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Traffic barriers are devices used to control traffic. They can be used in a variety of situations, from environments that require barriers for safety to incidents that require temporary traffic diversions. Many companies make all kinds of traffic barriers. Most transportation and public safety departments have a series of obstacles in their storage facilities. They can take these obstacles out as needed. For people with hands on their hips, the traffic barrier can be designed to be permanent or temporary. For example, guardrails are designed to prevent vehicles from running away from the road. Guardrails are used in situations where people are safer on the road, for example, on a windy road on a cliff. Temporary roadblocks can be moved and relocated as needed. Road signs used to mark road construction sites are a well-known example of temporary traffic barriers. Sturdy traffic barriers include concrete, composite materials, and plastic walls, such as roads where guardrails on some major roads separate traffic in different directions. It is also possible to use pillars with movable panels or cables as traffic barriers, as well as bollards and vertical pillars installed on the road. The big advantage of bollards is that the uprights can be lifted out of the hull, allowing people to pass through a certain area of the bollard and make it inaccessible. This is very useful for blocking streets and cars, while allowing emergency services to pass through when needed. Bollards can also be designed to prevent unauthorized traffic when moving or moving, for people who are allowed to enter certain areas. Along with traffic barriers, traffic signs are usually required to remind drivers of upcoming events on the road. These events may be very important, such as the diversion of straight traffic or the merging of existing lanes. Especially when the vehicle is temporarily diverted or detoured, the sign is very important because the driver may be accustomed to following their own specific route and unable to pass due to the diversion. For safety reasons, ordinary civilians are usually not allowed to use traffic barriers. But in emergency situations, such as a car accident, install flares and cones on the road to remind the driver to pay attention to the problem. Otherwise, civilians need to contact government security officials to request traffic barriers.

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