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Table Lamps (28)


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Table Lamps

Table lamp refers to an electric lamp with a base used on a table. It is small and exquisite and easy to carry. The desk lamp is mainly used for lighting, which is convenient for reading, studying and working.
With the continuous development of the appearance and shape of the table lamp, the table lamp has far exceeded the value of the table lamp itself, and the table lamp has become a work of art.
Table lamp introduction:
1. There are lamp decorations that can be placed on a flat table, and often have lampshades.
2. A lamp designed or used for reading.
Table lamp is a kind of household appliance used for lighting in people's lives. The bulbs used in general desk lamps are incandescent lamps and energy-saving bulbs.
3. The myopic eye protection table lamp adopts blue light and ultraviolet isolation technology, and the color rendering index is above 94.
Table lamps are classified according to their functions: reading table lamps, decorative table lamps, accompanying reading lamps, and portable table lamps.
Reading table lamp, the lamp body is simple and light, refers to the table lamp specially used for reading and writing. This kind of table lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction of light and the brightness, and it is mainly used to illuminate the reading function.
The decorative table lamp has luxurious appearance, diverse materials and styles, and complex structure of the lamp body, which is used to embellish the space effect. The decorative function and the lighting function are equally important.
The table lamp in the room has far surpassed the value of the table lamp itself, and the table lamp has become a rare work of art. Under the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration, the decorative function of the table lamp is more obvious.
Clip-on lamp:
In addition to reading and decoration, the table lamp. The latest technology is also like a robot, which can move, dance, automatically dim, play music, clock, video, touch and other functions, especially the ceramic table lamp also has the value of collection.
What role does lighting play in home life? In the dark night, the lights are elves and masters of creating a warm atmosphere. Through the levels of light and shadow, the space is more vigorous; during the day, lamps and lanterns are turned into decorative art of the living room, which, together with furniture, fabrics, and decorations, embellish life.
Table lamp type classification:
1. Touch
Stand lamp
Stand lamp
The principle of the touch-sensitive table lamp is that an electronic touch-type IC is installed inside, which forms a control loop with the electrode sheet at the touch of the table lamp.
When the human body touches the sensing electrode sheet, the touch signal is transmitted to the touch sensing terminal by pulsating direct current to generate a pulse signal, and then the touch sensing terminal will send a trigger pulse signal to control the light; touch again, the touch signal will be pulsed again The direct current generates a pulse signal and transmits it to the touch sensing terminal. At this time, the touch sensing terminal will stop sending the trigger pulse signal. When the alternating current crosses zero, the light naturally goes out.
However, sometimes it will light up after a power failure or unstable voltage. If you touch a paper or cloth with excellent signal sensitivity, you can also control it.
2. Brightness adjustable
The working principle of the adjustable desk lamp is that a resistance-capacitance phase shift circuit is composed of resistor R2, potentiometer RP1, and capacitor C. Adjusting RP1 can change the conduction angle of the triac V, thereby changing the brightness of the bulb EL. Resistor R1 is a current limiting resistor. The charging speed of C is also related to the parallel circuit.

When R1 and RP2 are fixed, the size of the shunt is determined by the resistance of the photoresistor RL. When the grid voltage rises, the light brightness increases, the RL resistance value decreases, the shunt increases, the voltage across the capacitor C rises slowly, the thyristor V conduction angle decreases, the output voltage decreases, and the light brightness decreases; on the contrary, when the power grid When the voltage drops, the RL resistance value increases, the shunt decreases, the thyristor conduction angle increases, the output voltage increases, and the light brightness increases. The brightness of the light is automatically stabilized at the set value.

IngoMaurer is a German designer born in 1931. Design magazines large and small seem to have to mention this "Poet of Light". There is no doubt that IngoMaurer is the designer who has devoted the most effort and wisdom to light (lights) in the world.
table lamp
Table lamp (2 photos)
So far, IngoMaurer has designed more than 120 different types of lights and lighting installations, and there are countless exhibition sites in the world. The wonderful atmosphere of public spaces, architectural facilities, and private premises is created by IngoMaurer. IngoMaurer's earliest spontaneous exposure to light (lamps) came from his fascination with lamps, which he described as "perfect union of technology and poetry" (a harmonious combination of technology and poetry). In 1966, IngoMaurer benefited from Pop Art and designed its first work: a table lamp with a huge light bulb, which completed its salute to Edison, the inventor of the electric light. For more than 30 years since then, IngoMaurer has been constantly creating for the poetic pursuit of light-simple beauty.
In 1992, Lucellino wore poetic angel wings and fell to the world-this is also IngoMaurer's most acclaimed and best-selling work. The "poet" working in Munich is neither a minimalist nor a designer who firmly adheres to those design theories. Only the pursuit of "infinite diversity" is what IngoMaure's works want to calmly elucidate. For him, design is just an interesting science that can be inspired by everyday life. The creation of piece by piece of work can be said to be encounters with inspiration again and again. IngoMaurer uses his quiet keenness to capture them (inspirations), and then uses his poetic temperament to show all the beauty to a pair of shiny pairs. Eyes. IngoMaure's research attempts and innovations on light materials are the prerequisites for its creation of poetic works. Ingo has been thinking about using "paper" to shape the shape of light ever since he was a printer at the school when he was a student.
Lampampe in 1980 and Zettel’z in 1997 were the creation of paper. The use of fabrics and the creation of sculptural visual effects are another major feature of Ingo's design. IngoMaure is still at the forefront of technology and is a "pioneer poet".
LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology just appeared, IngoMaure immediately applied it to the design of LaBellissima Brutta (1997), let the new technology radiate the light of poetry. The subsequent works of ohoodoo (1999), Stardust (2000) and El.E.Dee (2001) all continued the IngoMaure experimental style and the poetic design aesthetics of technological pioneers.

The development trend of table lamps:
Western-style table lamp
Nowadays, there are many types of table lamps, and the bulbs are divided into energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps and LED bulbs. Control methods are: switch control, touch control, brightness adjustable, and even voice control. But what consumers need is a practical, energy-saving, and reliable product.

Table lamp performance requirements:

When the writing desk lamp is in the normal working position, there are three main optical performance requirements
(1) Shading
In a normal sitting posture, people’s eyes should not be able to see the inner wall of the lampshade and the light source when looking at the horizontal direction;
(2) Desktop illumination requirements
The working area illuminated by the desk lamp should be 250lx—500lx, and the minimum illuminance should be ≥120lx.
(3) Illumination uniformity requirements
It should be ensured that in the work area illuminated by the desk lamp, the illuminance is relatively uniform and cannot produce particularly bright or dark spots. Only by ensuring these three basic optical performance requirements can the eye fatigue be reduced and it can be called a writing desk lamp.
Style style
According to the style classification: modern table lamps, antique table lamps, European-style table lamps, Chinese-style table lamps, luxury, simplicity, fashion, etc.
Table lamps are classified according to their materials: hardware table lamps, resin table lamps, glass table lamps, crystal table lamps, solid wood table lamps, ceramic table lamps and so on. The advantages and disadvantages of different desk lamps:
1. Advantages of wrought iron table lamp: stylish, modern, diverse in shape, suitable for decoration and versatile, low price. Disadvantages: easy to rust.
2. Advantages of crystal table lamp: suitable for luxurious decoration, beautiful, high-grade, large size, heavy and luxurious. Disadvantages: fragile, high price.
3. Wooden table lamp: Advantages: classic, simple in shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, moderate price. Disadvantages: easy to break, fade, open glue.
4. Advantages of acrylic table lamp: small size, low price, easy to carry. Disadvantages: Not up to grade.
5. Advantages of resin table lamp: suitable for European style decoration, the structure of the lamp body is complex, and the style is noble and elegant. Disadvantages: easy to fade after a long time, and the price is high.
6. Advantages of jade table lamp: exquisite and transparent, high collection value Disadvantages: high price, fragile.
7. Advantages of ceramic table lamps: artistic, classical, diverse styles, strong ornamental, durable, and affordable. Disadvantages: fragile.

Table lamp purchase skills:

The light sources of writing desk lamps generally fall into four categories: incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and LEDs. The four types of light sources have their own advantages and disadvantages. Different people may like the light color and brightness of different light sources, and they should be suitable for each person. In order to project most of the light onto the desktop, the light source of the writing desk lamp is usually installed horizontally or downward.
When purchasing a writing desk lamp, in addition to checking its optical performance, you should also check whether other performances are qualified.
One pull, two adjustments, three shakes, four touches.
"Pull": Unplug the power cord from the socket, and pull the power cord out of the lamp cavity to see if the power cord is firmly connected. The power cord cannot fall off from the lamp cavity.
"Adjustment": Adjust the various working positions of the lamp. No sound can be made during adjustment. After adjustment, the working position should be easily and reliably locked.
"Shake": Adjust the desk lamp to the most unfavorable working position, and then gently shake the surface on which the desk lamp is placed to see if the desk lamp is easy to tip over. If the desk lamp is not stable, it is easy to tip over.
"Touch": After the desk lamp is lit for a period of time (2 hours), whether the heating parts that are easy to touch during use such as the lampshade are hot to prevent accidental burns in future use.
The following provides ten major table lamp brands for consumers to choose: PHILIPS, Osram, Hasbro, MKD, Liangliang, Panasonic, GUANYA, OPPLE, Jiuliang DP, Kailin desk lamp, Donglian Lighting.

Table lamps are one of the essential household appliances for bedrooms and study rooms. The types of table lamps on the market nowadays are dazzling, with dazzling styles, and the prices and quality are uneven. In addition, the eloquent sales staff mislead the product advertising, if Without doing enough homework in advance, I was blindly choosing a table lamp suitable for my own use. Today I will introduce the common light source types of table lamps and what principles should be followed when buying. I hope it will be helpful to you.
Common styles of table lamps

  1. The first incandescent lamp used

    The incandescent lamp is the first lighting product used since electricity. Its biggest function is that the light is closer to natural light, which protects our eyes. The disadvantage is that the heat dissipation is slow, and obvious visual fatigue will occur after reading, studying, and working for a long time, accompanied by dizziness and discomfort.

2. More common energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamps, we understand from the literal meaning to save electricity, which is also its advantage. Disadvantages The light source is not very stable, which means it hurts the eyes very close to the lamp.

3. Led lights commonly used now

Middle school physics textbooks have said that Led is a wide application of light-emitting diodes. Yes, its biggest advantage is energy saving and environmental protection, and it has a longer service life than ordinary lamps. The light source and heat dissipation are better, and it is favored by consumers.
4. Beware of trapped fluorescent lights

Some businesses falsely advertise how good fluorescent lamps are. Don’t be fooled. Most fluorescent lamps use phosphors instead of three primary colors. The light effect of phosphors is not as good as incandescent lamps. It is recommended that you buy them. cautious.
Which aspects should be considered when buying a lamp:
1. The most basic requirement for buying a satisfactory table lamp is good lighting effect. Secondly, eye protection and environmental protection. You can't blindly pay attention to price and brand. Xiaobian thinks that it should be mainly considered from the following aspects:

1. Power and luminous flux: The power should be more than 16 watts, and the luminous flux should be greater than 1200lm. For some counterfeit and shoddy products, if phosphors are used instead of the luminous medium, even if the power is large, the luminous flux will not reach this standard.
2. Color temperature: The color temperature of the light source is mainly high, medium and low. Low color temperature is yellowish warm color, high color temperature is white and cool color, and medium color temperature is soft light. It is obvious what these three grades are suitable for.
3. Color rendering: Simply put, when you buy a lamp, take a color photo and compare it with natural light and look at the difference. The smaller the deviation, the better the quality.
4. Illumination: To be straightforward is to turn on the desk lamp, take a look at the coverage area of the light it casts, and observe whether the light distribution is uniform and whether the degree of brightness is particularly obvious. These differences should not be too large.
5. The standard of the lampshade: follow two points, the lampshade must not be too deep, and there must be small holes or gaps on the top, so that the light scattering area is large, and the heat dissipation degree is good, which can meet the daily study, work and life.

Table Lamps

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