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Gun Drill Bit (364)

Gun Drill Bit
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Pistol drills are relatively common in life. Punching is inseparable from it. Then the drill bit must be replaced if the hole is large or small, so how to operate it?

Need to prepare tools:

     Pistol drill
     Special wrench

Operation method/step:


     We need to take out the special wrench for the pistol drill. The head is a small cylinder and the sides are gears. Just put it into the pistol drill hole, align the gear and loosen it.


Then you can easily turn the gear part on the pistol drill by hand.


The rotation of the gear part will change the size of the head space, depending on the drill you want to replace.


If you replace the big drill bit, you need to enlarge the inner hole, and then tighten the gear part by hand.


Finally, clamp it with a wrench to prevent the bit from falling off during use.

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