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Oral Irrigator (30)

Oral Irrigator
Teeth flusher is an auxiliary tool for cleaning the oral cavity. It uses pulsed water impact to clean teeth and between teeth. It is mainly portable and desktop. The flushing pressure is generally 0 to 90 psi.
Just as people know that a high-pressure water gun can easily clean cars, etc., water with appropriate pressure has long been proven to be effective in cleaning people’s teeth and oral cavity. The cleaning function of the tooth flusher is mainly to use the high-speed water jet sprayed under a certain pressure. The impact force is achieved. Based on the impact force of the water flow itself, the following measures may further improve the cleaning effect:
1) Make the water flow jet and impact in the appropriate pulse form, or bring more bubbles into the water flow, which can also have a similar vibration and impact effect.
2) Add some additives with different functions to the water stream, such as adding fine hard heavy sand to form countless high-speed "bullets", or adding some surfactants to increase the cleaning function. The impact cleaning ability of the water column is also related to the size of the water column There are relationships.
3) By changing the frequency of water pulses, the best combination with pressure is achieved. For example, a professional dental scaler in a dental clinic has a high frequency of more than 20,000 times. From the principle of using frequency vibration to clean objects, the higher the frequency, the better the cleaning effect.
There are two main sources of water pressure required by the dental flusher: 1) Use self-contained pump to generate water pressure;
2) Direct use of the pressure of tap water. Therefore, according to the structure of the tooth flusher, it can be divided into two categories: electric tooth flusher and faucet flusher. The structure of the electric tooth flusher mainly includes an electric water pump, a water storage tank, and a sprinkler. The faucet flushes The structure of the dental appliance mainly has a connection device with a faucet and a nozzle.
Necessity of dental flushing device:
At the junction of the tooth and the gum, there is a sulcus about 2 mm deep around the tooth but not attached to the tooth called the gingival sulcus. This is the most important way to the root of the tooth.
The junction is the easiest place to contain dirt, and is the place most likely to cause tooth and gum disease. Gingival sulcus and interdental space are the two most difficult places to clean. Some studies have pointed out that “up to 40% of the tooth surface is unusable. Toothbrush cleaning". Although dental floss (or toothpick) can remove the deposits on the tooth surface, microscopically, the uneven tooth surface will still be unclean. Bacteria only needs a very thin layer of nutrient film to grow. The harmful effects of the dirt membrane are still partly present. Both the force of destruction and the pressure water flow that can be drilled into the hole is the most ideal way of oral cleaning in principle. According to the research of the United States, the pressure water column can rush into the gingival sulcus. Rinse to a depth of 50-90%. The pressure water jet can not only clean all kinds of crevices, holes and convex and concave surfaces, but also achieve microscopic thorough "cleaning" instead of macroscopic rough "removal". In addition to the function of cleaning teeth and oral cavity, water flow also massages the gums, promotes the blood circulation of the gums and enhances the resistance of local tissues; at the same time, it can also eliminate bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene.
In addition to uncomfortable food debris stuffed between teeth and bacteria, the greater harm is that it provides nutrients to dental plaque. If it is not removed in time, dental plaque can easily become calcified and become "tartar" which accumulates on the roots of teeth, oppresses and stimulates the periodontal environment, and causes periodontal atrophy. Therefore, using a toothpick or toothpick or dental floss to clean the gap between teeth is actually a major source of nutrients to block dental plaque.
Portable dental flusher:
With the development of tooth flushing technology, there is a rechargeable portable tooth flushing device. The host uses a rechargeable battery as a power source. It only needs to be charged during use, and it can be used for about one to two weeks. Due to the small size of the main body of the portable dental flusher, there is no wire in the body, and no external power supply is needed when using it. It is suitable for daily use, and is also suitable for use outside or in places without power. For people with orthodontics (orthodontics with braces), because they need to clean the food on the braces after each meal, portable flushers are more suitable for them to use, because they can be used in any occasion. For more users, they prefer The reason for the portable dental flusher is that it does not need to be plugged in when it is used, and there is no long cord of the desktop dental flusher, which is more convenient to use.
The role of the red tooth device:
The toothbrush is simple and convenient, and has a good cleaning effect on the accessible tooth surface. Dental floss (including the toothpicks commonly used by the Chinese) has a good effect on cleaning foreign bodies between the teeth and part of the gingival sulcus. The high-speed water flow has its unique cleaning and health care function and is simple to use. The tooth flusher has always been used as an auxiliary supplement for toothbrushes. It is designed to flush between the teeth and the gingival sulcus and other areas where toothbrushes are difficult to clean with a limited water column. But the market There are already multiple water column and unlimited water tap flushing device. It not only can maintain the traditional function of the flushing device, and guide the gingival sulcus and interdental contact with a convex hole to accurately flush the gingival sulcus and interdental cavity, but also can "sweep" a large area of tooth surface and tongue with multiple water columns And oral mucosa, etc. Various cleaning methods have their own characteristics, and the best dental oral health effect will be a combination of these methods. For example, brush your teeth before going to bed, flush your teeth after three meals, and use dental floss regularly. To The hospital treats the existing dental and oral diseases, and regularly visits the dentist every six months to a year to clean the teeth. Usually, the toothbrush, flusher, and dental floss are used carefully to keep the teeth and oral cavity clean. A healthy and hygienic oral cavity is promising. Up.
How to use the teether:

The electric dental flusher is a relatively new kind of oral cleaning appliance. In Europe and the United States, the dental flusher is a must-have hygiene product for many families. Dental flushers have also entered China, and many people have gradually liked this comfortable and useful dental health care appliance. For the exposed interdental space, the cleaning effect of the flusher is quite good. The tooth flusher pressurizes the water through the pump body, and can generate 800 to 1600 ultra-fine high-pressure pulse water columns per minute. The exquisitely designed nozzle can make this high-pressure pulse water column flush to any part of the oral cavity without obstacles, including toothbrushes, Dental floss and toothpicks are not easy to reach between teeth and deep gums. After a meal, just rinse for 1-3 minutes to clean the food debris between the teeth. The impact of the high-pressure pulse water flow of the dental flusher is a kind of flexible stimulus. This kind of water flow not only does not hurt any part of the mouth or face, but also massages the gums, which makes it feel very comfortable. To make the dental flusher give full play to the role of tooth protection, it is best to use it to flush the teeth every time after eating, to develop another "mouthwash" habit. Generally speaking, clean water is sufficient for the dental flushing device, and mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs can also be added to enhance some effects in a targeted manner. The gap between the teeth of middle-aged and elderly people is larger, and it is easier to remove the food residues between the teeth with a tooth cleaner. Compared with toothpicks, the biggest advantage of the toothbrush is that it will not damage the tooth surface or periodontal no matter how it is used. The toothbrush, toothpicks and dental floss complement each other.

Many people like to use a flusher to brush their teeth, but after using the flusher, they feel that a toothbrush or an electric toothbrush is no longer necessary. So, is this the fact?
Can a flusher replace a toothbrush

The toothbrush cannot replace the toothbrush, because the main function of the toothbrush is to clean the food residue after meals, but its cleaning ability is not as good as a toothbrush. More importantly, the toothbrush decay is mainly aimed at periodontitis, etc. Waiting for the crowd, and the flusher is useless for a lot of dental plaque or some dental flora. At this time, a toothbrush or toothpaste is needed.
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Can a toothbrush replace a toothbrush? Do you want to brush your teeth with a flusher?

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Many people like to use a flusher to brush their teeth, but after using the flusher, they feel that a toothbrush or an electric toothbrush is no longer necessary. So, is this the fact?
Can a flusher replace a toothbrush

The toothbrush cannot replace the toothbrush, because the main function of the toothbrush is to clean the food residue after meals, but its cleaning ability is not as good as a toothbrush. More importantly, the toothbrush decay is mainly aimed at periodontitis, etc. Waiting for the crowd, and the flusher is useless for a lot of dental plaque or some dental flora. At this time, a toothbrush or toothpaste is needed.

Can a toothbrush replace a toothbrush? Do you want to brush your teeth with a flusher?
The experience of using the dental appliance

The tooth punch has a streamlined shape and a comfortable grip. You can freely operate the switch and mode keys with one hand. It is convenient and simple to use! In addition, the design of the water box on the back is very ingenious and ergonomic. Moreover, the overall weight of the tooth punch is moderate, which is just right for one-handed control!

The lithium battery of the dental flusher supports super battery life, and it can be used for about 30 days on a single charge! No longer have to worry about battery issues when going out. (This is the matching inductive charging stand)

The packaging box of the dental flusher contains a charging socket, a carrying case and an instruction manual. The tooth rinsing device and the 2 nozzles that come with it are placed in a portable box, which is suitable in size and easy to carry when going out. Hmm~ The portable box is really a good idea!

There is a white button on the top of the dental flusher. With a light press, the nozzle can be pulled out, and the nozzle is easy to install. Just insert it directly and it’s OK. The nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees manually, which greatly facilitates the user to clean interdental and periodontal stains in all directions. There is no need to rotate the machine back and forth. It is a convenient and practical design.

The inductive charging stand is IPX7 waterproof. In addition to the convenient and safe charging function, it also has a storage function. 2 nozzles can be placed, which is convenient to share with your family. It is safe and hygienic! Teeth flusher water box is 150ml capacity, dark blue body, food-grade transparent PC material. The water box can be easily disassembled, and the water can be filled from the upper part or the lower part. It is completely possible to fill the water according to our own habits. The nozzle is made of ABS resin, which is safe and hygienic. What we have to do is to replace the nozzle regularly! After several days of use, the cleaning effect is obvious. After brushing your teeth and then flushing your teeth, you will have a feeling of spar your teeth, and the sense of transparency will soar in an instant! It is very worthwhile for those in need to use it, and it is recommended to have 5 stars. pass: When the tooth punch is first used, it will be a little difficult to master the angle and water pressure. It is recommended that novice users choose the soft mode. This mode is the lowest and the lightest water pressure in the three-speed mode. In addition, when flushing, it is recommended that you press the switch key on your hands, so that you can switch the machine at any time. If the nozzle slides out of the mouth when the dental flusher is moved, it will spray water everywhere when it is turned on! It can be seen how important it is to shut down at any time!

Matters needing attention for dental flushing device:
Daily oral care, if you can brush your teeth correctly and effectively, twice a day is enough, but if the method is improper, brushing multiple times will be useless, and even if the force is too strong, it will aggravate the shrinkage of the gums. The basic principle of scientific tooth brushing is to ensure that every tooth and every surface can be brushed. Although there is a lot of similar popular science publicity, even doctors admit that it is difficult to figure out just by looking at the icon. Even if you are facing the model, it is not the same as brushing your own teeth. Sometimes I feel that I have brushed it thoroughly, but in fact it leaves a lot of dead spots. So everyone gets up in the morning and spends a few more minutes, slowly and carefully brushing the teeth clean.
Efficacy of dental flusher:
·Clean the plaque on the tooth surface, keep the mouth clean, and make people feel fresh.
·Clean tongue coating and remove bad mouth odor.
·Strongly remove food residues and harmful bacteria trapped in the gaps between teeth that cannot be reached by toothbrushes and dental floss, effectively preventing tooth decay, gingivitis, dental calculus and periodontitis.
·Massage and stimulate the gums, improve blood circulation, relieve toothache, and inhibit gum bleeding.
·Help children develop good oral cleaning habits and prevent early tooth decay.
·Simple and efficient cleaning of orthodontic appliances is a powerful tool for people who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures to clean their oral cavity.
Applicable people:
1. Severely troubled tone
2. Bleeding gums
3. Wear orthodontic appliances
4. Oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.
5. There are dental implants and dentures in the mouth
6. Cleaning is needed after oral surgery to prevent infection。

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