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Men's Sex Toys (3270)

Men's Sex Toys
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Men's Sex Toys Refers to some appliances that can help men overcome their sexual difficulties, through masturbation or love yourself, and can complete the sexual response like normal people。

  Electric vibrating egg (vibrating egg): The simplest electric principle, with vibration function, makes a small ball vibrate, which can increase interest, adjust excitement, and has a certain masturbation effect, and it can be manipulated. It belongs to anal vagina Dual-use products.
Electric simulation equipment: its appearance is no different from a real sexual organ, and it is more beautiful and has more functions. Due to the material problem, it will also have various colors and sizes, you can buy and use it according to your actual situation according to your needs.
Delay ring: Give women multiple cares and give men a longer time for fun. The thumb-shaped comforter, plus the erected soft thorn, makes it easier for women to be happy.
Flirting suit: Including thickening sleeves and crystal sleeves designed with different functions, massage sticks, double vibration eggs and delay rings, together with a bottle of advanced human body lubricant, to achieve unprecedented stimulation.
Sexy underwear: It is a product that combines visual stimulation with sex, and is a product that meets spiritual needs after the improvement of human material life. The more accurate name for domestic erotic underwear should be erotic clothing, which is a product between Huirun underwear and clothing. Like many adult products, erotic underwear is already a very common product in Europe, America and other countries, but domestic erotic underwear has gradually been accepted by the public in the past two years. It is foreseeable that with the improvement of domestic material life, sexy underwear will gradually move towards the homes of ordinary people. Sexy underwear is a derivative of underwear, which is different from conventional underwear. Its focus tends to be "sexy", which forms visual stimulation, thereby achieving physiological stimulation of various sense organs.
Condoms: Condoms are what we usually call condoms, also called sanitary condoms, condoms, which prevent conception in the form of non-drugs, and are one of the most widely used adult products by adults. The raw material of condoms is usually natural rubber or polyurethane. As a contraceptive tool, compared with other contraceptive methods, condoms are easy to use and have no side effects. The contraceptive success rate is generally 97%, and the contraceptive success rate can reach 98% for specially trained users. The correct use of condoms is particularly important. Various forms of condoms are constantly being improved, bringing people different feelings. Akao’s creativity has also successfully challenged the Bill Gates Foundation’s exploration adventure and created it. The thinnest condom.
Adult products for local anesthetics
Represented by various "sacred oils", its principle of action is to apply local mucosal anesthesia behind the glans, reduce the sensitivity of the external genitalia, thereby increasing the stimulation intensity (threshold value) of stimulated emission and prolonging the time of sexual intercourse. For patients with premature ejaculation caused by excessive sensitivity of the penis skin and glans mucous membrane. However, if premature ejaculation is caused by central nervous system disorders and the brain's tolerance to excitement threshold is too low, such adult products (sex products) drugs have no effect. In addition, long-term use of these products will reduce the sensitivity of the glans, which will seriously affect the sexual experience.
Strengthen sexual stimulation adult products (sex products)
Such as the glans coronal ring (elastic ring with protruding irritants, fixed on the coronal groove under the glans), penis coat (multiple use of silica gel as the material, can'enlarge, lengthen' the penis, more with protruding irritants), with protrusions Irritant condoms and so on. Their role is to increase and strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, so that women can achieve orgasm more easily.
Lubricant adult products (sex products)
This kind of adult products are suitable for women with insufficient sexual excitement or post-menopausal women. It can lubricate the vagina and reduce the discomfort and even pain of sexual intercourse. It is also suitable for women who have insufficient sexual experience and are too nervous to be fully sexually excited. It can make it easy for women to get used to and adapt to penile penetration.
Masturbation adult products (sex products)
There are male and female appliances, and they are good substitutes for men and women who lack sexual partners. We have already said that sexual impulse is a kind of energy. Rather than suppressing it painfully, it is better to let it have a suitable release path. Therefore, this kind of adult products (sex products) are indeed helpful for couples living in two places.
Auxiliary and therapeutic equipment for adult products (sex products)
Such as negative pressure or vacuum therapy equipment. It uses the principle of negative pressure or vacuum to make the penis passively congested and erect to treat impotence. I personally think that one of its major disadvantages is that the penis is congested and enlarged while obstructing the return of blood from the penis, causing penile congestion. In congestion, capillaries will expand and exudate due to hypoxia, and non-specific inflammatory reactions will appear. In the long term, it will easily lead to penile cavernous fibrosis and irreversible pathological impotence. Please consider carefully before use.
Imitation adult products (sex products)
These products are for men and women. They are made with a 1:1 ratio of real human beings and are made of medical non-toxic silicone. Types are divided into: inflatable doll, inflatable brother, simulated sister, physical doll, simulated reproductive organs.
Other adult products and health products
Such as sex toys, sex products, some special sex good adult products, such as sadomasochistic SM products, erotic underwear and so on.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the world's first artificial penis made of rubber came out. Today's rubber penis are more comfortable and indulgent than any previously known artificial penis. The first application of oscillators was also in the Victorian era. At that time, oscillators were used to treat so-called "hysteria" as prescribed by doctors. This term originated from the Greek hystera. At that time, there was a misconception that the "womb" was the source of insanity and commotion. At that time, women were considered not to need sex, and it was considered shameful to use oscillators for sexual pleasure. However, the sales of oscillators in the market are increasing due to their massaging function being accepted by the general public.
In the first half of the twentieth century, oscillators began to appear in early pornographic films, resulting in a sharp decline in the number of advertisements for such products. In the 1940s, oscillators became increasingly infamous.
The main users of adult products
The first category: young people with no sexual experience are curious about sex because they have not experienced sex, because there are so many varieties, many of which they have never seen before, and they have a curiosity and can use it. Adult appliances to experience the sensation of sex.
The second category: those who use adult products: people who work outside for a long time working or on business trips, and those who do not have sexual partners around, and who do not want to have casual relationships with the opposite sex are also a group of people who use adult products. Seafarers who sail for a long time, miners who have been single for a long time, geologists who have been engaged in field operations for a long time, etc., because they are often separated, both spouses may have sex supplies, so sex supplies can also play a key role in reconciliation.
The third category: people who have no sense of freshness in their sex life: Many people think that these things are not used between couples. In fact, adult products can improve the pleasure of sex between couples, such as assistive devices, supplies, and so on. A 40-year-old purchaser said: "The married life will be boring after a long time. If you want to use this, you can bring freshness to your life, and it will also help increase the relationship between the couple and will not make the sex life feel boring."
The fourth category: those who use adult products: people with unharmonious sexual desires. Due to the differences in the physiological structure of men and women, in their sexual life, the male will soon finish and the woman has not reached orgasm. The woman can use adult products to assist in achieving orgasm to make up for the cause. The unpleasantness caused by the man; there is also a situation where the man has a strong sexual desire, and the woman is relatively indifferent to sex. Such a man can also use sex products and masturbation devices to solve his sexual needs, and some women take the initiative to buy such products for their boyfriends.
The fifth category: With the increase of age, the decline of sexual function is inevitable for elderly couples, but it does not mean that the elderly cannot have sex. The body enters the old age but the sexual function still exists, so don't ignore the elderly There is also a sexual demand. Many elderly men in their 70s or 80s can still make their young wives pregnant, while elderly women have lost their reproductive function, but they are completely able to have sex. Therefore, as long as they maintain a good attitude and establish a sex life pattern corresponding to their age, the elderly can also enjoy the happiness brought by adult products.
The sixth category: People with disabilities are a boon to the disabled. Some people are not married for various reasons, especially the disabled. Because many disabled people cannot lead a normal sex life, although they are physically disabled, their physical needs are not There is no reduction in the slightest. You can meet your physiological needs with the help of an adult product simulator.

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