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Center Drill Bit (516)

Center Drill Bit
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Friends who operate a lathe, when machining shaft-like workpieces, will encounter unexpected situations in which the center hole enters halfway or the center drill suddenly breaks in the void when the center hole of the bar is processed. Here I share the steps and methods I handled for your reference.


     The center is drilled and broken in the center hole during processing.
     A large piece of iron, or a thick, flat, discarded workpiece.



     When the bar is processed as a shaft, the center hole is generally used to punch the center hole and then turned.


Halfway into the center drill, even the center hole was drilled, and suddenly the center drill broke. As the lathe is still rotating, the residue of the center drill is irregularly squeezed into the center hole.


In such a situation, it is not recommended that you use a hammer and a pointed tip to break the center drill. Just use the pointed iron nail to slowly move the residue of the center drill.


Use sharp iron nails to pull out the loose and removable residues. If it is tight, you can add a few drops of diesel.


Remove the bar shaft from the three jaws of the lathe. The end of the broken center drill is facing downwards, and then it rushes down forcefully against the thick iron block. Strike several times, the broken bit will be separated from the shaft under the action of inertia, until it is shaken out.


     It is best not to use other objects to strike, to prevent the rod material from jamming the center drill and preventing the residue from coming out.
     be careful.
     Personal experience is for reference only.Center Drill Bit

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