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Alarm System Kits (50)


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Alarm System Kits

The home security system uses the host to connect various detectors wirelessly or wiredly to realize the anti-theft alarm function.

With the development of society and economy, people's safety awareness has been correspondingly improved. Due to the emergence of many social problems such as burglary and theft, people are also unprecedentedly worried and concerned about their own safety issues. In order to protect their own personal and property safety, many cities have appeared in "unique" landscapes such as anti-theft nets like bird cages and iron-clad anti-theft doors. These measures not only bring safety to the owner locally, but also leave hidden dangers of insecurity to the society and oneself. It not only affects the image of the city, but it is also difficult for firefighters to treat in time and endanger the safety of residents in the event of a fire. Secondly, the long-term wind and rain, aging and corrosion can easily cause the innocent objects to fall from high altitude, and even if it is installed With the anti-theft network, incidents of entering the house for money and killing have frequently occurred, so the home security alarm system has also emerged in this kind of environment.

The host is connected to a fixed telephone line. If there is an alarm, dial the alarm according to the mobile phone or phone number set by the customer. The home security system is an important facility to prevent accidents such as theft, robbery, and fire. In the event of an emergency, the owner can be notified quickly by phone, so that emergency measures can be taken quickly to prevent accidents or disasters from expanding.

1. Combination of wired defense zone and wireless defense zone.
2. Various methods of arming and disarming.
3. Control the power supply of infrared, smoke sensor and other probes and reset after power failure. The owner can suspend work after disarming at home, so that the probe can reduce frequent actions, prolong its service life, and reduce false alarms.

System Components:

As the last and most important line of defense of the community security system, the home security alarm system uses fully automatic anti-theft electronic equipment to determine illegal intrusions or various types of intrusions in unattended places through intelligent detection technology and various magnetic switches. For a gas leak, an on-site alarm is sent through the control box horn or warning light, and the alarm information is transmitted to the alarm center or the owner himself through the shared telephone network. At the same time, when someone at home has an emergency, they can also send emergency help messages to the community networking center through various wired or wireless emergency buttons or keyboards.

More and more families are beginning to get involved in security and pay attention to security. From physical defense to technical defense, the security system is constantly improving. However, because the public knows little about the popular "technical defense", and the current security market has a wide variety of brands, and lack of uniform standards, it often makes ordinary consumers No way to start. Therefore, when purchasing a home security alarm system, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. When purchasing products, you must clearly understand your own needs, not necessarily "high-precision". According to actual applications, choose suitable products to avoid unnecessary waste of funds.
2. When choosing products, you should choose products that are simple to operate and easy to install, so as to prevent users from encountering troubles during installation and commissioning. In addition, professionals are invited to come to the door, which will bring extra expenses and increase input costs invisibly.
3. When purchasing, it is best for users to choose products with infrared function, so as to ensure good performance whether it is in a dark environment or at night. In addition, it should be noted that the product function does not need to be too complicated, and it can be selected rationally according to the scope of application and practical.
4. The purchased security alarm system should have its own storage function, which is convenient for users to check in the future. Moreover, it must have a voice function, which can greatly improve work efficiency if external forces are required in actual applications. In addition, it should be noted that it is best for users to purchase products with linkage alarm function, which can realize local alarm and remote alarm at the same time, so as to better solve the harm caused by unsafe factors in daily life.
5. When purchasing security products, it is best for users to choose a system product that can support mobile device applications, which not only brings great convenience to daily monitoring, but also catches up with a fashion trend in the home security market. In addition, in order to ensure that the home environment is beautiful and generous, wiring issues must be taken into consideration, and users should try their best to choose wireless devices when choosing products, so as not to damage the overall beauty of the home.
Considering the long-term plan, users should not be greedy for cheap products when choosing products. It is best to choose mainstream manufacturers. On the one hand, the products of major brand manufacturers have passed professional certification, which guarantees certain quality. On the other hand, mainstream manufacturers' after-sales system is relatively complete, and the problems encountered in daily applications can be quickly and promptly responded to, ensuring the normal use of products, and improving the safety of the living environment.

Future development trend
First, the home network alarm service model should be simplified and standardized. The current commercial networked alarm service model includes not only charging equipment usage fees + service fees, but also users purchasing alarm equipment + installation and construction fees + service fees, as well as multiple modes of service experience deposit + service fee and single service fee. Different options for different types of business users and alarm companies with different operating systems. As the home network alarm service mode has the direct participation of the community property, it should be unified and standardized with the related service mode of the property. At the same time, a relatively important feature of home users is that the incident alarm equipment is installed in a private space, and the concept of private property should be strengthened. Therefore, the best way is for users to purchase anti-theft alarm equipment and pay for the alarm service. In addition, the establishment of the home network alarm service system and process should also be built around property management and property services, and establish a reputation and build a brand through the professionalization of the skills of the alarm service company and the service standardization of property management.
Second, the home networking alarm service system should rely on home networking alarm equipment based on wireless and network transmission. Most home users start the establishment of the security alarm system after the decoration is completed, so the wireless of the equipment has almost become a must, and the wireless equipment can also be installed and debugged easily and quickly. In terms of transmission mode, traditional telephone line transmission will no longer be applicable, and GPRS (2.5G, 3G, 4G technology) and TCP/IP network transmission will become the mainstream. At the same time, the previous experience in the sale of anti-theft alarm products in the home market tells us that the beautiful and fashionable appearance of the product is as important as the safety and convenience. It will be difficult for ordinary low-end mold products to gain a foothold in the home market, because with the awareness of safe consumption and Changes in consumption habits and users’ own understanding of systems and products, home security alarm products will also be like computers, experiencing changes from industrial control computers to personal PCs to notebooks and then to PDAs. These changes are all about exquisite appearance and fashion. The proof.
Third, in the past two years, the State Grid has been promoted in dozens of provinces across the country, requiring all newly built communities in all regions to achieve fiber-to-the-home. The core content of this project is: the use of optical fiber composite low-voltage cables and EPON (Ethernet-based passive optical network) technology to achieve optical fiber to the home, carrying the information collection service of residential users in the intranet. However, the EPON technology adopted by the system builds a high-speed power data network platform, and can also provide the integration of data, voice, video and other services. State Grid's view is that the power fiber to the home provides an important physical channel for the "three networks", solves the problem of network channel integration, and solves the terminal access problem of the information highway. Promoting the "three-network integration" with the "smart grid" and power optical fiber as the carrier has good economics, can realize the multi-use of one cable and the co-construction and sharing of network infrastructure, and has the network resources and service capabilities to provide public services to the society. It provides a high-bandwidth, large-capacity, wide-coverage, green and energy-saving network application platform and more value-added service space for the "three networks".
Finally, security alarm product manufacturers should play a more important role in home networking alarm services. With the increasing requirements for interactivity and entertainment of home security alarm systems, security alarm manufacturers should pay more attention to their civilian characteristics on the basis of ensuring the professionalism of their home products, and should directly override alarm companies and engineering companies in product design. Facing end users directly, and need to make products into services, and strengthen products with services, product installation is more convenient and flexible, maintenance is more convenient, and performance is more stable. Users can control the operating status of home terminal devices anytime and anywhere.

Applicable fields:

Home security alarm systems are widely used in family residences to prevent theft, robbery and emergency rescue, firework alarms, anti-cutting alarms, gas leak alarms, safes burglar alarms, and even some enterprises and institutions can also use them, such as cargo warehouse anti-theft alarms, factory heavy grounds , Restricted area anti-theft alarm, financial sector anti-robbing anti-theft alarm, agency unit, confidential file anti-theft, store shopping mall goods warehouse anti-theft alarm, residential community commercial and residential building network anti-theft alarm, car parking garage anti-theft alarm, etc.

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