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Hair Scissors (30)

Barber scissors,Hair Scissors
1. Structural flat shear

A pair of flat shears is indispensable. Flat shears are fine and easy to control. The handles are mostly movable tails and symmetrical hands. They are mainly used to trim the basic structure of the hairstyle. As a novice hairdresser, it is best to choose a simple and practical classic flat cut, the appearance should not be too fancy, the regular length between 5.0-6.0 inches is easier to control. As advanced scissors, there is no need to choose too expensive scissors. The cost-effective craftsman's scissors are enough to meet your needs.

2. Tooth scissors

Dental scissors are mainly used to remove excess hair volume, guide hair flow, and create three-dimensional space inside the hair. Dental scissors are divided into many categories according to the size and tooth shape. Generally speaking, hairdressers need to prepare two dental scissors; one with a smaller amount is used for trimming female hair; the other with a larger amount is suitable Trim male hair. But we do not recommend that hairstylists choose too much, because too much is not easy to control.

3. Sliding shear

Sliding shears, also known as willow shears and fat shears, can be used as a method to remove hair volume, and can also be used to process texture trends. They are used more in Japanese cutting and are one of the essential hairdressing scissors for hair stylists. .

The classic minimalist series of sliding shears are elegant and exquisite in appearance. Imported Hitachi 440C steel is selected, which is high in hardness and durable. It is an absolute quality sliding knife. If you have high quality requirements for Japanese cut hairstyles, it will be your best choice.

4. Warp shears

With the popularity of Japanese technology, warping shears are becoming more and more practical. They are often used to create air, flow, binding, and thinning. It is also one of the necessary scissors for modern hairdressers!

Japanese-style cutting standard radian—30 degree arc design, making arc tangent, the effect is more natural. The double-tail nail design makes the front and back trim conversion easy and smooth, and the cutting is smoother. Made of high-quality steel, with high hardness, sharpness and durability, it can cut freely and does not get stuck.

Pay attention to during the maintenance process:

1. Because the blade of the scissors is very sharp, pay special attention to the angle between your fingers and the knife edge when wiping, and try to keep it level so as not to cut your fingers.

2. During each maintenance, do not drip too much maintenance oil, just one or two drops in normal times.

3. When wiping, drop the oil on the cloth and wipe again. After wiping, the effect seems to be no oil, but it feels oily. Too much oil will easily make the hair stick in the belly of the knife. If it is close to the screw, it will not open and close smoothly.

Scissors movement method:

During the movement of the scissors, you only need to use your thumb to control, and the other fingers are merged together to keep the scissors stable and still.

The relationship between scissors and fingers;

In most cases, the relationship between the scissors and the fingers is parallel.

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