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Emergency Kits (36)

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An emergency kit is a collection of tools used to deal with various disasters. Generally, small tools to deal with disasters are packed into a bag, called an emergency kit. Emergency kits are emergency kits that provide life-sustaining food, water, first-aid supplies, and essential items for simple life and self-rescue during and after natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides, and typhoons. (Food is small in size, light in weight and high in energy. Mineral water can be used directly for water).
Emergency kits are a series of items that enable people affected by disasters to actively help themselves and each other and buy them time to wait for rescue. In addition to the necessary life-saving water and emergency food, the emergency kit also stores first aid kits and other first aid supplies, as well as some necessities for life and self-rescue mutual rescue, such as cold-proof insulation blankets that can effectively maintain body temperature, help trapped persons to dig out rubble and climb Rubber gloves for climbing ropes, radios that can understand outside information, etc.
The probability of using the emergency kit is very low, and it may not be useful for a lifetime, but as long as it is used once, it can save oneself or others for a lifetime. Therefore, when purchasing emergency kits, the emergency kits must comply with the following requirements:
The emergency kit adopts a double-shoulder design, which is evenly loaded, and allows users to free their hands for easy movement.
Must have the luminous effect of the luminous strip. Help you find emergency kits quickly in the dark.
There are mesh pockets on both sides of the emergency kit, so you can put supplies you need at any time, such as drinking water and food.
Other emergency products in the package, among which the 3000 Hz disaster prevention and emergency high-frequency whistle is a real life-saving emergency equipment and must be equipped.
Emergency kit outsourcing
1. Large American waterproof luminous backpack
Disaster prevention and help
2.3000 Hz disaster prevention emergency high-frequency whistle + 3.10 meters reflective escape rope rope
Disaster prevention lighting
4. 3-4 hours special candle (4)+5. Windproof and waterproof double-headed matches+6. Portable multifunctional emergency flashlight
Disaster prevention and protection
7. Dust mask (3)+8. Anti-slip gloves+9. Emergency raincoat for disaster prevention+10. Compressed towel gloves for Japan earthquake
Disaster prevention life
+11. Insulation emergency blanket+12. Insulation tent+13. Ultra-thin insulation sleeping bag+14. Multifunctional folding shovel medium+15.15L folding bucket+16. Multifunctional tool axe+17. Multifunctional pliers
Disaster prevention and first aid
18. First aid kit empty bag+19. Band-aid 19X72M+20. Band-aid 10X45MM+21. Gauze bandage+22. Bandage+23. Cotton ball+24. Metal tweezers+25. Scissors+26. Non-woven tape+27. Alcohol disinfection Piece+28. Cotton swab
The emergency kit [1] itself should be able to be carried on both shoulders, not by one hand. The width of the bag should not exceed the shoulder width of ordinary people, which is conducive to evacuation in narrow spaces.
The color of the emergency kit should be bright and conspicuous, orange-red is easy to be found, camouflage color should not be used.
The emergency kit should be strong enough, because it is a disaster prevention emergency, so you have to try it back once the spare parts are ready. Walk with a backpack on your back and see if your actions are agile. Life-saving water-bring your own. A few bottles of mineral water or homemade cold boiled water. Homemade cold boiled water should be replaced regularly to ensure that it does not deteriorate.
For family emergency kits, make sure that your family understands its purpose and storage location, and should not easily misappropriate the contents. The storage location is best placed in a conspicuous place and on the emergency evacuation route.
Internal single product
[1-2] Water-There are two choices: life-saving water is best. Drinking such water can relieve the physical discomfort caused by lack of water. If necessary, it can be used to clean the wound to avoid infection. It can be effectively used by the body, delaying the body's demand for water.
The second is to buy ordinary bottled water. At least one liter a day, change regularly. Ensure that the emergency kit is not too heavy and that the evacuation is convenient, the more water and food are prepared, the better.
Life-saving water can solve the problem of life-saving in a small amount, which is easy to store and easy to carry.
Ordinary drinking water takes up space and has a short shelf life. It needs to be replaced frequently, which is troublesome
Food-choose canned food, dry mix food and some food that does not require refrigeration, cooking and special processing; avoid choosing food that is easy to cause thirst;
Medical supplies-including basic first aid supplies, personal medicines, and special equipment. Basic first aid supplies refer to the basic pre-hospital first aid supplies used for bandaging, hemostasis, fixation, and wound treatment, such as sterile gauze, bandages, adhesive tapes (bands), tourniquets, band-aids, alcohol cotton pads, and so on. Personal medicines include daily non-prescription drugs such as daily anti-inflammatory drugs and antidiarrheal drugs, as well as patient-specific drugs such as Suxiao Jiuxin Pills. Special equipment refers to medical equipment needed by the elderly or patients, such as thermometers, sphygmomanometers, and so on.
Self-rescue and mutual rescue tools-such as high-frequency whistle (must be tested at 3000 Hz to be effective), can opener, multi-function tool, wear-resistant gloves, safety rope, flashlight, radio, spare battery, etc.
Daily hygiene products-personal change of coats, pants, underwear, etc., hygiene products, and toiletries such as toothbrushes.

There is no uniform standard for the configuration of emergency kits, and the configuration is mainly based on the characteristics of the location in response to disaster risks. You can configure a single product according to your needs. You can also find professional manufacturers to buy emergency kits, and then supplement them according to the family situation, such as copies of certificates, copies of important documents, supplies for women, babies, and the elderly.

Emergency Kits

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