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Manual capping machine (65)

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The manual capping machine is composed of three parts: capping body, capping head, and multi-speed transformer, which is convenient to carry.
When working, the capping head is covered above the bottle cap, and the capping head is connected with the capping machine body. Press the switch, the capping head rotates, and slightly downwards, the cap can be tightened in 0.3-0.5 seconds.
Technical parameters of manual capping machine:
Power source: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Work rate: 80 (W)
Working method: electric screw cap
Model form: handheld
Screw cap diameter: φ10-φ50 (mm)
Production capacity: depending on proficiency
Applicable bottle height: free
Machine size: 7×7×30 (cm)
Net weight of the whole machine: 3 (kg)
Manual capping machine detailed introduction:
1. Operation steps
1. Connect the power cord of the capping machine to the power box;
2. Connect the power supply, the power box indicator light is on;
3. Snap the bottle cap with the left hand on the bottle mouth;
4. Hold the capped bottle with the left hand;
5. Hold the capping machine tightly with your right hand, and aim the cap vertically at the cap;
6. Press the start switch on the capping machine with your right index finger, and press it down at the same time, until the capping machine clutch automatically clutches and makes a "da da da..." sound. According to the tightness of the capping machine, the capping head does not need to be pressed. Too tight; =

7. Adjusting the tightness of the bottle cap can be achieved by adjusting the torque adjustment nut between the screw head and the screwing machine. The looser it gets.

Manual capping machine:

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