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Access Control Kits (120)

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Access control system: also known as Access Control System (Access Control System), which is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. The access control controller is the core of the system, which uses the combination of modern computer technology and various identification technologies to reflect an intelligent management method.
The traditional mechanical door lock is just a simple mechanical device. No matter how reasonable the structural design and how strong the material is, people can always open it by various means. It is very troublesome to manage the keys in frequent passages (such as offices, hotel rooms). If the key is lost or the personnel are changed, the lock and key must be replaced together. In order to solve these problems, electronic magnetic card locks and electronic code locks have appeared. The appearance of these two types of locks has improved people's management of entrances and exits to a certain extent, and brought the management of channels into the electronic age. With the continuous application of electronic locks, their own defects are gradually exposed. The problem of magnetic card locks is that the information is easy to copy, the wear between the card and the card reader is large, the failure rate is high, and the safety factor is low. The problem with the code lock is that the code is easy to leak, and it is impossible to find out, and the safety factor is very low. At the same time, most of the products in this period used the card reader part (password input) and the control part to be installed outside the door, so it was easy to be unlocked outdoors. The access control system of this period is still in the early immature stage, so the access control system at that time is usually called an electronic lock, and it is not widely used.
communication method
According to the communication mode of the controller and the management computer, it is divided into: RS485 networked access controller, TCP/IP networked access controller and non-networked access controller.
1. Non-networked access control, that is, stand-alone control access control, is that one machine manages one door, and it cannot be controlled by computer software, nor can it be viewed and recorded, but directly controlled by the controller. It is characterized by low price, simple installation and maintenance, no records can be checked, and it is not suitable for places with more than 50 people or frequent turnover (referring to frequent entry and exit), and it is not suitable for projects with more than 5 doors.
2. 485 networked access control is a type of access control that can communicate with a computer, directly using software for management, including card and event control. Therefore, it has convenient management, centralized control, can view records, and analyze and process records for other purposes. The characteristic is that the price is relatively high, the installation and maintenance are more difficult, but the training is simple, and value-added services such as attendance can be provided. It is suitable for projects with many people, high mobility and many doors.
3. TCP/IP network access control, also called Ethernet network access control, is also an access control system that can be networked. It connects the computer and the controller to the network through a network cable. In addition to all the advantages of 485 access control networking, it also has faster speed, simpler installation, larger number of networks, and cross-regional or cross-city networking. However, the high price of equipment requires knowledge of computer networks. It is suitable for installation in large projects, large numbers of people, speed requirements, and cross-regional projects.
1) According to the number of doors controlled by each controller, it can be divided into: single-door controller, double-door controller, four-door controller and multi-door controller
2) According to the technology, it is divided into 8-bit single-board model controllers and 32-bit technology-based access controllers
3) According to the communication division: 485 communication, 422 communication, dual 485 communication, 485 to IP communication, TCP/IP communication controller
Card reader
1) The controller is divided into one-way controller and two-way controller according to the number of card readers that can be connected to each door
Note: If you enter a door, swipe your card, and press the button when you go out, the controller can only connect to one card reader for each door, which is called a one-way controller.
If there is a door, you can swipe your card when you enter the door, and you can also swipe your card when you go out (you can also connect to an exit button). Each controller can connect two card readers for each door, one is the door reader and the other is the card reader, called two-way. Controller.
2) According to the security level of the card reader, it is divided into: ID number reader (read-only), IC card encryption reader, CPU card reader, national secret CPU card reader
Note: Due to the low security level of the read-only card reader, the card is easy to be copied. The current highest security card reader in China belongs to the national secret CPU card reader with SM1 algorithm issued by the National Cryptography Administration.
Performance discrimination
Step 1: There is an old saying that "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys". The access control controllers that are of high quality and low price will have a good reputation. Please note that I am not advocating that there must be a famous brand, because famous brands are also flashy. The key is to see the negative reaction in the market. There can be no waves without wind, no matter what brand there are as many negative reactions as positive reactions, or even more negative reactions than positive advertisements, it is better to choose the access controller carefully.
Step 2: The appearance of the controller with stable performance can also be seen. Many so-called brand controllers like to use the shell frame tightly, leaving only a few interfaces on the outside. Some customers were stunned by the beautiful appearance and the bragging of sales staff. They did not know that to ensure the stability of the controller, work must be done on the board. First of all, weigh the weight of the board. I believe anyone who knows a little about this line can know the mystery. The number of layers of the PCB (circuit board) must be four or more layers to maximize the immunity from various sources. Interference, I believe that people who have used security equipment for a long time have had the experience of being frustrated by such inexplicable small faults. The importance of eliminating the possibility of various interferences to the greatest extent cannot be ignored. The second is the main chip. Generally speaking, to meet the current high-efficiency and fast requirements, 32-bit microcontrollers such as the ARM series are the mainstream configurations. Again, look at the various components above. What kind of relay capacity, detonator and various port protection components are necessary, and they must also reflect high performance. Although access control controllers are mostly used in civilian facilities, However, the standards must be industrial grade. Many manufacturers’ products look very delicate, and they also call it fine craftsmanship. They don’t know that industrial grade standards are as large as the chip and the terminals are all cruelly tested under various extreme conditions , Many manufacturers just say that their products are industrial-grade standards if only a certain two components or functions meet the industrial standard will only provoke the ridicule of insiders.
Step 3: This is mainly to remind buyers that they must first understand their needs and the actual functions of the product. Although some access control controller products have been in the market for a relatively long time, their own development capabilities are limited. The function of the product has been sold for several years, and the new needs of the customers cannot be satisfied, and it only has the reputation of the time-honored brand. Regardless of the special requirements of special occasions, the basic functions of an access controller can be summarized as follows:
1. No less than 12 ways to open the door, such as normally open, normally closed, password, card + password, first card, multiple cards, remote control, etc.
2. Regional anti-following, anti-sneak return, and regional population control.
3. At least 10,000 cardholders and credit card records.
4. Support any grouping and division of cardholders, and the same cardholder belongs to multiple departments.
5. Powerful calendar management function, support any number of schedule groups and holidays, any number of time groups, and arbitrarily set a day time period.
6. A variety of alarms, and set whether to enable them separately, such as door opening timeout, illegal entry, duress entry, valid credit card entry, anti-dismantling, anti-prying, etc.
7. Event records and alarm records are actively uploaded in real time.
8. Support the system's multi-door interlocking, and support arbitrary grouping of regions.
9. The power-off data is stored for more than ten years.
10. It can support various wiegand and RS485 card readers, and the wiegand interface provides sound and light response output.
11. Watchdog anti-crash, anti-lightning, anti-static, anti-interference, anti-dismantling and anti-prying, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to understand the R&D strength of the manufacturer. This can deliberately put forward some personalized requirements to see the response ability of the supplier.

Step 4: Seeing is not as good as seeing, and asking is not as good as trying. The so-called "cut" is to actually operate the functions of the access control controller. The access control controller manufacturers generally provide demo boxes for customers to try out. Readers must not ignore the demonstration. The function of the box, we must take the trouble to carry out the most thorough testing of each function, especially the basic functions that are particularly emphasized in the project. Then confirm whether the model and brand of each product in the demo box are the products selected in your project to be installed, because for the entire access control system, there is also a certain degree of compatibility between the various components, and different brands have There can be functional differences. As said on the training ground, sweat more in peacetime and bleed less in wartime to prevent the occurrence of various problems after the engineer has installed the system.

Buying advice:
Recommendation 1: Purchase an access controller with anti-crash and self-check circuit design
If the access controller crashes, the user will not be able to open or close the door, which will bring great inconvenience to the customer, and increase the maintenance amount and maintenance cost of the engineer. The access controller must be equipped with a reset chip or a CPU with a reset function. Generally, the 51 series CPU does not have the reset function, and a reset chip needs to be installed. At the same time, it must have a self-check function. If the circuit crashes due to interference or abnormal conditions, the system can self-check and start automatically in an instant.
Recommendation 2: Access controller with three-level lightning protection circuit design
Since the communication lines of the access controller are distributed and are prone to be attacked by induced lightning, the access controller must be designed for lightning protection. We recommend adopting a three-level lightning protection design. First, discharge the large current and high voltage generated by the lightning strike through the discharge tube, and then clamp the current and voltage entering the circuit through the inductance and resistance circuit. Then the residual current is removed through the TVS high-speed discharge tube The sum voltage is released at a high speed before it damages the circuit. The lightning protection index requires the 4000V induction lightning to cause no damage to the equipment for 50 consecutive times. The lightning protection index is high, and the equipment's anti-surge and anti-static capabilities will be correspondingly high. Some products advertise that they also have a lightning protection capability of 1500V. In fact, this indicator is that all chips have the ability to prevent lightning and surges at all.
Recommendation 3: The storage capacity of the registered card permissions should be large, and the storage capacity of offline records should also be large enough, and the storage chip should be a non-volatile storage chip.
It is recommended that the registration card permissions need to reach 20,000, and offline storage records of 100,000 records are best. This can meet the storage capacity requirements of most customers and facilitate attendance statistics. Must use non-volatile memory chips such as Flash, and the information will not be lost even if the power is off or is impacted. If the RAM+Battery mode is adopted, if the battery is dead or loose, or if it is impacted by current, the information may be lost, and the forbidden system may fail.
Recommendation 4: The design of the communication circuit should have a self-checking function, which is suitable for the needs of large-scale system networking
The access control controller is usually connected with the 485 industrial bus structure. Usually, many manufacturers choose max 485 487 or 1487 chips for cost saving. These chips have weak load capacity, usually the maximum load capacity is 32 devices, and if there are any in the bus The damage of a communication chip will affect the communication of the entire communication line, and it is impossible to find which controller chip is damaged. We recommend using high-end communication chips and integrated circuits similar to max3080. This circuit has a self-checking function. If the chip is damaged, the system will automatically disconnect it so that other control devices on the bus can communicate normally.
Recommendation 5: The application should be simple, practical and easy to operate
If the control program is applied, it will undoubtedly increase the training cost and time of the engineer for the customer. The customer’s difficulty in mastering the operation of the software will anger that the engineer’s service attitude will have a bad impact on the collection and renewal of the order. If the customer does not understand the software, it is easy to cause misoperation and cause practical inconvenience. Therefore, we suggest that when selecting an access control controller, engineers must pay attention to whether the operation of the software is simple, intuitive, and convenient, and one-sidedly emphasize that powerful functions are not suitable for promotion.
Recommendation 6: It is advisable to use a high-power relay of a well-known brand, and the output terminal has current feedback protection
The output of the access controller is controlled by a relay. When the controller is working, the relay must be opened and closed frequently, and an instantaneous current flows through each time it is opened and closed. If the capacity of the relay is too small, the instantaneous current may exceed the capacity of the relay, which will soon damage the relay. In general, the capacity of the relay should be more than 3 times the peak current of the electric lock. It is recommended to choose a relay with a rated operating current of 7A. The output terminal is usually connected to high-current inductive devices such as electric locks, and the instantaneous on and off will produce the impact of feedback current, so the output terminal should be protected by components such as varistors or reverse diodes.
Recommendation 7: The input circuit of the card reader needs to be protected against surges and misconnections
During construction, the engineering company often conducts wiring or debugging with power on. It may be due to accidental negligence to connect the wrong line of the card reader or accidentally cause a local short circuit. If there is no anti-surge and anti-misconnection protection, it is easy to burn the central processing chip, causing the entire controller to be damaged and malfunctioning. It needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, which may delay the construction period and increase the construction cost. Good protection can prevent the circuit from being burnt out even if the power is connected to the data terminal of the card reader. Through the anti-surge dynamic voltage protection, the normal operation of the controller can be avoided due to the quality of the card reader.
Recommendation 8: It is recommended that the engineering company find the manufacturer of the controller or the agent designated by the manufacturer to purchase
Only by directly looking for the manufacturer or the agent designated by the manufacturer to purchase can it be possible or improve the powerful technical service, perfect after-sales service is guaranteed, and reliable follow-up research and development capabilities are available to ensure the continuity and advancement of the product. Buying controllers from other channels may have lower prices, but technical support and after-sales service may not be enough.
Recommendation 9: Manufacturers need to provide authoritative quality certification
Manufacturers need to provide authoritative ISO9001 quality certification and product inspection reports from government quality supervision agencies. And pay attention to verify the authenticity of these documents. The quality of products with corresponding third-party certification and supervision will be guaranteed.

Misunderstandings in the purchase of access controllers:

Misunderstanding 1: Imported access control controllers will be better.
The imported controller is very good in product stability and maturity. However, the price is expensive, and due to the geographical gap, the timeliness of the service will be poor, and the service cost is high. At the same time, due to differences in cultural backgrounds, foreign users' needs and requirements for access management control are different from China's national conditions, and many functions are simply not suitable for China's national conditions and the needs of Chinese users. Of course, many access control controller manufacturers in China have small production scales, weak design capabilities, and few successful application cases. Engineers should also choose carefully. In order to promote their products, many Chinese access control controller manufacturers conduct fraudulent sales under the guise of products made in Taiwan, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions. In fact, there is a big problem with the quality of their products. This phenomenon should also be treated with caution.
Misunderstanding 2: The wider the compatibility of the card reader, the better
Some controllers claim to be compatible with card readers of various formats, such as card readers in 485 format, ABA format, wiegand 37 40 format, etc., but it is not necessary. Although these formats have some advantages in some parts, they do not conform to international standards, which will cause trouble for future upgrades and expansion and anti-interference. We adhere to the principle of practicality, stability, and compliance with standards. It is recommended that you only need a card reader that meets the wiegand 26bit international standard. 90% of imported access controllers meet this standard.
Misunderstanding 3: The more powerful the better
Many domestic controllers advertise how powerful their products are, and one-sidedly exaggerate the function of access control. In fact, it is most important for stable access control, practical functions and simple operation. We recommend shielding the powerful extended functions, and provide them only when customers need them to meet their needs. Some functions that customers don’t use should not be recommended to customers. This can reduce the cost of training and maintenance, and customers can use it as they wish. .
Misunderstanding 4: The more expensive the better or the cheaper the better
Products with good price-performance ratio are the best products. Expensive products may be because their output is not high, or the cost of advertising is too high, not necessarily the product value is high. Inexpensive products, it is also possible that manufacturers are one-sided pursuit of low cost, reducing investment in protection circuits, or choosing inferior and second-hand chips. Therefore, engineers must keep their eyes on the performance and price ratio of the product and make a reasonable assessment.

Intelligent building office building company office, intelligent community access management control, access control in government offices, medical hospital systems, telecommunications base stations and power supply bureau substations...
The application of access control in the office of the office building of the intelligent building:
The installation of access control on the company gate can effectively prevent outside salesmen from entering the company to disrupt the office order, and it can also effectively prevent outsiders from entering the company, ensuring the safety of the company and employee property. It can display and improve the company's management level and improve the company Image. It can effectively track whether employees leave their posts without authorization. You can use the supporting attendance management software to perform attendance without buying clocks. The attendance results are more objective and fair, and the statistics are fast and accurate, which can greatly reduce the work intensity of the personnel department. Workload. It can effectively solve the problem that some employees have to change the door key for fear after leaving. You can conveniently and flexibly arrange anyone's authority and opening time for each door. You only need to carry one card without wearing a lot of heavy clothes. The key, and the security is more reassuring than the key.
The installation of an access control system on the door of the company's leadership office can ensure that the information and documents of the leadership office will not be seen by others and can give the leadership a safer, quieter and private environment.
The installation of an access control system in the development and technical department can ensure that the core technical information is not easily stolen by outsiders. It prevents employees from other departments from coming to the development department to affect the development work.
The installation of an access control system in the financial department can ensure the safety of property and the safety of the company's financial information.
Installing an access control system on the gate of the production workshop can effectively prevent people from entering the production workshop and avoid potential safety hazards.
Application of access management control in intelligent communities:
Generally, an access control system is installed on the electric gate of the gate of the community gate, the iron door of the unit, the fire door, the anti-theft door. It can effectively prevent the idle people from entering the community, and effectively carry out the closed management of the community. It can change the community security to rely on memory to determine whether it is The inaccurate and non-rigorous management methods of outsiders. If it is the owner of the community, the new security guard will cause the owner to disgust. If the outsider is well dressed, the security may think it is the owner and not interrogate it. Brings security risks. A safe and scientific access control system can improve the grade of the property and is more conducive to the promotion of real estate by developers. Owners will also benefit from scientific and effective access management. The networked access control is conducive to the security monitoring of all entrances and exits at any time Circumstances, if there are accidents and cases, you can query the entry and exit records afterwards to provide evidence.
It can be combined with building intercom system and video intercom system.
It can realize the all-in-one card with internal consumption and parking lot management in the community.
Application of access control in government offices:
It can effectively regulate office order, prevent illegal personnel from attacking government offices, and protect the personal safety of leaders.
Application of access control in medical hospital system:
It can prevent outsiders from entering the infectious area and the precision instrument room.
It can prevent someone from bringing bacteria into the operating room and other sterile occasions because of emotions.
It can prevent illegal groups from attacking the management department of the hospital, so as not to damage the public property and harm the medical workers and hospital leaders because of emotional excitement.
Application of access control in telecom base stations and power supply bureau substations:
Typical base stations and power supply bureau substations have such characteristics: there are many base stations, requiring large system capacity. The distribution range is very wide, even hundreds of square kilometers, and they have their own network for networking, and some places are unattended and require a central dispatching room. Maneuver to dispatch on-site staff at any time.
The implementation plan is: using a network-type access controller, remote management through TCP/IP intranet or internet (fixed IP is required).

door access control kits:

Access Control Kits,access control kits hs code,door access control kits, public access bleeding control kitsAccess Control Kits,access control kits hs code,door access control kits, public access bleeding control kits

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