For example, Wella's repair lotion, you should dry your hair naturally after wiping, because blowing with a hair dryer will cause messy hair curls.
4. When hair curls are not obvious
Apply curling active styling liquid to damp hair to increase the curl of the curls. Try using TIGI Qufa Sauce. Then, wrap a small strand of hair around your finger for 5 seconds, let go, repeat, and let the hair dry naturally.
5. When the small volume becomes "electric shock"
The fluffy little rolls are lively and moving, but once they are not well managed, they look out of character, as ugly as if they have been "electrically shocked". It is recommended that you use a lot of neutral styling gel to moisturize your hair, divide each strand of hair you comb into two strands and braid them. It is best to put your hair into a hair cover or shower cap. When the hair is naturally dry, remove the braid. Shake your hair at this time, and you can comb out sexy curly hair with your fingers.
Self-made curls:
      Curly hair is fast, convenient, stylish and beautiful. It is the best weapon to make yourself a bright spot in various activities. Whether it is romantic and sexy eversion or retro and elegant inversion, I believe that you will try it out if you love beauty, and let yourself be greeted by unknown new joys.
Outturned curly hair rolls out a romantic femininity
The layered valgus curly hair is very romantic and sexy, bringing you a noble mature image and elegant temperament. This kind of curly hair at large parties with brighter light will definitely give you extra points and make you a "topical person" in the audience.
Steps for making curling hair:
      After cleaning the hair, dry the hair. Wet hair is not easy to curl/Apply a proper amount of nutrient oil to the hair/Excessive curling may cause the hair to split slightly, so the hair should be extra painful.
Allow the roller to warm up for four minutes before use. The vertical direction of the electric roller can make the method three-dimensional./It can also be rolled horizontally to make the hair more layered.
After curling the bottom hair, start curling the middle hair/finally curl the top hair/spray the hair with water, and soon the hair will return to its original shape.
There are shortcuts to curly hair
       It is not enough to make a good-looking hairstyle. The finishing, debugging, repair and maintenance are also very important, so that the shape and texture of the hair are truly beautiful.
Hair tail spray oil: The curled hair is a little prone to frizz, which will affect the outer edge of the hairstyle and make the overall shape not smooth. Applying the right amount of nutrient oil to the hair can adjust the styling and nourish the hair. Isn't it the best of both worlds?
Inverted curls   retro and elegant "roll" out
       The big wavy inverted curly hair is retro and elegant. It is most suitable for showing your beauty at a romantic candlelight dinner. I believe that charm will make your boyfriend unforgettable
Beauty is a good helper: How can a sweet date lack the decoration of beautiful accessories, they will shine in the dim light, and your inverted curly hair will play a beautiful story together.
The slender metal thread under the decoration like small pomegranate seeds is smart and beautiful, making the hair more active/the golden pendant is inlaid with rubies, which looks noble and elegant, and icing on your neck.
Steps for making inward curls
Similarly, after shampooing, you should blow dry your hair/apply nutrients to moisturize your hair, and minimize the damage of the curling rod to your hair. You should also apply a proper amount of sample to the hair.
Use duckbill pliers to fix the hair on the top of the head/hair on the top of the head is natural, start curling from the middle and facing inward/finally curl the hair on the bottom

Curling tools:
Hair serum: It is different from hair wax, hair mud and gel. It is paste-like and has strong adhesion. It keeps the hair style longer. But don't use too much, because it is very sticky, and too much hair size will make the hair seem "unwashed for several days." Fat mud: Just like the name, it looks very much like mud. It can make the hair stronger without changing the texture of the hair. The effect is very natural. It is most suitable for finishing the details of the hair after finishing the hairstyle. Duckbill pliers: The hair is relatively long, and it is often a little troublesome for hair. Therefore, you should use duckbill pliers to fix part of the hair to prevent it from "running around". Small curling iron: Its curling rod has a smaller diameter, which can make more dynamic curls, and is suitable for local use.
Duckbill clip:
Large curling iron: larger diameter, bigger waves, more sexy and charming.
Hair dryer: It is best to clean your hair before curling, so that the curls will be more fluffy and natural. Therefore, it is very important to dry your hair. Remember that the temperature should not be too high to avoid damage to the hair.   Curling Irons

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