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The Building Automation System (BAS) is an integrated subsystem in an intelligent building. Its main function is to implement integrated monitoring, linkage and management of the real-time monitoring system in the building. So what are the general contents of building automation systems? The following editor will give you a specific introduction.
What is a building automation system

    The building automation system is the abbreviation of the building automation system (BAS). It is one of the indispensable and important parts of the intelligent building. It is characterized by "centralized management and decentralized control", mainly for all public electromechanical equipment of the entire building, including Central air-conditioning system, water supply and drainage system, power supply and distribution system, lighting system, elevator system, etc., are optimized and automated control management, thereby reducing equipment failure rate and reducing maintenance and operation costs. The ultimate goal of building automation is to provide building users with a more efficient, safe, fast, comfortable and economical living environment.

The role of building automation system

    Real-time monitoring to avoid accidents

    The computer system monitors the mechanical and electrical equipment and the building environment in real time, and monitors hidden dangers that cannot be discovered by labor at any time, so as to make up for the lack of manpower and avoid major losses.

    Meet comfort requirements

    Automatic indoor constant temperature and humidity control to ensure proper temperature and humidity to provide employees and customers with a comfortable environment; automatic delivery of fresh air to ensure fresh air and reduce office syndrome; humanized intelligent lighting control allows work More convenient.

    Scientific management, reduce costs

    Through BAS's automatic monitoring and effective management of the electromechanical equipment in the building, it is possible to use the least energy consumption to maintain the normal operation of the equipment and save energy.

    Through the timing management of the equipment, the service life of the equipment is prolonged and the maintenance cost of the equipment is saved.

    The BAS system greatly facilitates the operation and maintenance of equipment, greatly improves the work efficiency of maintenance personnel, and reduces enterprise labor costs.

What content does the building automation system generally include?

    The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system provides a comfortable environment in the building and is an important subsystem in BAS. The system provides an optimal control for the electromechanical equipment in the building (such as cooling towers, chillers, air handlers, air control equipment, etc.). Its basic control functions include: equipment control, cycle control, optimal start/stop control, mathematical functions, logic functions, trend operation records, alarm management, etc.
    The water supply and drainage system is mainly for the supply of drinking water and the discharge of sewage.

    The power supply and distribution system provides monitoring, alarm, management and program control for the high and low power distribution rooms and all substation and distribution equipment in the building through the BAS management center, and provides control programs, time programs and corresponding linkages for important electrical equipment program.

    The lighting system mainly monitors the lighting and saves energy better. Use pre-arranged time programs to automatically control lighting.

    The elevator control system implements centralized control and management procedures for multiple elevators in the building through the BAS system, and at the same time cooperates with some subsystems of the BAS system to execute linkage procedures.


    Nowadays, the global building automation market has been gradually improved and developed. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the development of building automation is directly related to the design and management of buildings, and promotes the development of buildings in a smarter and more complete direction.

Building Automation

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