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Anti-Lost Alarm (59)

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The pace of life of modern people is getting faster and faster, and the pressure is increasing. There are too many things to remember in work and life, and there are more and more things to carry, such as mobile phones, wallets, keys and various EDC (EveryDay Carry) , These are basically necessary or favorites. If you accidentally lose or stolen, it must be troublesome or heartache. Last year I bought the Nubia nubia Z11 minis for three days and was accidentally taken away by the gentleman Liang Shang. The new machine with half a month's salary and three days of playing just disappeared like this. Imagine having this NUT protection at the time. If you lose your keychain, you won’t be using an old mobile phone that should be replaced a long time ago.

Out of the box is bland

The main color is black and the packaging is simple and refined, and the NUT anti-lost keychain under the transparent shell is clearly displayed in front of you. At first glance, it is a cute cartoon portrait, but the whole is a nut design.

For ordinary keychains with little technological content from the surface, the hot stamping logo is used on the front of the package to illustrate the main functions of "anti-lost and anti-forgetting, finder network, one-click finder, and mobile phone anti-lost". There is no other information, and the simplicity is somewhat unexpected.

The sponge card slot is relatively in place to protect the product, except for the main body of the NUT anti-lost keychain, only a simple quick use guide is attached. Originally, for this kind of very easy-to-handle small objects, the packaging does not need to be complicated, but I personally feel that the amount of information in this packaging is still a bit less.
The overall quality control process is fine

Except that the main body of the NUT anti-lost keychain is a yellow nut cartoon shape, the yellow color is eye-catching and fresh, and the overall is very cute and fashionable. It is suitable for children or girls, but the 40-year-old uncle level is still low-key.

The host adopts a skin-friendly surface coating. The matte surface is very soft and delicate, which complements the overall design of big eyes and small mouth, and this material can effectively resist fingerprints and perspiration pollution during actual use. , During the trial week, there was no fading or scratches, and the original color was basically maintained.

There is a physical button and four small-opened bells on the back. The shape of the nut is more vivid when viewed from the back. It looks like a chestnut from below, and it looks like an apple from above. The whole is exquisite and small but not rigid, more like a small handicraft, and it feels a bit love to play in the hand.

NUT anti-lost key deduction can be used as a key, and can also be hung on a backpack or handbag. It is also a good decoration.
Individual details need to be improved

【Call function】

Two smart watches, smart watch and welcome, also have call functions, but they are all single calls. Smart watch calls the device through the mobile phone, and welcome calls the mobile phone through the device. Only the Nut smart anti-lost keychain has a two-way call function. During the trial process, the call function of the three devices in the connected state can be tested normally and the delay time is very short.

The rebound feel of the physical buttons is very clear, and the feedback of the up and down stroke is obvious, but the damping feels a little bit larger, and it feels a little stiff.

The prompt sound of the host is crisp and the volume is moderate. In the trial, the prompt sound can still be heard 10 meters away, and the position of the sound can be distinguished quickly. However, for the author who used countless electronic watches in the early 1990s, this sound was too familiar, so that it felt a bit of a copycat and low-end.
The key ring and the chain part are of solid workmanship and thick materials, but the lobster tongs, which are important connecting parts, are thinner. In fact, in actual use, the frequency of use of lobster tongs is quite high. It is recommended that manufacturers upgrade the lobster tongs Upgrade to ensure greater safety.
The NUT anti-lost keychain is small and cute, easy to carry, and highly decorative. It is easy to find the APP and easy to use, especially when it is lost, it is very powerful in theory, fully functional and user-friendly. However, for a 99 yuan keychain, it should be possible to do better. For the lobster tongs, the quality should be further improved. The design that cannot replace the battery further reduces the cost-effectiveness of the product. In addition, it can further enrich the external shape of the product. Such as cartoon cute type, calm and low-key type, humorous type, etc., to meet the differentiated needs of more consumer groups.

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