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Dental Supplies (75)

Dental Supplies
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Dental medical instruments refer to various small portable tools specially used in dentistry, which are called dental instruments in the world. Dental medical equipment includes dental handpieces, dental handpiece sterilizers, dental extraction forceps, dental elevators, dental excavators and other surgical appliances, manual dental appliances, dental rotating appliances, dental injection equipment, and root canal appliances. The range of dental medical equipment is wide, and there are many manufacturers. The corresponding international group ISO/TC106 SC4 is specifically responsible for standardization in this area.
The classification of dental equipment, taking dental materials as an example, can be divided into:
(1) Intraoral equipment commonly used dental inspection equipment: light curing equipment; ultrasonic root canal treatment equipment; pulp vitality measuring instrument; root canal length measuring instrument; root canal treatment decelerating motor; ultrasonic/sandblasting scaler; whitening device; silver Mercury blending mixer; amalgam filling device; amalgam conveyor; resin filling device; bonding/etching system; polishing device; rubber barrier device; hand cleansing; scraping device; periodontal surgery device; high frequency Electric knife; other.
(2) Oral surgery, implant equipment, dental implant machine; common implant equipment; dental extraction equipment; electric surgical equipment; surgical equipment; ultrasonic scalpel; saliva measuring equipment; joint disease diagnosis and treatment equipment; emergency medicine and equipment; negative pressure suction device; monitor ; Tractor; Other.
(3) Dental prosthesis/technical equipment repairs/technical’s common equipment: mechanic pliers; impression material stirrer; occlusal frame; model/wax equipment; flat positioning equipment; cad/cam system; mechanic workbench; mechanic electric drill; Casting machine and accessories; porcelain furnace; sandblasting machine; dewaxing electric oven; welding equipment; stirring/vibrator; invisible denture equipment; tooth cooking/denture forming box; polishing/polishing; colorimetric plate; lingual side of nail machine Trimming machine; plaster trimming machine; cleaning machine; undercut observer;; spray gun/blowtorch; complex mold box; table mold base; table mold nail; casting ring; model making equipment; wax mold and dewaxer; casting Metal recycling equipment; Grinding tools and related tools; Vacuum forming machine; Common tools for mechanics; Wax melter; Wax baking furnace; Preheating furnace; Crane mill; Gold plating machine; Gold deposition instrument; Car porcelain machine; Agar mixing Melting machine; Artisan vacuum cleaner; Wax line press; Warranty card printer; Press and polymerization machine; Foot switch; Others.
(4) Orthodontic equipment and instruments    orthodontic forceps; needle holder/gold crown scissors; spot welding machine; square wire former; bracket locator; reflector; others.
Dental chair, turbine, LED light curing, ultrasonic scaler.

The dental chair is mainly used for the inspection and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. Electric dental chairs are mostly used. The main structure is divided into 8 parts. The bottom plate of the whole machine is fixed on the ground, and the bottom plate is connected to the upper part of the dental chair through a bracket. The action of the dental chair is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair.

Its working principle is: control the switch to start the motor and drive the transmission mechanism to work, so that the corresponding parts of the dental chair can move. According to the needs of treatment, by manipulating the control switch button, the dental chair can complete the movements of ascending, descending, pitching, tilting posture and resetting.

LED light curing machine (dental photosensitive resin curing machine) is a machine used to cure photosensitive resin materials when dentists help patients to repair their teeth. The LED light curing machine is composed of a light source part and a control circuit. Product scope of application: curing resin materials for dental restoration in the Department of Cavity.

A total of 43 kinds of dental medical consumables are sorted and summarized. Hope to help the majority of dentists.
1. Gloves: disposable PE examination gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves, nitrile examination gloves, sterilized surgical gloves
2. Medical masks: different brands have different specifications and packaging
3. Non-woven fabric, suitable for oral moisture isolation, cleaning, hemostasis or as a wipe cloth.
4. Cotton rolls and cotton balls. In the oral industry, the demand for cotton balls is greater than cotton rolls. Cotton balls are mainly used to clean local wounds in surgical operations and have a hemostatic effect.
5. Cotton swabs
6. Blue film and protective film, one-time use protective film, the film protects equipment and instruments from contamination during use.
Paste the isolation film on the dental chair, dental chair operating keyboard, dental lamp shade and other places that are touched by all hands. It can isolate germs and prevent cross-infection.
7. Sterilization bag and packing bag, the total length of sterilization bag is 200m, the price of sterilization tape is different for various models. The larger the model, the higher the price. The sterilization period of the product after sterilization is 180 days. .
8. One-time saliva suction tube. It is mainly used for sucking blood and saliva during treatments such as cleaning teeth. It can be bent into various shapes that will not fall off and prevent the oral tissues from being sucked. It is safe and comfortable, and it is a disposable consumable.
9. Scarves, bibs and medical examination pads: These are mainly used for inspection and treatment to protect patients. They are disposable products to reduce the labor of medical staff and reduce cross-infection.
10. The doctor's cap is used for patient visits and examinations.
11. Surgical gowns and surgical kits, as well as sanitary protection products used in clinical operations, are strictly prohibited for one-time use, and there will be differences between the brands contained in them.
12. Multiple enzymes. Mainly used in various cleaning systems such as: cleaning machines. Suitable for all kinds of surgical instruments, dental instruments, ultrasonic cleaning and manual cleaning.
Note: Multi-enzyme cleaning will not cause the instrument to rust. It mainly depends on whether the instrument is cleaned. If there is residue on the instrument, the residue will cause the instrument to rust.
13. Needle
14. Anesthetics
15. Mixing tube and mixing head. The injection tube is used together with the injection head. It is mainly used for intraoral injection of oral materials.
16. Hemostatic sponge: mainly used for hemostasis and wound care of body surface traumatic bleeding caused by trauma
17. Instrument tray
18. Face mask. This is mainly used for isolation and protection. The doctor will not obscure the mirror surface during sneezing.
19. Applicator stick and brush. It is suitable for dentists to clean the dirt in the teeth, fill the cavity, and replace the cotton ball to apply acid corrosion, adhesive, hole lining, fluorine protective paint, hemostatic agent, pit and fissure sealant, etc. to the dental affected area.
20. Oral disinfectant and disinfectant cloth. It can be used for wiping and disinfection of operating table, dental chair, equipment, etc. after diagnosis and treatment, pre-sterilization of dental instruments after use, and wiping and disinfection of office computers, keyboards and mice. Following the principle of "from top to bottom, from clean to dirty", wipes should be replaced between items in different patient units.
21. Alcohol lamp
22. Rubber bowl and rubber bowl. Used for mixing plaster, different specifications can meet the different needs of customers, and can be reused after cleaning
23. Silicone bowl. For self-setting, the bottom suction cup can be easily fixed on a smooth surface such as glass.
24. Root canal measuring table
25, gutta percha point measurement
26. X-rays, films, film developing solutions. It is mainly suitable for manual or automatic processing of dental X-ray diagnostic imaging records. It is a bright room film. It is recommended to use the same brand to avoid blurring.
27. Instruction card and sterilization card. It is used to detect the effect of pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilization.
28. Pressure steam sterilization biological culture indicator
29. Steam sterilization indicating tape and zebra paper
30. Chemical indicator card 121℃
31. Pressure steam sterilization chemical indicator labels are mainly used for pre-vacuum, pulsating vacuum or down-exhaust sterilizers in hospitals, health and anti-epidemic departments. They are used to indicate whether items have been sterilized at 121°C and 132°C.
32. Adhesive tape.
33. Polishing brush
34, gingival cream and gingival cord
35, bite paper
36. Pre-formed crown suit. It is mainly used for oral treatment to isolate or assist in the shaping of restorations.
37. Wedge between teeth. It is mainly used in the process of restorative shaping. Wedge is used to separate teeth and to maintain the distance between teeth. One-time use of interdental wedge through auxiliary molding sheet. In the oral treatment, it acts as an isolation or assists in the shaping of the restoration.
38. Lead clothes. It is mainly used for the protection of the human body during radiological diagnosis, and used for oral film/CT.
39. Strong straw. It is mainly used to suck saliva during clinical examinations and operations in dentistry.
40. Wooden wedges. It is used to stabilize the forming sheet during the dental restoration process. Prevent the dental filling material from being pressed into the gingival sulcus to form an overhang, and damage the periodontal tissue.
41. Rust remover, mainly used to remove rust spots on stainless steel surgical instruments. Rust and stains
42. Descaler

43. Maintenance oil and mobile phone oil.

Dental Supplies

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