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Capping Machine (97)

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The capping machine is also called capping machine, capping machine or capping machine, and its main use is plastic bottles and glass bottles.
Structural features of capping machine:

1. The machine has a reasonable and compact structure, stable operation, flexible operation, and convenient specification conversion and adjustment.
3. Adjustable speed of aluminum cover sorting.

4. With automatic start-stop function.
5. Adopting the principle of seven-station three-knife capping, the aluminum cap is rolled without damage, the rolling mouth is firm, smooth, and the pass rate is ≥99.5%
Main parameters of capping machine

Production capacity: 7ml 150 bottles/min
10ml~12ml 120 bottles/min
Power rate: 1.5KW 380V 50Hz
Dimensions: (L×W×H) 1100×620×1750 mm
Weight:  about 500Kg.
Principle and characteristics of hand-held electric capping machine:

The hand-held electric capping machine is easy to carry around and can be conveniently used to tighten or loosen various bottle caps. The adjustable clutch can effectively avoid damage to the bottle cap and reduce the wear of the inner plug. Once the cap is tightened, the chuck automatically stops rotating, indicating that you can proceed to the next cap operation. If you purchase the bracket at the same time, you can turn the capping machine up lightly and neatly. This series of machines can effectively reduce labor intensity and ensure the quality of capping.
The whole machine includes: main machine, aluminum screw cap chuck and buffer inner plug.
Automatic capping machine
Main use: Suitable for all kinds of bottle cap machine equipment in cosmetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, pesticide and lubricant industries.
Principle and characteristics: The automatic capping machine is mainly suitable for different material specifications and different specifications of caps and caps. Suitable for screw caps, anti-theft caps, child-proof caps, press-in caps, etc. Equipped with a constant torque capping head, the pressure can be easily adjusted. The structure is compact and reasonable, and it can be easily linked with other equipment into a line. The dust cover can be purchased. Machine advantages: linear design, easy and beautiful assembly line.
The host speed adopts imported frequency converter, which can carry out stepless speed regulation.
The use of a strong electromagnetic left-hand cap torque device completely solves the disadvantage of traditional mechanical friction plates when they are tightened and loosened when the cap is screwed.
1. Connect the power cord of the capping machine to the power box;
2. Connect the power supply, the power box indicator light is on;
3. Snap the bottle cap with the left hand on the bottle mouth;
4. Hold the capped bottle with the left hand;
5. Hold the capping machine tightly with your right hand, and aim the cap vertically at the cap;
6. Press the start switch on the capping machine with your right index finger, and press it down at the same time, until the capping machine clutch automatically clutches and makes a "da da da..." sound. According to the tightness of the cap, the capping head does not need to be pressed. Too tight
7. Adjusting the tightness of the bottle cap can be achieved by adjusting the torque adjustment nut between the screw head and the screwing machine. The larger the torque is, the tighter the cap is screwed, and the smaller the torque is when the nut is loosened. Got more.

Capping machine classification:

Vacuum capping machine
product manual:
The semi-automatic desktop vacuum capping machine belongs to the semi-automatic model (manually configure the cap and manually enter and exit the bottle). Using pneumatic drive capping, semi-automatic desktop vacuum capping machine adopts precise control of the actuator air pressure to achieve torque control, non-friction torque limitation makes the service life longer; due to the reliable full-sealing technology, the configuration of a low-power vacuum pump can achieve the ideal The degree of vacuum can be set as required. The semi-automatic desktop vacuum capping machine has economy, wide applicability, ease of use, reliability and mobility, suitable for small production workshops, special specifications, and laboratory use.
Applicable products: All products that use glass screw caps with standard tinplate claw-type screw-open caps, such as condiment sauces, canned aquatic products, canned fruits, canned vegetables, soy products, etc.
In particular, canned products that require reliable vacuum packaging and high temperature and high pressure sterilization are required.

Vacuum capping machine:

The main parameters:
Applicable bottle type range: bottle diameter 40~110mm, bottle height 55~180mm.
Applicable cover type range: standard tinplate claw type unscrewing cover 38~82mm
Capacity reference: 600 bottles per hour [actual test]
Vacuum degree: up to -0.09Mpa adjustable
Dimensions: width 350 mm, height 790 mm, depth 460 mm. (Not including base size)
Host power supply: AC 220V
Host power consumption: less than 100 watts
Friendly reminder: Semi-automatic desktop vacuum capping machine is recommended to configure vacuum pump model: 2X-8A (two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, nozzle connection type, motor 1.1 kilowatts, displacement 8 liters per second, ultimate vacuum -0.096Mpa)

Hand-held electric capping machine:
Technical Parameters
Capping speed: about 25 bottles/min
  Host net weight: 0.6kg/1.1kg
  Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
   Clutch: adjustable torque
   screw cap range: 28-43mm
  Note: Small 20-33mm, medium 28-43mm, large 30-50mm are optional (only one is equipped with the random device)
   Power supply size: 125×80×60mm
   Main machine: 60×60×300mm
Product Introduction
   1. This type of capping machine is mainly used for unscrewing or tightening various screw caps.
  2. The hand-held electric capping machine is easy to carry and can be conveniently used to tighten or loosen various bottle caps.
   3. Its adjustable clutch can effectively avoid the damage of the bottle cap and reduce the wear of the inner plug.
Hand-held pneumatic capping machine
Main purpose: This type of capping machine is mainly used for unscrewing or tightening various screw caps.
Technical Parameters
Screw cap range: 5-30mm30-90mm
Capping speed: about 30 bottles/min
Host net weight: 0.6kg/1.1kg
Air pressure: more than 4.5kg/cm2, less than 6.2kg/cm2
Air consumption: 0.08m3/min
Quick connector: 1/4 inch
Clutch: adjustable
Principle features: Hand-held pneumatic screw capping machine is widely used to unscrew or tighten any screw cap. It has a wide capping range, and the capping is not restricted by the height, shape, size, and weight of the bottle. It can be unscrewed and screwed. Open the cap, easy to operate, low failure rate and low price. It is the best tool for screw cap tightening. It is especially suitable for use when the bottle is taller, larger, heavier, or the shape of the bottle is weird, or the cap has many specifications, and the capping head needs to be replaced frequently.

Desktop electric capping machine:
product description:
This machine is suitable for screwing and tightening screw-grain flat-head plastic caps, such as: lubricating oil barrels, mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, daily chemical products, beverage bottles, etc.; special caps can be customized with suitable capping heads, and we will do our best to satisfy Different needs of different customers.
Technical Parameters
Power supply voltage: AC220V 50HZ
Work rate: 50W
Work efficiency: about 1200 bottles/hour
Bottle cap diameter: Φ10mm-Φ50mm
Applicable bottle height: 40mm-200mm
Host net weight: 32Kg
Host appearance: 520×300×530m
Desktop Pneumatic Capping Machine
product description:
This machine is the latest new capping equipment produced by our company. The accessories used are all made by domestic first-line manufacturers, which makes the equipment performance more stable, higher working efficiency, and longer service life.
Technical Parameters
Power supply voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ
Work rate: 25W
Bottle cap diameter: Φ10~Φ50MM
Capping speed: 20-40 times/min
Applicable bottle height: 40~200MM
Air source pressure: 1~5Kgf/cm2 (air source is prepared)
Air consumption: 0.03m3/min
Net weight: 30Kg

Appearance: 520×300×530mm.

capping machine for bottles:

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