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Carving Chisel (115)


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What tools do beginners need for wood carving? How many carving knives and chisels do you need?
Of course, it’s best to be a set of engraving knives. It depends mainly on what carving is done. The total size is estimated to be dozens of pieces. After all, carving is a meticulous work. It may also be that some tools are temporarily not used when you are learning. But now the knives are not Expensive, the whole set can be cheaper. With complete tools, you don’t have to worry about anything tricky. There are also small hammers (wooden, iron, and rubber) that can be used. Now. Buy some wood for practice carving and practice with waste materials that are suitable for carving. Wood carving has to study the characteristics of various woods, some are suitable for carving and some are not suitable. Anyway, I often consult masters and colleagues for advice.
Flat knife: The cutting edge is straight, mainly used to shovel the unevenness of the wood surface to make it smooth and non-marking. The large model is used to chisel large-scale wood carvings. It has a blocky surface and can be used well, such as the brushstroke effect of painting. It appears vigorous, vivid and natural. The sharp-angled engraved line of the flat knife has a strong taste of a wooden knife.
2. Round knife: The cutting edge is arc-shaped, which is mostly used for round and round dents. It is also very useful for carving traditional flowers. The horizontal movement of the circular knife is relatively labor-saving, and it can adapt to large ups and downs and small changes. And the line of the round knife is not sure, it is flexible to use and easy to explore.
3. Oblique knife: The cutting edge is at an oblique angle of about 45 degrees, which is mainly used for the corners of the joints and hollow slits of the work to cut corners. If you engrave the corners of your eyes, the diagonal knife is better. The oblique knife is divided into forehand oblique and backhand oblique to suit all directions.
4. Chinese steel knife: The cutting edge is triangular, because its front is on the left and right sides, and the sharp set point is at the middle corner. Therefore, the heavier the pressure is, the thicker the line carved out by the triangular knife, and vice versa. Triangular knife is mainly used to engrave hair and decorative lines. During operation, the tip of the triangular knife advances on the wood plate, the wood chips are spit out from the triangular groove, and the part pushed by the tip of the triangular knife draws the line.

The auxiliary tools for woodcarving mainly include hammers, axes, saws, and rasps. The purpose of the axe is to work with the blank to cut a large amount of wood. Pay attention not to use too much force when cutting. Do not cut straight up and down. The blade of the axe should be kept at about 45 degrees from the vertical wood grain, otherwise the wood will crack. The purpose of the wooden file is mainly in the fine blank stage of round carving. It can replace the flat knife to flatten the knife mark for smoothing, and can replace the round knife or the oblique knife for hollowing treatment.

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