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Indexable Drill Bit (92)

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Indexable insert drills with special-shaped central inserts with anti-entry technology enable the drill to enter the workpiece smoothly and maintain an excellent cutting force balance, which can increase the feed rate by 100% and reduce the processing cost of each hole by half.
Drilling is the most common process in metal cutting, but it may also be the most difficult process. A well-controlled cutting process and safe chip removal are indispensable conditions to prevent the drilling process from becoming a bottleneck. In the development process of drilling, our latest innovation in the field of hole forming technology-the new CoroDrill 880 is what excites us the most. The new drill bit is a new leap in drilling technology, and it also strongly proves that research and development can bring us remarkable progress.
New CoroDrill 880
The new CoroDrill880 is equipped with a unique structure of the center blade and peripheral blades using Wiper (wiper) technology, which can double the feed rate, high surface quality and small tolerance holes. Use a new generation of U drills to cut costs in half!
New breakthroughs have been made in the development of u-drills, which greatly improved the economics of hole processing. Sandvik Coromant has now launched the latest "advanced technology" Cow1)fill 880. CoroDill 880 has an excellent cutting force balance, which significantly improves productivity and hole processing quality.
Central blade
Side view of indexable insert drill
Side view of indexable insert drill
The small tolerance insert with 4 cutting edges and wiper geometry is conducive to meeting higher hole tolerance requirements and improving surface finish, and is suitable for threaded bottom hole processing. Many insert geometries and grades can be optimized for different applications and processing performance of different materials. This kind of drill is versatile and can be used for spiral interpolation, insert drilling, boring, etc. CoroDrill 880 will be launched several times, covering 4 different types from 12.00 to 63.50 mm (0.473 to 2.500 inches) The diameter range. Hole processing depth: 2 to 5 times the drill bit.
Profile view of indexable insert drill
Profile view of indexable insert drill
Advanced technology firstly means that a newly designed center blade, supplemented by the precisely positioned peripheral blades in the drill, can smoothly cut into the workpiece while ensuring a balanced and orderly drilling process. A balanced cutting force has a very positive effect on drilling performance and results: it can increase penetration, extend tool life, reduce hole tolerances and improve surface quality. The advanced technology is the coordinated operation of the center blade and the peripheral blade to cut into the workpiece in a unique way and complete the processing together, and the cutting force is distributed step by step between the blades. This is a high-tech solution developed using high-tech methods. Among them, the new cutting action of the CoroDrill 880 drill bit was successfully designed after several years, and a new drilling monitoring program was specially developed for this purpose. The size of the hole diameter of the borehole varies greatly. It may not be difficult to build a perfectly balanced drill bit that can drill one or several apertures, but to make a drill bit have a wide diameter adjustment range and be able to drill every hole of the specified diameter within this range, it needs advanced Technique. This requires that the center blade and the peripheral blade must move radially during processing to achieve a balanced cutting effect during the processing of each aperture.
New chip removal technology
The chip removal technology of the CoroDrill 880 drill is also newly developed. When the drill bit is processed with a high metal removal rate, the chips need to be quickly discharged from the hole. This is a vital part, otherwise the chip flute will be blocked by cutting, which will cause the drill bit to be completely destroyed in a few seconds. The development of high-performance drills also means being responsible for the smooth and reliable removal of chips from the machining area and the drilled hole. In addition, due to different workpiece materials, the formation and shape of chips are also different, so there are different requirements for chip removal. CoroDrill880 drills further optimize the chip removal channel, which is especially effective for long chip materials, such as low carbon steel and stainless steel. Furthermore, the area immediately behind the blade has been carefully designed, which provides a natural outlet for the chips, allowing them to be smoothly discharged along the chip flutes of the drill.
Indexable insert
Indexable insert technology is developing rapidly. Although the tool materials seem to be the same in terms of coated carbide cutting edges, the material composition and manufacturing process are much more advanced, and the geometry of the blade has undergone great changes, and it is closer to becoming a part of the drill itself. The newly developed new indexable insert has 4 complete cutting edges to ensure that the drilling process is carried out to the end. All 4 cutting edges are leveled and consistent, and there will not be any edge that is too exposed to a certain corner to cause uneven wear and further lead to premature wear and scrap of the entire cutting edge. This is an indexable insert drill. Often happens. Step-by-step technology ensures that all corners are covered during the entire cutting process.

For the two different insert positions on the drill, the geometry is optimized: one is the center insert, the cutting speed is close to zero when approaching the center; the second is the peripheral insert, which has higher cutting speed and feed than before. Due to the different characteristics of the blades, the positions of these blades in the drill are clearly distinguished. In addition, Wiper (wiper edge) technology is incorporated into the peripheral blade to produce excellent surface quality. As mentioned above, these scientific research efforts have greatly improved the performance of indexable drills, making the drilled surfaces smoother and more precise. It is no longer just a roughing tool (this is the impression that indexable insert drills used to give people); it has developed into a finishing tool suitable for a variety of hole types and all types of materials. The performance improvement in production efficiency can be as high as 40-100%, which differs depending on whether the material being drilled is a demanding long chip material, such as certain stainless steel or steel and cast iron.Indexable Drill Bit

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