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Spade Drill Bit (116)

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When using an electric drill, sometimes it is necessary to replace the drill bit according to different application conditions, how to change the drill bit, how to replace and install the drill bit of the following type of impact drill, please refer to the following experience.

Preparation tools:

     Electric drill
     Electric drill key



     When you are ready to change the drill bit for the electric drill, first take out the electric drill, replace the drill bit that is installed, and an electric drill key for this type of electric drill, as indicated by arrow 2 in the figure below.


Put this kind of electric drill upside down, hold the toothed swivel underneath with your hand, and loosen it. With the twist, the bite on the drill bit will loosen, as shown in the figure below.


After the bite mouth is loosened to fit the size of the drill bit, you can insert the bit straight in. Pay attention to the middle of the three bite posts, as shown in the figure below, and then turn the swivel that just loosened in reverse to make it Bite the drill rod that has just been put in.


If the drill bit put in is relatively small, then the three occlusal posts of the electric drill will be slowly clamped as it rotates, and then a little stretched out. This is normal, as indicated by arrow 2 in the figure below.


When you first turn the toothed ring directly by hand, and clamp the drill bit clamp correctly, take out the electric drill key. There will be several small holes on the steel ring on the electric drill. Insert the electric drill key into one of them first. , You can turn the key to tighten it a little bit, and then tighten the holes that are inserted into it in this way.


When each hole is tightened with an electric drill key, then the electric drill bit is replaced and installed. If it is to be removed, then the hole must be loosened with the electric drill key first, so that the toothed circle can be turned Ring to loosen the occlusal post.


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     The electric drill can only be used when the drill bit is fastened.

Spade Drill Bit

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