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Advantages of manual shaving: Good shaving feel, and when used with shaving foam, it feels very smooth. The cleaning power is strong, and the cleanliness far exceeds that of an electric shaver.

Manual razors use physical principles to shave beards or other excess body hair. They are self-service tools that not only meet the needs of cleaning, but have also developed into a trend of fashion grooming.
      A manual shaver is generally composed of a blade head and a hoe-shaped blade holder. The blade holder is made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper, plastic, rubber, etc. The blade head is made of a combination of blades and plastic rubber. The blades are generally made of stainless steel or carbon steel. To ensure the sharpness and durability of the razor, the cutting edge will be treated with special materials . In order to ensure smooth shaving, a lubricating strip for moisturizing and calming is generally included on the cutter head. When in use, the knife head is installed on the knife holder, and the handle of the knife holder can be shaving.
product category:
1. Fixed manual shaver
It means that the knife head is fixed on the knife holder and cannot be rotated. There are two types of razors. One is the first manual razor, commonly known as a security knife, with a double-edged blade mounted on the turret. The other is a fixed cutter head on the blade holder. The cutter head is composed of a single or multiple blades. Most of these razors are disposable razors.
2. Rotating manual shaver
The knife head can be rotated, and the knife head can be removed and replaced, and the knife handle can be used continuously. This kind of knife holder has a long handle, and the blades are installed in multiple layers on the knife holder in parallel. When shaving, the head of the blade holder can rotate with the change of the face shape on the pivot on the upper part of the blade holder, so that the cutting edge of the blade maintains a good shaving angle, and after the front blade pulls out the root of the beard, it is immediately behind. The blade is cut from the root. Using this kind of manual shaver is cleaner and more comfortable than a fixed manual shaver.
3. Maglev rotary shaver [1]
This is the latest technological product among manual shavers. The rotation of the cutter head is designed using the principle of magnetic repulsion of the same poles. It has large elasticity, flexible use, and more
It fits the contour of the face and is more natural and comfortable than the mechanical rebound device. Changing the cutter head The traditional method of replacing the cutter head in the past uses magnetic connection technology. The connection between the cutter handle and the cutter head uses the principle of magnetic attraction between different poles, making it easy to replace the cutter head. The representative market in 2011 is the "maglev series" razor that was just launched in November 2011.
Why are some boys still using manual razors in the 21st century?
Boys who often use electric razors may have a common feeling, that is, repeatedly shave, but still can not completely shave, even if it is pressed firmly against the skin, there is always a thin layer of scum that cannot be shaved.

There are also boys who think it’s sexy to pierce people with green scum, but it’s not. When you kiss a girl, the person who is stinged by scum may have rolled their eyes 108 times.
Why use a manual shaver if there is an electric shaver?
①The manual shaver has a cleaner shaving effect
    The most important thing for boys to shave is clean. Electric shavers always have a certain distance from the skin due to the blade head and knife net to protect the skin from being cut. This result is safe, but it can never be achieved. A clean shaving experience. In contrast, manual razors that frequently change the head are sharper and cause less damage to the hair follicles during shaving. This can be intuitively compared through the cross-sections of the two types of beards after shaving.

②The electric shaver is not as clean as you think after washing
    When the electric shaver is used, skin oil enters the inside of the cutter head along with the knife net. If you do not frequently clean or replace the cutter head, it will cause bacteria to grow and even cause skin allergies and other problems. In contrast, manual razor blade cleaning is more convenient, and because the blade is cheap and frequently replaced, it is not prone to problems such as bacterial growth.

③Manual shaving is the most compelling life ritual for boys
    There are many professional men's grooming shops. In addition to providing hair trimming, there are also men's shaving services. I believe many boys want to experience it once, but since the experience abroad is very expensive, you can enjoy it at home. Each manual shave is like a rest time for men, from shaving foam, razor, to aftershave, a whole set of shaving process, full of ritual and enjoyment.

Advantages of manual shaving:

1. It has a good shaving feel, and when used with shaving foam, it feels very smooth.

2. The cleaning power is strong, and the cleanliness far exceeds that of an electric shaver.

3. There is no noise from electric shaving.

4. Small size, easy to carry, no need to charge.

5. The price is relatively cheap and the replacement cost is low.

6. Girls feel that boys who use manual razors are more sexy.
Manual shaving steps:

①Apply shaving foam to the beard area after cleansing. The shaving foam can make the face smoother and smoother, reducing the irritation of the blade to the skin;

②Use a razor to slowly slide down the sideburns, upper lip, chin and other parts, repeat the same part 1~2 times;

③Wash the residual shaving foam and beard residue on the face, apply aftershave lotion with your hands to calm and reduce inflammation on the skin, and then perform daily skin care steps.


1. Shaving in the morning is better. After the beard grows overnight, it is most suitable to shave in the morning;

2. Shave in the direction of beard growth. There is no need to shave from different directions, it is easy to shave the beard too short, and eventually the beard will be formed;

3. Do not shave before bathing. Many boys take a shower directly after shaving in order to save trouble. There are many tiny wounds on the skin just after shaving. At this time, the skin is more fragile and sensitive. If you bathe immediately with hot water and use some care products, it is easy to cause discomfort in the shaving area, such as Sensitive redness, inflammation, acne, etc.;

4. Pay attention to aftershave care. Many skin wounds are invisible to the naked eye after razor shaving. After shave and other products should be used to clean the skin to prevent infection and inflammation.
If you want to grow a beard, a manual razor can also better control the beard.

    In addition to changing a person's temperament and age, a styling beard can also modify the shape of the face. The head of a manual razor can freely control the area and direction of shaving, which is difficult for electric razors.

The common wrong habit of manual shaving, have you been shot?
1. Use unsharp blades

Many boys are accustomed to the clean shaving experience brought by manual razors, but never pay attention to the sharpness of the blades. Even the advertisements of razors usually only talk about the number of blades, lubrication strips, handles, angles, etc. However, the most important thing-sharpness is often forgotten.
If there is no sharp blade, then the rest of the razor is useless, and your hair and skin need a very sharp blade to shave. Never use a blade that is not sharp for a long time to save money. Remember to replace the blade regularly.
2. Not preparing for proper shaving

No matter how you shave, you need to make proper preparations. Only if you are well prepared can you have a good shaving experience and your skin will become better.
Hot water is an essential preparatory action before shaving. It can open your pores and soften your beard. You can also soak it in hot water with a wet towel, or put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and then put the towel Putting it on your face for about a minute or two will make your experience beyond imagination.
3. Do not use shaving/shaving foam when shaving
If you know that shaving foam is the only thing that can protect your skin from sharp blades, would you skip using it?

Use shaving foam for lubrication before shaving, you can easily finish shaving during shaving without scratching or pulling your skin.
4. In order to save costs, choose low-priced, low-quality razors
Although a complete set of shaving tools seems to be slightly more expensive, it becomes very practical to allocate the cost and overall value of each shaving.

The scary thing is that in order to save money, some people repeatedly use cheap disposable razors for a long time. This kind of razor is only for shaving in the face of emergency, so the sharpness and safety of these products are not as good as ordinary. The manual razor, long-term use of this cheap product will cause irreversible damage to your skin.
5. Frequently change shaving methods

To be honest, most people are not accustomed to using manual shaving for the first time, and even try again and again but cannot master the correct shaving technique. It is commonplace to cut the face and bleed. At this time, some people give up manual shaving. Go back to electric shaving.
However, in terms of cleansing power, manual shaving is better than electric shaving. As long as you master the correct techniques and techniques, you will benefit from it and completely fall in love with the experience of manual shaving, so don’t give up when you encounter difficulties. .

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