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Under the playful little skirt, the fleshy legs are exposed, and when you raise your hand, the fine armpit hair is clearly visible. The picture is really spicy for the eyes, but there are so many hair removal products on the market. Which ones are reliable and safe? Works? Today, I will share a few reliable and easy-to-use hair removal products for everyone, so that you can easily get rid of your hair and keep your skin smooth all summer.
Many women use beeswax for hair removal, which is to stick beeswax on the skin that needs to be depilated, and then tear it off at once. This method is very cool, but also very painful. This method of hair removal is relatively rough, it will easily damage the skin, and the pain is more intense. If you want to remove hair on a large area, it is recommended not to use this method. It is too painful.

The shaver uses a high-speed rotating blade to remove hair. However, this method is suitable for extremities and other parts where the pores are fine and roots are not prone to appear. But it will grow back after a while.
The active ingredient of most hair removal creams is thioglycolate, which can break the disulfide bonds in the hair, causing the hair to dissolve into a gel form, and then the hair can be wiped or scraped off, very easily and the effect is also very good. But the disadvantage is that the "validity period for hair removal" does not exceed 2 weeks. Sulfur compounds have some unpleasant odors (you know) and can also cause contact dermatitis.
In recent years, more and more people use home hair removal devices. It can slow down the growth of hair by influencing or destroying hair follicles and keep the hair in a dormant state. Compared with the previous methods, the effect of this method of hair removal is better, but it is also more expensive. There is some gap between its specific effect and medical beauty hair removal, and the specific effect of home hair removal devices is easily affected by different brands.
table of Contents

1. The benefits of hair removal

2. What are the ways and methods of hair removal

3. Principles of various hair removal methods

4. The credibility of permanent hair removal

5. Parameter selection of hair removal instrument

Six. Brand of hair removal instrument

Seven. Recommended hair removal instrument

1. The benefits of hair removal

Hair removal is nothing more than beauty, after all, who doesn't want to have smooth and tender skin! Especially for girls, they all wear skirts, and they show their long, white and tender legs, but they seem to be wearing woolen trousers, which is really embarrassing.
Girls do not have to deliberately avoid this topic. After all, hair removal has existed thousands of years ago. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, and it is easy to appear dark when there are more hairs, which is really not good-looking.

2. What are the ways and methods of hair removal

In fact, there are many hair removal methods, only the unexpected, and there are none that cannot be used, but the safety factor is really not guaranteed. There are currently five more common ones.

The first type: directly scrape off
This method is the easiest, there are many hairs, just shave it off! Of course you can, but I have to remind you, if you use this method to deal with hair, it will only grow and grow, and it will grow longer. Therefore, before you decide to use this method to deal with hair, you can Think clearly.

The second type: hair removal cream/hair removal mousse
This method is currently used by many girls, and it is said that the effect is quite good. I was lucky enough to use a Japanese-made hair removal mousse, but in less than 20 minutes, I became seriously allergic. Later, I checked it on the Internet and found that people with sensitive skin should not touch hair removal cream. The possibility of allergies is very high, and it is easy to cause folliculitis.

The third type: hair removal in beauty salons
This method is really the most convenient. Find a beauty salon to apply for a card. You don’t need to do anything. Just just lie there. There will be specialized technicians to help you solve the hair problem. A more advanced beauty salon will pay. May provide you with melon seeds and soda services. but! The price of the beauty salon is too expensive, and it is charged according to the location. It costs at least a few hundred yuan for a hair removal (except schools). Moreover, the machines there are used by many people, maybe the same machine, Twenty minutes ago, I just finished it for someone else, and I'll give it to you now. Clean addicts choose carefully!

The fourth type: beeswax paper
To be honest, I really do not recommend this method. I have tried this method before. It is easy to use, but the process is a bit painful. Imagine that you fix your leg hair with wax paper, and then pull it hard. , Hiss - That feels really comfortable. I just used it once anyway, and since then I have stayed away from this method completely.

The fifth type: hair removal device
The effect of removing hair with a hair removal device is really good. I started with a Philips sc1999 last year and I have used it many times. The hair removal effect is quite good. It feels a little burning and tingling, not at all. It hurts. I have tried too many hair removal methods that are not suitable for me. The hair is a bit hard and there are many obvious hair follicles, so I have no confidence before using the hair removal device. I have used the depilator several times now, and the hair follicles are no longer visible, and the hairs that grow out now are all fine ones, which don't look obvious.
The picture shows the comparison before and after the first hair removal.

3. Principles of various hair removal methods

I don’t need to say more about the principle of direct shave, just shave it directly, but this method is not preferable, after all, it will grow too fast afterwards. For details, please refer to the man’s beard.

The principle of hair removal cream/mousse is chemical hair removal, which is to break or dissolve the hair through drugs without destroying the hair follicles, so new hairs will grow after hair removal.
The effect of this thing on people varies from person to person. Don't listen to what others say and buy whichever is good. It's best to try it in the store yourself to prevent allergies. By the way, if you buy imported hair removal creams or hair removal mousses, it is best to buy them with Chinese labels, and do not put them in the bathroom to avoid using them as shampoos by unsuspecting people.

Laser hair removal in beauty salons is based on the principle of selective photothermodynamics. The laser penetrates the skin directly to the hair follicles, and then destroys the hair follicles to achieve the purpose of hair removal.
The principle of the hair removal device is similar to that of laser hair removal in a beauty salon, in which the hair follicles and surrounding stem cells are inactivated to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

By the way, I almost forgot the wax paper. The principle of beeswax paper is to pull it hard and pull off the hairs. Although the extraction of beeswax is natural and nutritious, but this can try it if you are not afraid of pain. Let me say a word in advance. This method will definitely damage the hair follicles. If it is serious, you will get folliculitis. It is best to prepare some aloe vera gel to relieve it.

4. The credibility of permanent hair removal

Many beauty salons and hair removal devices are now sold under the name of permanent hair removal. In principle, permanent hair removal can be achieved, but this only refers to the relatively long hair, and some small hairs will still grow.

Although permanent hair removal can be achieved in principle, many beauty salons and hair removal devices are not so magical in life. A friend of mine did permanent hair removal in a beauty salon. It cost a lot of money and the hair grows well. It's not as obvious as before.

Therefore, permanent hair removal is possible, but not absolute. Most people will gradually grow some new hairs after permanent hair removal. This must be psychologically prepared in advance.

5. Parameter selection of hair removal instrument

1. Number of flashes

Nowadays, many brands are promoting unlimited flashes. In fact, this is not necessary. If only one person uses it, hundreds of thousands of flashes are enough. Everyone must pay attention to the effective number of flashes when choosing it. This is very important, because after the effective number of flashes of the general hair removal device, the practicality will decrease and the hair removal will not be clean. Of course, you don't need to be too demanding on this condition, because a person will spend hundreds of thousands of flashes at most in his lifetime.

2. Look at the gear adjustment

Many hair removal devices on the market are equipped with gear adjustment. After you purchase the hair removal device, the merchant will give you a skin color card. You can adjust the gear according to the card. There is no good or bad gear, only the one that suits you is the best one. the best. If the gear is too high, it is easy to burn people, and if it is too low, it is not easy to produce results. It is best to try a few times and adjust according to the specific experience.

3. See the speed of light

The faster the light emission, the better, so that the hair removal is more labor-saving. If the light is slow, it will take a long time to fix one part, which is too troublesome.

4. Look at the wavelength

The shorter the wavelength, the more difficult it is to reach the depths of the hair follicles. Therefore, when choosing a hair removal device, it is best to choose the one with a longer wavelength. Such a hair removal device has a much better effect than a shorter wavelength.

Six. Brand of hair removal instrument

At present, the most popular brands are Tria, Philips, Braun, Ulike, etc. These brands have a good reputation and good reputation.

Tria is an American brand with a high profile value, which is very popular in European and American countries. When I started the hair removal device last year, I saw their home parameters. It is said that the effect is not bad, and it is also very practical. But their products have a fatal flaw: pain. I read a lot of buyer's messages, and they all reflect that their hair removal device is more painful, because I am more afraid of pain, so I did not choose their home.

Philips has a very complete range of hair removal devices, available at all price points. I bought their sc1999. The effect is really good, and the pain is not strong. When I learned that I wanted to start a hair removal device, my friends recommended me to buy theirs several times. I saw it and it was really good, so I started with one, let alone, it's really easy to use.
Braun is a German brand, and their design is exemplary. The product emits light quickly, has strong pulses, painful but not obvious, that is, the price is slightly higher, and I personally feel that it is not cost-effective.

Ulike hair removal device is really easy to use, my friend bought their sapphire. When my friend searched the Internet at the time, all of Ulike's comments below were "Don't buy", which shocked her. After clicking on it, she realized that it turned out to be a turning point. They all praised their products. To be honest, Ulike sapphire is really easy to use. I have used it to remove lip hair. The effect is quite good. The price is only 1000+ and the price is very high.

Seven. Recommended hair removal instrument

Finally came the final recommendation link.

The quality of hair removal devices is really hard to judge. After all, every brand is a mixture of good and bad. I can’t try each of them personally, so I can only recommend two products, one is my friend The Ulike sapphire I used, and the other one is Philips I use myself.

Oh, the hair removal device is really useful, really, it’s not a request. My partner bought me a hair removal device during the Chinese New Year. I wanted it, but it was too expensive... Then I didn’t buy it in the shopping cart. Ever...Even if I am a Maomao star (poverty makes me stretched out), one day, my partner suddenly said that he would give me a gift, and then this is it! ! !

Sapphire or something? Anyway, the first day I got my hand, I didn't dare to use it. Then I took my subject for experimentation, took off the hair on his stomach, and operated directly on Mao! (It’s useless). At that time, I told my subject to retreat. Why didn’t I shed hair? ? ? Forgive me for my youth and ignorance, I thought the hair removal device was the kind that would lose all hair immediately after using it! It turned out to be shaved first and then depilated, which is a bit troublesome...

Jimei, you must shave first, then depilate

The picture below may cause discomfort...but I still want to! Share my joy with you

This is the first day of hair removal, Ao, I haven't taken it off yet, my legs are very heavy, thank you for your perseverance!

This is after hair removal, wow, for the first time in my life, I touched such a smooth leg, so white and smooth, so comfortable! ! ! ! ! Then my partner reminded me to play once every other day, and I played all... (2000 yuan silently) but forgot to take pictures, scattered pictures. My legs are very dry in winter, and I don’t know what to do. This one is very short after a few days. It only shows a little bit on the skin. The shaver can’t shave, so there is some black on it. Actually it's fluffy, it's a bit poked

I’m going to start school later, I’m so worried, I’m afraid that the school’s power will not be used, and then I will become a hairy monster... Fortunately, this dormitory can be used! ! ! I'm so happy, I planned to go out to rent a house, or gave up on my own. Then it went on to hair removal.

At this time, I feel that my leg hair growth rate is already very slow. Originally shaved every other day, now every three or four days, shave the legs once a week, and then use the hair removal device two or three times a week. I used it once every other day. It's annoying... and the pores seem to be fine, and there are still black spots, but I found that it can be cut off, and the hair that grows out of it.

The red one here is what I buckled, and then the black hairs inside are gone, and there is not much hairy. Don't get moles (don’t ask me how I know) it hurts to death — the black dots here are already Much less

Smooth skin! ! ! I'm coming

I don’t know if it will grow out later, so I’ll write here first... I don’t remember to take pictures if I have a bad memory. Actually, I all have hair removal!

I'll update today

I haven’t updated for a long time~ I’m learning, so I didn’t get haircut (cover my face), and then I found out that I didn’t get haircut for a week, which has no effect on me, because the hair is not growing anymore, but I still noticed a couple of times. That kind of very fine hair was shaved off in the bath, and I accidentally scratched myself. .

In this way, there is actually nothing fluffy

But actually there are some dead hairs? ? I don’t know, some black ones can be buckled off, or they can fall off on your skin. If you have any good way to remove them, can you comment and tell me? ? I'm all digging out at present.

Today is April 14th! ! !

I'm coming I'm coming

Recently, some sisters asked me why I didn’t get a haircut, because haircutting gave me a sense of work, so! ! ! ! I came to check in again. I quarreled with the subject recently and I was not in a good mood, so I didn’t shave for a long time. At the end of April, I shaved once and forgot to take a photo. Then this is a leg that hasn’t been shaved for two weeks. The hair has grown, but it's really thin! ! ! , Can you see it? ?

Then I! ! ! The hair was shaved again. This time, the hair was so hot. I didn't shave, and the machine got hot in some areas that grew out. After that, the whole process was very hot! ! ! So next time I’m going to take a shower and shave it, and attach my smooth and smooth legs. ‍♂️

Because of the light, I think my skin tone is the first one ‍♂️ ‍♂️

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