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Core Drill Bit (326)

Core Drill Bit
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Core drill bits are mainly used to drill steel plates and other products. Hollow drill bits are matched with special core drill bits. Thin-walled diamond core bit: The concrete core sample is directly drilled on the structural concrete. After the core sample is processed, the compressive strength test is carried out. This method is recognized as a relatively intuitive and reliable test method for testing the strength of concrete. For coring methods and technical operations, please refer to the "Technical Regulations for Testing Concrete Strength by Core Drilling Method" officially promulgated by my country
Core drills are also called hollow drills. They are mainly used to drill steel plates and other products. The hollow drills are equipped with a special core drill machine, which has the characteristics of fast efficiency and low cost. The core drills are made of hard cutting edges. Made of alloy, with three-layer end tooth geometry, fast cutting, long service life of steel plate drill bits, double-cut flat shank interface, suitable for other drill rigs. Carbide drill bits are also suitable for all kinds of vertical drilling machines, radial drilling machines, milling machines, lathes, etc.
The classification of core bits: alloy bits and tool steel bits are available according to the material. Alloy drill bits are mainly used for harder materials, while tool steel drill bits are generally used for softer materials. For these two types of drill bit tool steels are relatively cheaper.

Price: The market price on the market ranges from more than 100 to more than 200.

Core drilling is to drill only the circumference of the through hole, and the core in the hole can be taken out after drilling. That is, the drill bit is a cylinder, the end of the cylinder is serrated with alloy steel, and there is a small twist drill in the center for positioning. Used to open relatively large round holes.
The drilling rig is powered by Honda gasoline engine, which is beautiful in appearance, durable, easy to start, reliable in operation, and easy to operate. It is equipped with artificial diamond thin-wall drill bits on the market, suitable for drilling concrete, cement, asphalt roads, rocks and other materials. Configurable electric ignition device. Maximum drilling core diameter: ∮200mm Maximum drilling core depth: 550mm 650mm 700mm Power: 5.5 horsepower 9 horsepower 13 horsepower.
Drilling and coring method] Drilling and coring method is a detection method to drill core samples from the structure to evaluate the quality of the structure. It is parallel and complementary to the non-destructive method. Advantages: the method is simple, the structural information is direct and true, and no conversion is required; the disadvantages: semi-damaged (micro-damaged), high cost, and long working hours.
The drilling and coring method is generally used in:
1. Drill a core sample from the concrete structure to determine the strength of ordinary concrete;
2. Detect the hole quality of cast-in-place (drilled (punched) holes, manual digging) concrete cast-in-place piles: pile body concrete quality, pile bottom sediment, pile end bearing layer, pile length;
3. Used for correction, verification, and even arbitration in non-destructive testing;
4. Other applications, such as: frozen layer depth detection; crack depth detection; defect detection, etc.

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