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How should a broken drill be taken out of the workpiece?

The drill bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling. Whether the drill bit adapts to the nature of the rock and its quality plays a very important role in the selection of drilling technology, especially in terms of drilling quality, drilling speed, and drilling cost. big influence. In addition to the application in the oil drilling industry, drill bits are also used in other industries, but a problem is prone to be that the drill bit breaks during work. What should I do afterwards? The occurrence of such a problem not only delays work, but also easily causes the work to be broken if it is not handled well. Here, the editor of will introduce some methods for you, hoping to help you.

How to take out the drill bit if it is broken?

1. Try to punch the broken tap counterclockwise with a sharp, hard object, and take out the broken tap by cushioning force.

2. If the electric spark is used, if the process permits, consider processing into a through hole, so that the broken tap can be taken out in more ways. For example, wire cutting machine tools are used.

3. You can use a dropper to inject some cleaning fluid such as gasoline into the tap gap, try to absorb the oil inside, and then suck some corrosive solution such as hydrochloric acid on the dropper, while gently tapping the tap or the workpiece. , Repeatedly change the potion several times, after the tap is loose, take out the broken tap with tweezers, and then rinse off the corrosive potion. Although this method is a bit more troublesome, it has a lot of success and no artifacts are scrapped. And acid corrosion has little effect on the quality of the workpiece.

4. According to the requirements of the workpiece, the tap can be quenched to make the tap easy to be broken. After breaking into parts, use an electric spark to knock out the middle part of the tap, and the rest can be taken out if it is broken.

5. When the broken part of the broken tap is exposed out of the hole, you can use pliers to unscrew it, or use a sharp chisel to gently pick it out; you can also weld a hex nut on the broken tap, and then use a wrench to gently pull the hex. The nut will retract the broken tap.

6. When the broken part of the tap is in the hole, two nuts can be screwed on the broken tap with a square tenon, and the steel wire (the number of roots is the same as the number of tap grooves) is inserted into the empty slot of the broken tap and the nut, and then pressed by the hinge rod Pull the square tenon in the exit direction to take out the broken tap. The breaking of the tap often happens suddenly under the condition of a large force, which causes the cutting edge of the half tap broken in the screw hole to be tightly wedged in the metal. It is generally difficult to separate the cutting edge of the tap from the metal. In order to make the tap loose in the screw hole, vibration method can be used. When vibrating, use a sharp chisel to place it in the chip pocket of the tap, and repeatedly tap the thread in the positive and negative directions with a hand hammer until the tap becomes loose.

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