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Electric Toothbrush (45)

Electric Toothbrush
In contemporary society, a good tooth becomes more and more important. After all, it is not just a matter of eating, but also related to the decline in appearance, the pain of tooth decay, the huge cost of filling and extracting teeth...It can be said that "a tooth is destroyed and the whole body is moved"! More and more people are beginning to pay attention to oral problems. In order to brush their teeth well, manual tooth brushing can no longer meet the growing "lazy" demand of lazy people. Electric toothbrushes are being planted by more and more people. Some people expressed doubts: Is an electric toothbrush really useful? To clean the teeth well, is the tool important or the method important?
01Is it cleaner and whiter to use an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth?

Not really. Although it seems a bit sorry for the price of electric toothbrushes of hundreds of thousands, if you can strictly follow the "Pap Brushing Method" to brush your teeth every morning and evening, there is no significant difference between the brushing effect of electric toothbrushes and ordinary toothbrushes.

Pap brushing method:

1. Choose a soft toothbrush, place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle with the surface of the tooth and gently press it on the junction of the teeth and the gums; 2. Brush gently back and forth in a small arc at the junction of the gums and the teeth, the upper row Brush the teeth down and the lower teeth up (to brush gently, not too much force), make sure that the surface of each tooth is brushed, and pay attention to brushing the gums lightly. 3. When brushing the back of the teeth, the toothbrush is erected and placed at an angle of 45 degrees, the upper row of teeth is down, and the lower row of teeth is lifted up and gently brushed; 4. For the occlusal surface of the teeth, the toothbrush should be tilted to the occlusal surface Brush vertically and with moderate intensity; 5. When brushing the inner surface of the upper and lower front teeth, the toothbrush should be erected, and the bristles at the front of the toothbrush should be used to brush up and down along the teeth in a small arc; 6. The last step is to lightly brush the surface of the tongue. Gently remove food residues and bacteria from the inside out to keep your breath fresh.

02Is an electric toothbrush an IQ tax?

That's not enough. Electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes are just like washing machines and hand washing. If you use an ordinary toothbrush, in order to ensure that each tooth surface has enough brushing time, each brushing time should not be less than 3 minutes, and a certain amount of strength must be applied to effectively clean the gingival sulcus and control plaque. Using an electric toothbrush will save a lot of effort. You only need to put it in the right position and move it stably along the gum line for about 2 minutes. Its tremor effect can help you achieve effective cleaning.

03Is it possible to use an electric toothbrush seriously instead of washing teeth?

No way. Brushing can remove dental plaque, soft dirt and food residues, maintain oral hygiene, and maintain the health of teeth and periodontal tissues. With the use of dental floss and other interdental cleaning tools, the adjacent plaque can be removed. Rinsing after meals can remove food residues in the oral cavity and keep the oral cavity clean.

However, these mechanical methods can only remove about 70% of the dental plaque, and the remaining part of the calcified dental calculus cannot be removed by brushing the teeth, and can only be removed by cleaning the teeth (that is, washing the teeth). Whether you use an ordinary toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, daily oral care cannot replace your teeth. The electric toothbrush has already helped you stole most of your laziness. The rest of the cleaning work must be done by yourself!

When electric toothbrushes first appeared in our lives, they were questioned a lot, but now people find that many people who insist on using electric toothbrushes have avoided serious dental problems. Today's electric toothbrushes are really loved by more and more people. If you don't understand electric toothbrushes at this moment, you must learn more about this aspect of health knowledge for your own dental health.

An Internet celebrity health expert once shared his experience of using electric toothbrushes, which surprised many people who have never used it. It turned out that the beauty brushed out a lot of yellow foam when she used an electric toothbrush for the first time, and even the tiny tartars in her teeth were also removed.

One month later, the beauty's teeth had undergone earth-shaking changes, and even her boyfriend started using electric toothbrushes, and the effect was particularly satisfactory.

Compared with ordinary toothbrushes, what are the advantages of electric toothbrushes? These 4 advantages you should know

1. The level of cleanliness is more thorough

The cause of many dental problems is simple, because we do not clean the teeth in place on weekdays. Don't think this is irrelevant. It is the plaque attached to the tooth surface for a long time that causes the tooth surface to be corroded and the gums are damaged. Over time, it will naturally cause a series of dental problems. The cleanliness of electric toothbrushes is often the most satisfactory.

2. Improved tooth brushing efficiency

Many dentists say that too many people are in a state of ineffective brushing, even if it is guaranteed to brush twice a day in the morning and evening, it will not help.

The electric toothbrush allows us to clean all areas of our teeth while insisting on brushing our teeth every morning and evening. This is especially important, which is equivalent to the electric toothbrush constantly urging us to ensure the cleaning effect of our teeth.

3. Comfort is guaranteed

For people with sensitive teeth, the use of ordinary toothbrushes often makes the gums very uncomfortable, while the gentle vibration of an electric toothbrush will make the gums very comfortable, so that the originally offensive brushing experience will become particularly comfortable. You will get ideal maintenance.

4. Let children fall in love with brushing their teeth

Electric toothbrushes generally have a very cute shape, and children tend to fall in love with brushing their teeth because they like an electric toothbrush. And when the electric toothbrush is turned on, it’s like a train running around in your mouth. Parents don’t have to have headaches and children don’t like brushing their teeth. Brushing teeth in the morning will become the happiest thing for children every day.

Don’t be confused, this electric toothbrush must be the best for you

Most quality electric toothbrushes can meet the aforementioned advantages. However, as to which electric toothbrush to choose is the most cost-effective one, many people always feel particularly confused about this issue. In addition, many dentists also suggest that you need to replace electric toothbrushes regularly, so expensive electric toothbrushes are not the best choice.

Conclusion: How can a good life be without a perfect electric toothbrush? With a healthy tooth, we will have a healthy body and the most confident smile in the future. Staying away from dental problems is the beginning of becoming a healthy person.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric ToothbrushElectric Toothbrush

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